Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Five

1. Our Baylor Man

Baylor's teacher caught this photo of Baylor at play at school.  It is such a good picture of our sweet boy. Those BLUE eyes just make Nana's heart melt.

2. A Friday Chuckle.

Landon playing Golum with the Toilet Paper. Amelia said he was saying, "My Precious" as he cuddled the Scott TP. For you Tolkien fans, it will be funny the rest of you think the Grimms are a crazy bunch!lol Grandpa said Landon even had Golum's facial expression down pat.  When they stopped by to pick up the TP, Grandpa was being funny and put the handles of the shopping bag on the broom and passed it out to Landon on the doorstep.  We have to find things to make us laugh in this scary time. Landon got a big laugh at seeing Grandpa with the broom.  Sweet Grandpa had also purchased a bag of Doritos for Landon and a bag of Lays Kettle Chips for Kendall. He knows what his grands needed during quarantine.

3. My new Bates Bedspread from Vermont Country Store arrived and I got Marvin to help me put it on the bed.

I was tired of a sloppy bedskirt and decided to go old school. I have always wanted a Bates Bedspread and this one is the Abigail Adams. I kept my nice blue pillows from the comforter set and I am happy with the results.

4. A Picture of Grimmwood

Sister Leta was taking  a walk on Tuesday as she is off from her subbing duties at school for the moment.  She took this shot from Marvin's footbridge. I would  have liked to stay there for this two week quarantine but we thought we might be needed to help with the grands.  Just looking at this photo calms me.

5. My Christmas shopping is all done for the year!

Thanks to my friend, Melinda, for a chuckle this week.  No opening until December 25th!


Mary said...

Arlene, Baylor is such a handsome young man and those blue eyes!!! That's a great photo!
I never read a Tolkein book but I think Landon is hysterical!! I'm glad the humor continues at the Grimm Household!
Well, I just spent some time on the Bates Website...My sister Maureen has been looking for a popcorn bedspread for ages....wail till I show her this site!!! I love the Martha Washington grandmother had one for years with fringe on it and I wonder if this is it. When I no longer have a dog I'm going to buy it for myself. I love the Vermont Country Store too!! It was fun to visit when I went to Vermont.
It's a shame you can't be holed up in Grimmwood but I have a feeling that you will be there soon enough. Maybe you can take the grands for a week or two? Lots for them to learn in the outdoors. That's a great shot, listening to the brook must be so relaxing.
My husband's birthday is next week and guess what fun gift I'll be giving him!!!!

Sandy said...

OH Arlene, I love your new bedspread. I had some cheaper versions of this but old fashioned bedspreads on the two beds at the cabin when we had it. NO one knew what to do to make it up. I had to give lessons to my kids:) It is very pretty. You can always add a little throw at the end to add some seasonal color for Christmas or other times. So pretty.
Sweet picture of Landon and Baylor AND the Grimmwood. All of my chickadees will be at work next week...really Paul Allen has been and poor Jeff ended up having to work two days on the week he planned to take off, but hey---it is a paycheck.
They will be social distancing at work.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your bedspread is beautiful - good choice. We have to laugh during this time or we will all go nuts! Stay safe.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, what a fun Friday Five post you wrote for today. Awesome pictures that you shared; Baylor is a cutie. Off to check out that bedspread! I love their catalog and items. The picture of Grimmwood is fabulous.

Georgia said...

Good morning Arlene, I loved reading your blog today. I am so glad you have a family with a sense of humor, you really brought a smile to my day! Now for the Christmas gift idea, I love it and I sent a copy of this to all of my Children. Thank you for all you do, you're special:)

Visits With Mary said...

That is a great pic of Baylor, and it's a great picture of Grimmwood too. Love your new spread, I just went old school too! Hope you and your family stay well.

Terri D said...

That is a great photo of Baylor! That is also a great photo of Grimmwood! Very funny Christmas photo! Arlene, your new bedspread is beautiful! I am about ready to get rid of bed skirts here too! They are droopy and don't add much to the room. Now you have inspired me!!

Mari said...

I lOVE that shot of Baylor!
Landon is too funny!
The new bedspread is beautiful and so is the photo of the stream.

Barbara said...

Baylor does, indeed, have the most beautiful blue eyes.

LOVE the humor with your husband, the broom, and Landon. Lots of fun!

Thanks for the Christmas gift idea!!! LOLOLOL!

Anonymous said...

Too funny with the Xmas TP, Arlene! Oh Grimmwood! I remember when you were just clearing the land. Simply beautiful! The kids are adorable. I've not heard of a Bates Bedspread before. So pretty! I have a feeling we will be all staying home longer than 2 weeks. It is what it is, I'm afraid. xo

Carol said...

Loved your Friday five, today, Arlene! Such a wonderful photo of Baylor and the one of Landon made me smile--I can just picture my boys doing that when they were young (or perhaps, still!). I think we are lucky in that we enjoy our homes and puttering around with this or that. Imagine those who don't--can't imagine how they are getting through.