Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Five

Well it is rather hard to come up with a Friday Five when we are home pretty much 24/7 but I will try!!  Oh and let me say Happy Birthday to bestie, Deborah. For the first time in YEARS we will not be having lunch to celebrate her big day. Fortunately I had my shopping done early so we will make it up to her when this is over.  On to the Five...

1. Happy Birthday to Baylor

It is hard to believe that Baylor man is nine years old. He celebrated on Tuesday with his family. Balloons and cupcakes were the order of the day even in quarantine.  And look at that face on Elliott. That boy...which leads me to this...


While exploring nooks and crannies while bored, Elliott found the Elf on the Shelf that mommy had hidden until he should come out at Christmas.  So Katy decided some levity was in order so the elf is up to his usual naughtiness while everyone is home for the duration. The kids enjoy finding the elf in the morning to see what he has been up to during the nighttime hours.

3. Holly Hobbie

A FB friend was posting some old nostalgic photos from the 1970s. I love Holly Hobbie and all the sweet memories she brings back.

4. Canton Grimmlins

Charles says that all the sibling bonding the last two weeks has been good for Joshua and Audrey. Joshua has always adored his Nuna( Korean for sister) but Audrey was still a bit jealous of all the attention he got from Mom and Dad.She is warming up to him!

5. One for all of us this week.

Let's all send that Knee Mail this week!!


Linda said...

Love that knee mail!!!
I think often of you and your family.....that Baylor is so grown up and that Elliot is a hoot!
Holly Hobbie.....oh how I loved her!!

Georgia said...

I love your post today! So, uplifting. Happy Birthday to Baylor, the elf on the shelf idea is delightful. Audrey is growing into a beautiful young lady:) And, Knee Mail, absolutely! Thank you so much for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baylor! I can't remember that he is already 9!! Such a sweet photo and then a mischievous Elf one!! I do remember Holly Hobbie. I love her outfits! Love the Joshua and Audrey picture. My daughter is finding the same with Sam and Rachel. ♥ Joining you on kneedful prayers!

Brenda said...

Love this.

Mari said...

Cute pics of all your cute family!
Happy Birthday to Baylor.
I remember Holly Hobbie - such fun.

Terri D said...

Sweet, sweet kiddos!! And yes to the knee-mail!! Amen!!

Robin in Virginia said...

First, happy birthday to Baylor! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your grands, Arlene. That knee mail Family Circus is a good one and timely.