Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday Morning Musings

Well I will share a few interesting things going on here in Nanaland.

Last week, Landon and Kendall were at their Mimi's house and guess what they caught????

A small parrot!! It actually flew up onto Landon's shoulder so they think it has to be someone's pet. It was very tame.

The pictures were made on Landon's iPad so pardon the quality.  Landon said they named him/her Polly and carefully caged her to see if they could find out if anyone was missing a parrot.  This was an unexpected occurrence and one the kids will always remember.

Elliott was so bored with quarantine that he learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

I love the look of concentration on his face.  He told his Mom that he thought bike riding would be his everyday activity.

I was supposed to meet with my North Alabama stitchers group but with Covid 19 we had a virtual meeting instead. We all got online to post what we were stitching on and then at the end of the day we reported our progress.

Let Freedom Ring by Abby Rose Designs. I got my flag done as well as some of the house and the bunting.  Oh and I must tell on myself. Remember on Saturday stitching when I reported the disappearance of the farmers wife on Farmyard Parade? Well I ordered a new copy only to find that the wife was on the BACK of the chart of the farmer!! I felt so foolish! But my mistake is your gain. Come back on Saturday for a chance to have your own Farmyard Parade. I do not need two

One of my favorite local stores posted this picture on Facebook...

She would gladly bring your purchase to your car at curbside. Oh how I love blue and white. Tammy Eddy has the best gift shop/antique store in Decatur. And Tammy herself is just the nicest lady! I have to stay out of this store even when I am not in quarantine.

Sister Leta has been cleaning out closets etc as she cannot go to her teaching job right now. She found this picture of my daddy and Charles at the pond many years ago.  We never dreamed that one day Grimmwood would set just across the pond from where Charles is fishing.  Sweet Memories.  I thank God for all He has done for me over the years and will continue to do!

Have a good day...stay safe and healthy!!


Mary said...

Arlene, The parrot was looking to be rescued!! Will they keep the parrot if they don't find the owner? My FIL had a parakeet fly onto his shoulder when my husband was a child. He brought it home and they kept it for years. It was obviously a pet at some time because it would fly onto the kitchen sink and squawk for the water to be turned on and then drink from the faucet!
How impressive that Elliot took his free time to learn how to ride the bicycle!
I just love the fabric of your chair!!! little cross stitches!!
I would like to have seen your face when you saw the Farmers Wife with the Farmer!!! I'll surely be back Saturday!
I love the display at the store!! The blue and white is gorgeous. I will have to show you a photo of the antique B&W I bought for my sister at a yardsale quite a few years back. I got quite the bargain!
What a lovely photo of your Dad and Charles, you need to frame that for Grimmwood. Stay well!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoyed the pictures,but I always do!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that old photo of the precious is that! And the bike rider is going to have more fun now for sure! I guess we are all about ready to shop online and that's a unique idea she has! I hope your day is a good one! Stay healthy! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you Farmer's Wife appeared, Arlene! What a beautiful display of blue and white at the gift/antique shop! I chuckled over your comment about staying away even when you aren't quarantines. Super picture of Charles and your Daddy fishing; it truly is a beautiful spot! I like the look of determination on Elliott's face with the bike riding. Did Kendall and Landon find out who the parrot belonged to? Be well and safe, Arlene!

Barbara said...

I live with a fisherman so can appreciate the SWEET photo you posted.

Love your patriotic stitch, too. I should get some red-white-blue going here but am still working on a couple of spring pieces.

Barbara said...

PS Forgot to comment on the Parrot story. How amazing is that?!!!!

Sandy said...

What a precious photo of your dad and Charles. I am so thankful for my photo albums. I feel so bad for all the store owners. This is hard just thinking about what it will do to them. I struggle with worrying for everyone still. My family reminds me I can't take on the weight of the world. And little Elliot on his bike is so so sweet.
Keep stitching.

Carol said...

Way to go Elliot! That is always a milestone in any child's life :) Freedom, here we come!

Love the old photo and how amazing that you have your wonderful haven built right across the pond now, Arlene! Take good care ♥

Preppy Empty Nester said...

That shop looks right up my alley. Love those pillows in the pictures. Good for your grandson learning to ride his bike without his training wheels. Stay safe and healthy and keep stitchin'!

Linda said...

I love your morning musings! And Elliot is concentrating so hard! That's on e of the blessings we see with this many families bonding and spending more time with each other than they nornally do. We have to see the bright sides where we can. I continue to pray for Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx...and so many others who are working tirelessly trying to figure out this deadly virus.

Terri D said...

Wow to the parrot claiming its new home!! Good luck ahead of time to the lucky stitcher who wins the pattern. Go Elliott!! How fun to have that picture of loved ones fishing across from where your Grimmwood sits now! Love it!

Mari said...

How cool to find the parrot! Did they find the owner?
Hooray for no training wheels!
I would like that shop.
So cool to think of Grimwood being where it is and having that old pic!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little bird. It must have known your grandson was a gentle spirit to land on his little shoulder! Such pretty white and blue dishes! I'd be afraid I'd break them!