Monday, March 16, 2020

Saturday Stitching on Monday

Lets try this again!! Not sure what happened with Friday and Saturdays Posts but as I was at Grimmwood and had only my phone,  I was helpless.

Today is a WIP parade....a few of my WIPs are missing as I have not worked on them in a while, that being Riley's Harbor( Kathy Barrick) and Let Freedom Ring( Abby Rose Designs).

This is my WIP basket...full at the moment.

I refuse to have more than twelve WIPs in this basket. I saw online that one stitcher said she has 91 WIPs. That would make me nervous as a cat. Because, lets face it...I like to finish things.

I have started on the Grands Christmas ornaments. Here is Hampton's in progress.

I love the vertical initials...they will make a cute ornament.

I did start Summer Breeze for my Prairie Year, April May and June.

It is living in my Alabama Project bag made by stitching friend, Kay Kirn. I am using Ribbon Red and Pecan Pie for the lettering. I am bringing Prairie Schooler into the 21st century.

Easter Parade is coming along....I hope to work on it this week.

This was my unicorn chart. I am so glad Blackbird Designs released it again.

I could not help but start Two White Houses by Little House Needleworks.

 I am using the called for colors and many are a very light orange but I hope it turns out as pictured. I tend to like really ORANGE pumpkins.

I did a monogamous week stitch on Lantern Lane....

I took it to Grimmwood and I have almost  'built" my house. Once the house is done the rest is easy!

I also kitted up some projects.

Since seeing this drum stitched and finished at The Shepherds Needle in Little Rock last summer( Hi Mary and Ann!!) I knew I had to put it on my wish list. I am stitching it on Weathered Shingle as suggested by Jen at Jen's Stitching Niche. The called for color was not available in 36 count so I had to substitute. They are very similar in tone so I am sure it will be beautiful. Fingers crossed I can get it put together well.

Bestie, Susan, asked if I would stitch this Candle Mat for her. I kitted it from my stash.

I was not familiar with this designer...I told Susan I was going to leave the dragon flies off as they do not really add anything to the project and from a distance they look like larges X's. I will stitch the yarn balls and the mice. Any clue as to why the dragon flies would have been added? I think just for filler but it is really unnecessary in my opinion.

Another Word Play is kitted.

It is living in a project bag from Brenda's Minders and can find her on FB.  I kitted this from stash using a lot of my Colour and Cotton Stash.  I tend to like brighter colors so my word plays would not qualify as Prims as Brenda Gervais designed them.

Have a good week friends. As we are socially distancing ourselves due to COVID 19, you will find me stitching away. One good thing about hobbies, they come in handy at a time such as this!


Mary said...

Arlene, I have 8 in progress stitches and a few I haven't worked on because I made errors and dread all the frogging. I cannot imagine having 91, how does anything ever get done?
I think using the PS letters as initials for ornaments is a great idea. Nice start on the PS Summer and I think the variegated flosses will look beautiful.
Great progress on the bunny, are you going to stitch the BD basket also?
I think the cat stitch is cute but before I read what you wrote about the dragonflies, I wondered why there was random stitches there too. Much better to leave them off.
I love the word plays and if I was brave enough I would change some of the colors too. Would you keep a list of your color changes? That project bag goes so perfectly with the OCt stitch too!

Sandy said...

I love all of your projects. Those PS initials are going to make adorable ornaments. IT always feels good to finish things. I have far to many started waiting in the wings which is why I think I have had to stop buying. That nervous feeling was taking over rather than the relaxation that stitching brings. When I just have one in front of me and a FEW waiting in the wings I find it to be one of the best things I can do to calm my nerves. I fully finished the bunny and am diligently working on my blue jays.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for sharing what is in your WIP basket, Arlene! I used that PS chart for Christmas ornaments one year; I only stitched single initials though. I like your idea for their trio of initials. I look forward to seeing your progress on these pieces. Have a good week sheltering in place!

Carol said...

I think that is a great idea to limit your number of WIPs, Arlene! I am a monogamous stitcher and just can't take having more than a couple going at once. It makes me mentally crazy! And I've learned that if I don't finish stitching a piece all at once, I rarely return to it :)

Love the PS initial ornaments for the grandkids. They look like they would stitch up quickly and not take as much time as doing the entire name.

I think the dragonflies are unnecessary, too! That is so sweet of you to stitch this for Susan (and how wonderful that she asked, too!). Hope you have a great week ahead ♥

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, welcome back! I absolutely love your PS Christmas ornament idea. I have so many projects I want to do, I have never counted how many WiP in progress I have, but I do have a list (and I don't like it at all) I inherited several unfinished projects from family and friends and some of them really need finished (they are really nice). But, I have a lot of personal goals too. I think what works best for me is starting a list at the beginning of the year. Actually, I have two lists. One is cross stitch & sewing projects I have completed, and the other is books I have read. Both show accomplishment. What a great blog you wrote for today. Thank you so much for sharing:)

Terri D said...

I actually gulped when I saw "Christmas ornament" written out! Good golly. I know crafters have to start early, but good golly! :) I always enjoy seeing your projects and fine work!

Mari said...

I really like those initials!
I can not imagine having 91 WIP. I would be crazy...

Linda said...


moosecraft said...

Yes....I'd love to work on all the projects you have shown! You're making nice progress...and I'm happy that Blackbird is reprinting some of their patterns! I hope they eventually reprint them the eBay prices on some of these are sheer rediculousness! Of course, their new releases are absolutely FABULOUS and will keep me SO VERY busy that I won't have time to look at the patterns I can't!

moosecraft said...

Oh...I stitch one project at a time....which is why I'm currently stitching Halloween! lol! So many new releases at Marker this year, so I may have to start having multiple WIP's! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I can't imagine 91 WIP. Your fingers must be happy stitching away! Love to see all your projects. xo

Barbara said...

Indeed, our stitching hobby is very useful while we are staying at home. I love that!

I can only manage 2, possibly 3 projects at a time. You amaze me how you keep it all straight!