Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Girls I have been stitching monogamously for two weeks on Lantern Lane.

 I did make a few changes.  The roof is Pecan Pie by Gentle Arts. The red is Cupid by Classic Colorworks and Green with Envy by Gentle Arts is the green I chose for this project. The gold in the planter is a limited edition in my stash from Classic Colorworks. The fabric is 14 count Ivory Aida gifted to me by Judi, a North Alabama Stitcher. I did not add the border of greenery at the bottom as I felt it was unnecessary. The gate and the wall is a nice finish on its own. I changed the block that gives the year this piece was stitched because I ran out of green with envy and  I just wanted to mark this one off my list. Being in quarantine we use what we have so I made it work. This will forever remind me of my quarantine during the Corona Virus.

I did receive two sweet notes in the mail this week. I will add them to my stitching notebook for this year.

Since I don't have a lot of photos to share I thought I would do the Know Your Needleworker Tag today.

1, Where do you live?

Decatur, Alabama....we are about half way between Nashville and Birmingham on the I 65 corridor. We are less than two minutes from the interstate so if you are ever coming up this way, let me know. Huntsville Alabama is about 30 minutes east of us. Lots of people like to visit the Space and Rocket Center.

Our beautiful Grimmwood is in Eton, Georgia.. We are located in the valley of Fort Mountain and Grassy Mountain. Dalton, Georgia which is known as the Carpet Capitol of the World is 20 minutes west of us. Atlanta is about 90 miles south of us.

2.What do you do for a living?

Retired now but I was an RN until I had my children and I became a stay at home mom. But once you are a nurse, you are always a nurse according to  a physician I know. When my children were teenagers I worked as a preschool teacher. I had the two year olds and there was never a dull minute. The last children I taught are off to college now.

3.Do you have children?

Three...Ben, Amelia and Charles

4. Do you have pets?

No . I grew up on a farm with lots of farm animals and dogs and cats. I am not a fan of inside pets.( Dont hate me) It was just the way I was raised.  We do have a lovely doggie friend named Maggie Grace who lives next door. We get to love on her. If I could have a dog like Maggie, I would have an inside pet. Maggie Grace is a black lab and she is getting to be an old lady.

5.What are your other hobbies besides stitching?

Reading, baking and genealogy.

6.What is your favorite movie? That is a hard one but I am going to choose Steel Magnolias. It is one that I could watch over and over.

7.What is your favorite tv show? Jeopardy! Marvin and I watch it every night. We were sad that they halted production due to the Covid virus but we have to watch out for Alex because of his compromised immune system.

8.What is your favorite book? I have many but one of my favorites is In this House of Brede by Rumor  Godden.

9.What is your favorite music? John Denver is still my favorite artist to listen to, just ask my kids,lol They used to hide my John Denver tapes.( Remember those?) I found one in the freezer once!  If I am in the car I listen to classical music as it calms me down.

10.Who is your favorite cross stitch designer?  Prairie Schooler

11. Favorite fabric?  I enjoy stitching on Lugana but I have to say I have been stitching on some lovely soft 14 count aida and  I have enjoyed it immensely.

12. Favorite Floss ? Everyone knows that Cupid by Classic Colorworks is my favorite to stitch with. I love Red. But for most projects you cannot beat DMC.

Now that I have completed Lantern Lane, I plan to get back to my rotation. Check in next week.

Here is a laugh for all you needleworkers.


Mary said...

Arlene, Lantern Lane is beautiful!! I like that you ended the bottom with the gate and fence. I enjoyed reading all about you...I remember you mentioning Steel Magnolias as your fav movie before...I hope it's on netflix, I never saw it and need something to watch in the evening.
When I was first married we living in Montana and had very, very little money. I had one tape that I played over and over and over...John Denver!!! That's the kind of "country" music I love..

Brenda said...

Small world
In the 1970's, my family Nd I went to Dalton and ordered carpet for our home. We were on our way home from Texas most likely or perhaps Disney-not sure. It was cheaper to buy it, ship it and have it installed than buy it in Ohio where we lived. I also love love Steel Magnolias. Love your stitching.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like the last funny! I sure have plenty of things to sew or craft! I haven't had time to do either yet but I plan to make something today. I haven't read your favorite book....I better find it! Have a good day! Take care of yourself! Hugs!

Sandy said...

Lantern Lane turned out so pretty. I would never know that there was even a border at the bottom if you hadn't told me. It didn't need it.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, congratulations on your Lantern Lane finish! It looks fabulous and I love your color and element changes. I know that you are beyond thrilled to have it finished. I love the image at the end of your post. Thanks for sharing your responses to the Know your Needleworker! Enjoy your weekend!

Terri D said...

Very nice finish, Arlene! I enjoyed getting to know you better, too! Happy weekend!


I stitched Lantern Lane a couple years ago and loved every stitch--I also changed the box where you put the date--think I did the same thing--
have fun stitching
luv, di

Anonymous said...

Arlene, Love your Q&A's. We watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune most weeknights too. The color names of your floss are so cute (ie Cupid)!

Mary said...

Congrats on the Lantern Lane finish! It is beautiful!

Mari said...

I love the Lantern Lane - it turned out beautiful!
I grew up on a farm and am also not a fan of indoor pets, but I will take a cat over a dog. :)
I also love John Denver.

Carol said...

Such a pretty finish, Arlene! I like your changes and agree that the wall is a perfect border on its own. It is so strange how our stitching reminds us of certain life events, isn't it? When I was writing in my stitching journal yesterday, I noted in the left column "Coronavirus Stitching." Sure hope I can stop writing that soon, but I fear this will be around for a while yet. Take care now ♥