Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Stream

Well it is warming up in NoAla....wading weather is coming.

1. We have had two days of mild temperatures and I must say this little old lady is glad that she is not I am turning into my grandmother. I wear a sweat shirt jacket most of the time in my house. Of course Grandpa...otherwise known as Mr Frugal, makes me keep the thermostat set at 70.:) My stitching chair is right by the front window and it can get chilly there when the shutters are open. The trees are all budding and it truly looks as if spring is coming.

2. Along with spring comes Tornados.  I was sorry to see that Nashville was hit in the early morning hours on Tuesday. It is true all Southerners have their tornado closet and thanks to better weather predictions we often know in advance one is approaching but our homes are no match for a tornado. My heart goes out to those affected by the tornado in Nashville. As of this writing 21 people had lost their lives in the central Tennessee tornado.  We are so thankful that our nephew, Barry, and his family are fine. His wife, Mary, told me that the tornado was quite near them but they slept through the whole thing. So she was especially grateful that they were all ok.  I imagine they were not the only ones who were unaware of the danger.  I found out that we had a tornado watch here around two am but Marvin and I were sleeping with no knowledge of it. I thought I had the weather alerts on my phone so I need to check that and make sure we are awakened the next time there is a watch or warning. The sirens go loud and long but I have slept through them in the past.

3.I voted yesterday.  Election years are always interesting. I do not post about politics here at my happy place but I will say I am so tired of Mr Bloomberg's ads. It seems they are everywhere, even on You Tube.  And correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Rudy Giuliani mayor of NYC when 9-11 occurred. Some people really do pad their resumes.

4. I made dinner on Monday evening for some dear friends who moved to a new( to them) rancher. They lived here in our townhouse community but they longed for a house with a yard so they moved to the neighborhood where Marvin and I lived when we moved to Decatur.  Moving is never fun but as you get older it is harder. Their rancher is lovely but it had not been updated in about 30 years so they had a lot of remodeling to do as well.  It will be a showcase when it is completed.  They were worn slap out as we say here... the fit bit reported they had walked almost 20,000 steps in one day!!

5. Will you be doing spring cleaning? In the old days homemakers did a big spring clean to freshen everything up after the long dreary winter.  I still do some spring cleaning. I plan to start next week. I usually take one room at a time and really deep clean. First up is my guest bedroom. I will be washing linens, cleaning the shutters and going through the dresser in that room one more time to declutter.  I have my neighborhood book club coming on March 23rd so spring cleaning must be finished by then.

6. It seems the corona virus news is every where.  Being an old nurse, I have remained calm about it. Viruses go where they will and we have little control over it.  Unfortunately as with the flu, the elderly, the young and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk.  Of course now I am in the Elderly category so I would be considered at risk.   A little reminder from Nancy Nurse, door knobs are the most germ ridden things in our wash your hands!


Brenda said...

Glad you are staying warm. I keep mine at 61-frugal too
This is an apartment
In my house I kept it 65
Thank you again for the lovely gifts!!

Mary said...

Arlene, You will be shocked at how cold I keep my house!! Not because I'm frugal but because I like it cold!! ( I turn up the heat when guests come)
I was just looking at the tornado photos this morning, the devastation and loss of life is heartbreaking. Please get your alerts set up on your phone.
Thankfully, I don't have tv so I miss the ads. Just think of all the good that could have been done with that money.
I need to do a thorough cleaning of this house. My mother even changed out all the drapes to Spring/Summer drapes and curtains when we were kids. I wonder if people still lighten up decor like that.
I think the dirtiest thing around now are cell phones, don't forget to wipe them down.

Georgia said...

Good Morning Arlene, I really enjoyed reading your blog today.
You are right about the Bloomburg adds I see one every time I change the channel. Toooooo much! You are also right about who was mayor during 911.
My heart goes out to the tornado victims in Nashville. Dayton, OH is still trying to recover. I wear hearing aids and I don't wear them at night I probably wouldn't have heard the warnings either.
As for the Coronovirus, (I am an old nurse, too) all of the information has been vague coming out. Good Old fashion handwashing is the best. I avoid touching doors where ever I am in public, i.e. doors in an out of restaurants, or public restrooms. But, I think I will go thru and wipe down my door knobs today (thank you).
You and yours have a very blessed day:)

Sandy said...

I am the monster when it comes to the thermometer here. I am always cold, but I know how cool Jeff will want to keep in the summer so during the winter months I try to make up for those bills. No higher than 68 and if I can stand it even lower. I bundle up with thermal underwear and even wear a scarf most winter days. The things we do!
You are brave to even make one comment on politics. I am amazed how ugly people can be over the slightest statement.
Wow, I can't imagine going back to a yard if you gave it up and especially a remodeling job. I sometimes would like to downsize, but of course the view and the fact that it is a family house keeps us here. I decluttered all on January, but didn't really deep clean. I usually polish furniture, doors, and clean baseboards in spring. When teaching I would gererally do it as soon as school was out. We took our vacations over spring break to avoid summer heat and crowds. Now, I do it more in March and April which is really spring cleaning. I need to work on some outside windows. I may have to lower that power bill more so I can hire someone to do that job:)
Tornadoes seem to have a horrible story each year here in the Deep South.

Robin in Virginia said...

It was good walking in the stream with you this morning, Arlene. Yesterday, it was in the low 60s and today, they are saying 65ish. I run hot so the thermostat is set 67-68 and my husband bundles up. There is spring cleaning on my list and I am hoping to get rid of a good bit. I can remember my Gram doing spring cleaning and changing out the curtains to the lighter ones for spring/summer and then doing fall cleaning and changing the curtains to heavier ones along with adding blankets to the beds.

Visits With Mary said...

Warmer weather is coming! I stepped outside yesterday and was delighted to see my azaleas are in full bloom. Almost time for some porch-sitting!

Terri D said...

Keep being the voice of reason! Wash your hands or sanitize when you have touched surfaces that others have touched. Common sense. I enjoyed your update!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am Spring cleaning like my life depends on it! I don't know why! lol But once I started, I can't find a stopping place. And we are going to try to limit our trips to the stores, etc! We can't afford to get most people in our age category! Hugs!