Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Stream

Oh it is feeling like springtime in NoAla. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the trees have small new leaves on them. Thank you Lord for the changing of Seasons.

1. I attended two funerals this week. On Saturday I went to the funeral of long time friend, Nancy. She was such a sweet and encouraging lady. She had what I call an old time proper Southern accent. I loved to hear her talk and tell stories. She was widowed at 40 and went back to work to care for her two children. She got a PhD from Alabama and taught at our local community college.  She went to lunch with me, Deborah and Susan for many years then she had to help her son raise his daughters and we did not see her as often. She lived to be 89 years old and the sanctuary was filled with people there to remember her. Nancy was a believer and taught a ladies Sunday School class at her church for many years.  On Monday I attended Miss Ginny's funeral at my church, First Bible. What a lovely lady she was evidenced by the crowd at her funeral. Ginny is the lady who made the apron I showed on the blog the other day. Well the church pews had aprons on each end....her love for the ladies of FBC on display. She was also a quilter and several of her beautiful pieces of handwork were on display as well. One of her granddaughters said. Maw Maw did not give a lot of advice but she assured you that she was praying for you. I need to follow Ginny's example.   Precious in the Sight of the Lord is is he death of his Saints. Psalm 116:15.

2. I plan to spring clean my bedroom, bath and closet this week. I stopped at Ross to pick up some new hand towels and a new bath mat.  Spring is a good time for fluffing and going through linens etc. I also plan to purchase some new undergarments. I read a book once about a lady who purchased all new underwear every six months. Her mother had given her that tidbit of info on her wedding day. Apparently men do not find raggedy underwear attractive.:) I know we have all been told we need to have on Clean Undies in case we get hit by a car and we have to go to the ER.  My  nurse friends and I used to laugh about getting out the book where we noted the state of the patients undies on arrival.  But yes, please wear clean will always hold you in good stead.

3.Deborah and I missed our weekly breakfast at Mr Henry's this week. Her husband had a total knee replacement so she will be tending to him.  I have told Mr H that if he acts up, Nurse Ratchet or Nurse Kervorkian can be there in 20 minutes. He can choose which nurse he prefers. Marvin called me Nurse Ratchet when I nursed him through his knee replacement. He also calls me Nurse Kervorkian because I think doctors put patients through unnecessary treatment when death is near. It seems to be apparent to everyone but the physician at times. I think it is just hard for them to give up  and let nature take its course.  Good Nurses know when it is time to make the patient comfortable in the last stages of life.

4. I am reading a good book right now...loaned to me by Susan. The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner has kept me company these last few evenings. I must admit that Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Austen novel. I have read all of them and my least favorite was Northanger Abbey.  I thought it was rather silly but then Ms Austen did like to point out the Silly in life. It was there even in the early 1800s. I have put off going to see the movie, Emma, because I find Emma to be an exasperating character. However one of my favorite nurses from Call the Midwives is a member of the cast. Miranda Hart who plays Chummy is just so good at any role she takes on!  Katie at Preppy Empty Nester went to a showing  and she gave it a thumbs up so I may venture out to see this movie. We still have some Christmas gift cards for local movies that need to be used up.

5.Marvin ordered a DNA kit from Ancestry and I am so excited. I have our family tree on ancestry and there are some empty branches in his line that I hope to find scientifically! I tell him that my very ordinary family is easily traced. They are in the census and church records back to the 1700s and my DNA matches my ancestors. He has two lines that are mysteries so I am hoping to get some answers. One of the problems is that one of his family names is Mikell. It is pronounced like Michael and often they are listed under this mis spelling.  Back in the olden days, census takers just wrote down what they thought you said! Believe me I have seen my maiden name butchered....Tankersley. It has many spellings. The Grimm side of the family is easily traced once they came to America in the mid 1800s. One of his Grimm cousins has actually gone to Germany to Ruppersdorf where the Grimms hailed from long ago. She found the church records of many Grimm marriages and births. I am hoping she will write a book about the Carl Grimm family.

Well now that your eyes are glazing over, best get out of the stream and on with the day! Have a good one!


Sandy said...

There is a family with the name Mikel here in FWB. They spell it with one L I think.
Coming from a family where most members worked at Vanity Fair in some capacity and one uncle still there in the shipping department, we are a family of VF underwear wearers. I make my treks home to stock up when my are getting old. My husband has a name for mine and it is not a flattering name, even when new, but yes, I grew up on the idea of not having shabby undergarments:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I am sorry for the passing of the ladies in your life. Praying for peace for their families and friends. Also saying a prayer for your friend's husband as he recuperates from his total knee replacement surgery. And thank you for the chuckle about Nurse Ratchet/Nurse Kervorkian. The undies portion of today's stream brought forth memories of my Grandmother. Hope you have a good Wednesday!

Carol said...

This seems to be the week for deaths, Arlene--I've lost two very special women in my life, too. Very difficult to see the one die at 72 only being 7 years younger, myself. You just never know...

Had a smile at your undies dialogue--I think I need to get shopping ;-)

Visits With Mary said...

Sorry about the loss of your friends, they both sound like wonderful ladies. I am laughing and remembering my Momma...I can hear her now about always having on clean underwear! I might be laughing but it was great advice and something I always do!! lol

Terri D said...

How funny that I just told Joe a few days ago that I need to get out and buy some new undies! It must be that time of year! I am sorry you lost two dear friends. It seems they left a legacy of love and goodness behind them! Genealogy is so fun to work on and Ancestry DNA makes it even more fun! Do please keep us posted!

Mary said...

Your two friends that passed sound like wonderful ladies, I'm sorry for your loss, I know you will miss them both.
when I find a bra that fits I buy all that they have in stock! The bad part is that they need replacement at the same time. I don't know why it's so hard to find comfortable bras!! I want to see the Emma movie but will wait till this coronavirus threat has passed.