Thursday, April 30, 2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

While most of the USA is under some sort of shelter in place, my hometown had to abandon that in order to help those who needed assistance after the tornado that struck recently.

Marvin and I drove into town to pick up some lunch and then we made our way to the park to enjoy it. While we were there we saw these men working.

They were putting up wreaths in memory of the seven Chatsworth citizens who lost their lives in the tornado.

I borrowed this picture from Cousin Scott( Scott Kuhn Photography.

Love Leaves a Memory No One Can Steal. So true.

 The people here in my little home town are out and about. Most wear masks but they are doing everything they can to help those who need it. Many of the churches are stepping up to prepare meals for the displaced families as well as those working to clean up the damage. It makes me proud to be from Murray County.

Here in Alabama, Grandma Ivey, our nickname for our governor, has opened all retail stores with limits. However, our salons are still closed.  Restaurants are still curbside.Churches remain closed.  The beaches are open.  Seems a bit arbitrary but she makes the rules. The good news is Hobby Lobby will be opening and the bad news is I cannot get a haircut until May 15th or there bouts.  Glad I am a low maintenance gal as I can certainly wait two more weeks. I will admit to cutting my bangs about a week ago. Susanna, my hairdresser, has taught me how to cut them in a pinch as they often get too long between hair appts. I only go about every five to six weeks per my routine. I saw that someone had posted on FB, we can go back to work but we will be looking pretty raggedy.:)

I had to go to Target to pick up a RX. I wore my mask and went directly to the pharmacy and then left. There were a good many people shopping in Target. Most had on masks. I have noticed the younger people are not wearing the face protection. One of the frustrating things for me as a that I cannot see if people are smiling back at me. I hope my eyes look smily. We can alll use a smile and a nod as we are socially distancing.

The besties and I plan to have lunch this week here at my house. They are bringing a sack lunch and we will sit six feet apart. I am providing dessert.  It will be so good to have some conversation. I love my husband but I am tired of talking to him. One of my cross stitch buddies dropped by to leave some project bags I had ordered and we visited for a bit. Marvin was upstairs. When he came down he said he thought I had lost it and was talking to myself. Hope that made you smile!! It made me laugh out loud.

Marvin and I did make a trip to the Mennonite grocery store out in the country. It was a nice ride and we picked up some lovely comfort foods. I like to purchase my vanilla there and I needed some. Several people in the store. A few with masks. The Mennonites have changed a few things but overall it was my usual shopping experience there. We picked up some chocolate chip cookies and dehydrated mini marshmallows for Landon and Kendall. We dropped them off and we got to see Landon...Kendall is INDOORSY so she did not come out. Amelia and Todd are working from home so we visited a moment outside before leaving.  What are mini dehydrated Marshmallows you may ask?. Well they are like the Charms in Lucky Charms. When the grands were young, they always wanted me to buy Lucky Charms. But they only ate the Charms. So this is a snack for them to remember the good old days. And hey, those Charms are mighty tasty.:)

Keep smiling friends, Be Hopeful. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Welcome Sweet Sprng Time

Do you watch the Andy Griffith show? In one episode the town choir sings  Welcome Sweet Spring Time. At this time of the year, that melody plays through my head.  I thought I would share some of the pretty scenes we saw at Grimmwood last week.

Our geese were back on the pond.  I wish Marvin could catch a picture of them coming in for a landing on the water. It is a sight to behold.

This moth was looking in our back door. We were watching an Inspector Lewis DVD at the time. I guess he wanted to see how the mystery ended.

While visiting my mother, I took pictures of these bushes that have been in the front yard since I was a little girl.

We always called this Grandpa's Whiskers. Does anyone have the name for it? It has dark purple berries on it at certain times of the year.

This one blooms in early spring then it is just a big bush. It is nice to see these old plants thriving after sixty plus years.

We invited one of our friends to bring his little one to fish while we were in residence.

We had no idea that we had large mouth bass in the pond. We have seen blue gill and cat fish but this was a surprise. Denver was impressed with Daddy's catch. He had his little fishing pole but he was more interested in eating the Goldfish that Mommy had brought as a snack.

Just being out in the fresh air was good for both of us. We sat on the porch each evening after supper with my sisters and my niece. Bruce joined us once but this is his busy time on the farm. He works until it gets dark.  We do slow down and appreciate the time away from the city.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning...we are back and refreshed after a week at Grimmwood.

My Grimmwood Dough bowl is filling up.  Love all the farm stitches.

I had one finish this week.

My friend, Mary, at Stitching Friends Forever, asked me to keep track of my floss changes on this one. Well that is hard to do as I just used colors I liked for this stitch. I went through my stash of fancy flosses as well as DMC.  I love that chalkboard. It is just done in black and white! My advice to all stitchers is to use whatever color makes you happy. I wanted a clear red, blue and Khaki on this piece. I used a dusty blue fancy floss for the children who are standing under the apple tree.  I also added my initials and the year next to the school house.  If I were doing this stitch again, I would switch out the white for an ecru or darker color. The white just fades away on this fabric.

This piece is stitched in prim colors on the model.

Someone asked what Prim means in the cross stitch world. I think of Stacy Nash when I think of Prim. Prim stitches tend to be more rustic and they use more muted colors such as you find in some of the old samplers from the days when bright colored flosses were not so available.  I have stitched several of Stacy's pieces and I love them but I do tend to the more colorful on these Word Plays.

Here is what I worked on in Georgia.

Two White Houses by Little House Needleworks. I love this one!

Someone had a question about  Q Snaps.  How do I take them off when finished stitching? I slide mine off but I will say when the snaps are new, that can be a difficult task. Another reader said she was having trouble keeping the fabric tight in the Q Snap. I have never had that problem but I have noticed that some stitchers add an extra piece of material under the snap to protect the fabric that is being stitched upon in the snap.  That would help tighten it up. Pam from Just Keep Stitching adds a small piece of the foam drawer liner to the top of her stitching fabric before putting the Q Snap in place. So I guess it is all about personal preference.  Old Q Snaps can become loose with wear. I have read that you can put those old snaps in the top rack of the dishwasher, run them through a cycle and they will tighten back up. I have never tried this so if anyone has, please share your experience.  My friend, Brenda, of Brenda's Minders and More says she uses only the Q Snap brand, not the knock offs that you can find in some stores. She says she feels the original Q Snaps are the best.

I so enjoy getting questions from all you ladies. Thanks for taking the time to inquire!

Now I have to brag on some of my sweet readers. Several nice ladies offered to send any floss I need or fabric for my blue bird. Where else do you find such generous hearts but in the stitching community. As for my floss. I found a small stash of Christmas colors after I put in my order from Fat Quarter shop so I should be good in that department. I will just wait a bit to finish my blue bird. I have a fabric in mind for it so I just need Hobby Lobby to open back up!! Many thanks for your help ladies. I do appreciate it.

Happy Mail did arrive this week. It was like Christmas when I got home and  sorted my mail!

Sharon sent me a nice note as well as these lovely charts. She knows I am a Prairie Schooler fan. I will have some more Grimmwood pieces to stitch. I also love the Merry Christmas. Thanks for passing the stash Sharon!

My last 123 Stitch order arrived....

Needles, Snag Nabbit and two charts. I loved stitching the Christmas mice in the kitchen last year so I ordered this one from Brenda Gervais.  Not a fan of mice except in Cross Stitch!  Threadwork Primitives is a good example of a Prim Designer.

I would not be a good Nana if  I did not wish a happy 14th birthday to my oldest grandchild, Kendall. Love that girl bunches!!  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Kendall when she was two. Time flies!

I hope all of you have a good stitchy week and the Frog stays far away from your door.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Five

1. Our Big Boy

We sure would like to kiss those sweet cheeks. I am afraid he will not know Nana and Grandpa when he sees us again.

2. Elliott is at it Again

Another fort....built on their jungle gym with some limbs that Daddy or Mama Trimmed.  It is good to see the children outside and using their imaginations.

3.Niece Laura giving her boss, Senator Loeffler a tour of the tornado damage in Murray county. Senator Loeffler brought supplies to add to those that were being distributed at Bagley Middle School.

That is Laura in the background.

4. Birthdays are still being celebrated.

Todd celebrated his birthday last Saturday and Kendall turns 14 on the 25th so Amelia threw them a Unicorn party. Why Unicorns? She was trying to come up with a theme and remembered they both dislike unicorns.:)    This is about the best pic I can get of the older grands.

5. So true

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

My dough bowl is very plain for this month but I like it. The contrast of the wood, stitching and moss rocks are very soothing.  The little flag is from Knee High by the Fourth of July( Hands on Designs). I think it is a good reminder that we are all in this together.

Marvin and I were watching a rerun of Lawrence Welk on PBS on Saturday evening. We both agreed it was a combination of Hokey and Comforting.:) Oh the clothes of the takes me back. Mr Welk did a great job of making sure the program was styled perfectly. I really like the old Welk shows where the audience would come up and dance at the end of the program. We did not dance in my family so I thought it was pretty classy.  We were good Baptists and truly believed a dancing foot and a praying knee did not grow on the same leg.:) Now that I feel free to dance if I want to, I feel very self conscious. Also I am married to a German...they do not want you in their space at any time. Marvin and I do shuffle around the floor when we go to wedding receptions and they make all the married couples come up and dance. The emcee calls out 10 years, those married ten years or less sit down. You get the idea. We have been married 43 years but at our church there is a lovely couple who  has been married 60 plus years. They are always the last on the floor and we all clap very enthusiastically for them.

One way Marvin and I have been coping with the quarantine is taking a ride in the car in the afternoon. We drive down the country roads and just enjoy seeing the scenery. Amelia and Todd took their four to Guntersville State Park to get some exercise. Amelia reported that Kendall was not happy about it at all. After all she is indoorsy like Nana.:) I have to smile to myself remembering some outings we took where Amelia acted much the same way. What goes around comes around. Here are a few photos from beautiful Sweet Home Alabama.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and encouraged. Keep those chins up! and we are going to have them from all the snacking.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Let's All Wear Tiaras

Audrey knows how to make the most of quarrantine. A tiara goes perfectly with Paw Patrol PJs.

This girl loves Paw Patrol and Frozen.

When I saw this photo I thought about all the childrens shows I watched with my grands.

Kendall.....Wonder Pets. She would sing The Pone(phone) The Pone is ringing. She had several of the wonder pets toys and played with them often.

Landon....Thomas the Tank Engine.   That boy loved trains. We took Kendall, Landon and Margaret to see Thomas at the Railyard in Calera.

Margaret...Caillou. Whenever we ate lunch we had to watch Caillou.

Baylor...Yo Gabba Gabba. I think the music was the appeal for Baylor Man.

Elliott...Another Paw Patrol Fan.

My own children loved Sesame Street and Misterogers. When they were small Nickolodean made its premier on cable and we watched Today's Special every afternoon.

 As they got older they enjoyed Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts. Actually Amelia ordered a Camp Anawanna tee shirt that she wears proudly.:)

It is nice to think back on the good ole days.:)

I can't forget to wish sis Leta a Happy Birthday today. She is seven years younger than me.....I will let you figure that one out!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Stitching won the Red Bird. I will get it in the mail to you this week!! Congrats and Happy Stitching.  I just put my version of Red Bird in my Living Room Dough Bowl. It is one of my favorite stitches.

And Ta DA....

I finished Blue Bird. I was going to stitch it on my Aida but changed my mind when I found this scrap of Colour and Cotton in my stash.   I think it is lovely. I will have to wait until Hobby Lobby or Patches and Stitches open up to find a coordinating fabric. I looked through my stash but nothing really did it justice.  This is stitched on 32 count over two.  Thanks Sandy for passing the stash. I will be passing this one on to a friend who I think would love it.

I also completed a Christmas ornament.

The true color is not really coming through well in this photo. I did use some retro 1950s colors...a flamingo pink and a mint green. I love the way it turned out. I may do a few more of these for gifts. This is from Little House Needleworks, appropriately named Christmas Cookies.

A little patriotic stitching was done this week.

This is Blackbird Designs Lady Liberty Drum. I finished the letters and a portion of the bunting. Will move the Q snaps the next time I work on this one.

I had happy mail from 123 Stitch. I received my fabric and flosses for Alas and Did My Savior Bleed by Lindy Stitches.

I had to start it as I love that font. I did change the flosses. Where you see gold a the end of Cherry Wine flowers, I used Harvest basket instead of the called for black. I am using the Emerald Green for the lettering instead of using the brown that was charted.  I am stitching this one on linen. So  I have to be careful where I put that needle. The slubs always make me bothered as it can sometimes change the way the stitches appear to the viewer. I really prefer even weave. This is going to be a pretty stitch. Cant wait to finish it as Stephanie showed hers on her latest floss tube. Check it out at Lindy Stitches.

My last stitch for this week is September Word Play. Oh the joy of stitching on 28 count even weave
 after stitching on 32 and 36 count fabrics. It is a rest for the eyes and the brain.

I added the tree and the kiddos yesterday.  I may just work on this all weekend as it will not take too long to finish.  I did brighten the colors. As I have said before, I am not a prim stitcher. Oh I have stitched some prim pieces that I really like but the word plays just seemed a bit dull to me.

I had to put in an order at Fat Quarter Shop this week for some flosses. I ordered Priscilla's Christmas Floss Pack as I plan to do a good bit of Christmas stitching. And believe it or not, I was running out of white and black. I sure hope Hobby Lobby will be open in May. I need some Floss!!

Happy Stitching Dear Friends.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Five

1. Murray Strong

My hometown of Chatsworth, Georgia was hit hard by a tornado on Sunday evening.  It was so sad to see the pictures of property that was destroyed. One man lost two chicken houses....some lost everything and 7 people were killed.  Everything is fine at Foothills Farm and Grimmwood. The damage was along Hwy 225.  My sisters reported that the rain and wind were strong and scary. This is the logo that is being used to encourage everyone. That is Fort Mountain in the background. We have two high schools in our county, Murray and North Murray.   These people are strong and they will come through this...everyone is helping in many different ways. Another reminder that life can change in two minutes.

2. My Hoover Grimmlins

Even though they did not attend church, everyone got dressed for a photo for Nana. This one is a framer for sure.

3 and 4

I made some home made rolls for Easter and before you think I am a hot shot baker, I will confess I used the Pillsbury Hot Roll mix. Let me tell you even those of us who find bread baking a trial can make delicious rolls. I usually divide my dough into two or three small balls and put them in muffin tins. On the bottom is a Pineapple cake that was my Daddy's favorite cake. It is a pineapple supreme layer cake iced with buttercream icing and drained crushed pineapple in the middle and on the top. My icing almost ran out. Next time I will make a bit more. My mother always put the pineapple on the sides as well. I think it is a bit easier to slice my way.

5. April 17th

We are at the end of the prescribed time we were supposed to be quarantined. I am not sure as I am writing this ( early in the week) what will happen her in Alabama.  No matter when we get to get back out....I want to encourage everyone to shop local. Things from China are not so appealing any more are they?  Love this Tee Shirt and if I can find one I will wear it proudly! PS...My hair stylist messaged me on FB asking if I could come May 4th? Well of course I can...if she had told me to come at midnight, I would have been there!:)

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday Thoughts with Pooh

I think we are all feeling a bit like Winnie the Pooh these days. I will drink some of my hot strawberry tea and enjoy it today.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Good Bye to Easter

Easter has come and gone. I did get some pictures of the younger grands coloring their Easter Eggs.

Marvin always enjoyed helping our kiddos dye their eggs. I am too OCD to assist in this endeavor. I do think the Whisk idea Charles used in the bottom photo was a good idea for little ones. Joshua seems interested in the process. Pardon his bangs but something happened to Charles to make him think he could trim Joshua's bangs. As the Facebook meme says...DONT CUT YOUR BANGS during the quarantine. :)

I got busy putting away my Easter things. You always see the final product so I thought I would show you what a mess I had in collecting things from all over the house.

I did make a few spring vignettes to leave in place until the patriotic theme appears in May.

This part of the breakfast bar looks lonely without DA Bunny! I did leave a small one.

I moved the candle rings to the China cabinet for some decor. I also added two spring pillows and a watering can to my cake plate.

Here is the full picture.

And I thought I would answer Angela S's question...Did you finish Easter Parade Stitch? No sadly, it is only half completed. I will get it done and frame it myself so it can come out next Easter.  It is a fun stitch for sure.

Gina came up with the name of the Korean dish that I like...Bulgogi. You do not pronounce the L. It is delicious. Also I checked with Charles about what Brothers are called in Korean. Apparently I had that wrong. Brothers only call sisters NUNA. Sisters call their brothers by their given name. It is a gesture of respect.  My sisters called me Nenie or Nene. They could not pronounce Arlene and to this day in my family I am Nene or Aunt Nenie as Laura calls me. It is fun to have a special name. All of Amelia's nieces and nephews call her Aunt Mimi. They could not pronounce Amelia. Charles made a fuss about this saying Audrey must call her Aunt Amelia. I set him straight on the dignity and love of nick names in the south. So now she is Aunt Mimi to everyone.

Well enough chit chat for today...with the quarantine I have to  mete out my stories.:)

Monday, April 13, 2020

The Stream

Well I have not been in the Stream in a while. This virus has kept us from venturing out. But today is the day!

1. I mentioned last week that I did not like Chinese food. Well I do enjoy some Korean dishes. Since Nancy joined our family, I have had opportunity to try some new things. My favorite is a beef dish that I can say the name of but probably cannot spell  It is strips of thin roast beef that is seasoned in an amazing way. Served with rice of course. Nancy's Grandma makes a cod tempura that I enjoy as well. In Korea, there is a name for your Maternal Grandparents and a different name for the paternal grandparents. Nancy's grandmother is Halmuni but to an American ear it sounds like Harmony. I think that is a good name for a grandmother.   Joshua will call Audrey Nuna for sister and she will call him the Korean name for brother.  I tried that with our kids as we said, Brother and Sister but when they got to school that was the end of that...too babyish for them by then.  You may remember we called Landon, Bubba, when he was small. That is southern for brother.  I am glad my grandchildren are learning about their Korean culture but I want them to know about their Southern and their German roots as well.

2. We have watched more movies this week. I taped Charlotte's Web because believe it or not, I never read that book.  The version we saw featured Dakota Fanning as Fern and lots of famous actors voiced the animals.  It was a sweet film, but as a farm girl myself, I found it hard to believe that Wilbur was never turned into bacon!  Marvin and I just realized that Wilbur the pig on Green Acres was probably named after the pig in this book! As a child we watched Green Acres on TV and we laughed out loud at Oliver and Lisa Douglas. I saw a rerun of this show on tv recently and thought, oh my, what was I thinking of??? Not my cup of tea now.

3, I have been working on my genealogy a bit this week. I am looking at my thru lines and adding some ancestors to my tree.  One of my family lines is the Kincaid family of North Carolina.  I found some aunts and uncles in this line and enjoyed reading about them. One of my ancestral uncles is buried in a town not far from Brevard NC where my brother in law's family lives. I may have to go and visit his grave the next time I am there. It is amazing all the things you can learn on Ancestry. This man died in the early 1900s and his obituary was in the local paper. He was one of the pioneer citizens. An interesting fact was that the week he died, two other pioneer citizens died as well. All were well into their 80s which was unusual for that time.  When I am doing genealogy I feel a real connection with those people who are a part of my history.

4. I got so many sweet cards last week from friends near and far.  It really does brighten these long days to open the mail box and find a piece of REAL mail there.

5.We had a little cold snap....some call it Dogwood Winter. It seems when the dogwoods bloom we have a blast of cold sweeping down here.  We are all praying for warmer temps as we want the heat to stamp out the corona illnesses so we can get back to normal days.  Marvin and I did take a ride out to the country on Friday. I wanted to drop off a birthday gift for my friend, Deborah.   I wanted her to be able to enjoy her gift and it looks like we will not be meeting to celebrate any time soon.  It was nice to enjoy some different scenery for a change.  Gas prices are so low and  we have no where to go.

6. Yall know I am a You Tube fan. I watch two young ladies who are flight attendants for American. Both are taking a leave of absence for May, hoping that by June they will be flying again. There are flights now but only senior flight attendants are serving on those flights.  Jetting Julia was on a flight from Dallas to LA last week and the plane was almost empty.  The air port was almost empty as well. It is a very strange sight as we all know how busy air ports are on any given day.

7, Marvin and I are planning a trip this summer but it is a car trip. Marvin being  a Christian and a scientist has always wanted to visit the Ark and the Creation Museum up near Cincinnati. So we hope to do that this summer. I chose our last trip to Oklahoma so it was his turn.  We will be staying in Cincinnati and driving to the ark and museum. If anyone has any suggestions for good restaurants or other attractions in that area, let me know.  Last year I put out a query for Little Rock and Mary came through with a great restaurant for us to try there. I have already told Marvin we will be stopping at Keepsakes Cross Stitch Shop. It is the shop for Pam and Steph on Floss Tube.   It is nice to even think of a trip right now!!


For a chuckle!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! He is Risen Indeed!

And since I did not include this picture in my Friday Five for Siblings Day.....

I think  I was 8, Kristi was five and Leta was probably about 18 months or so in this picture. If you will note the little cut under Leta's lip...she fell the day before this picture was made. I think Kristi and I were supposed to be watching her when this happened. OOPs.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Thanks for all of your kind comments on this post! I wish I could send a gift to everyone who enters but I may be doing more quarantine giveaways. The Winner of the Farmyard Parade is Moosecraft.  The winner of the set of two hoops is Judy. If you all would email me your snail mail address at I will get these in the mail to you. Thanks to all who participated!
Marvin headed to Georgia last weekend as the grass at Grimmwood was out of control. He spent two days there just getting everything in order. My sister, Leta, has been taking some time to clean out closets. She found six pieces of 14 count Aida in her closet. It was in bags so I was afraid the fold lines might be set in but I washed them in the washing machine then gave them a coffee bath. I did not have any tea to add to it and I must say I was pleased with the coffee only dye. They ironed up beautifully and I have some stash for quarantine project stitching. Thanks Sis for the pass the stash.
Here is my pile of fabric. I will not bore you showing you each piece but they all came out remarkably similar so this is a good representation. I use the Priscilla method which you can find on her You Tube Channel. She recently added a Rit dye tutorial and I would like to try that as well.

Leta also sent me two more  pieces that I will FFO for Grimmwood.

If anyone would like either of these two charts, I have them as well. Just send me an email at First come First served!

When I went to the mailbox on Wednesday I had some happy mail from Sandy.  

The Blue Bird Sampler and a beautiful leopard print face mask. I will be stylish in public should I have to go out!!  Sandy and I like to pass the stash so here is another giveaway!

 Answer the question....what is your favorite bird? I have now stitched Ye Olde Crow, Tom Turkey and Red Bird . Blue Bird will be added to my list of Heart in Hand Bird Stitches. 

Now to my stitching this week.

I spent a lot of time on Two White Houses by Little House. I did change the alphabet as I wanted to do my initials in orange. I also left off the nosegay in the second line to add the year. Another corona stitch that I will always remember!!

Susan's candle mat is coming along as well.

This is a much quicker stitch than I thought it would be. 

I spent an afternoon working on Penny Pumpkin by Scarlett House while watching a movie with Marvin.  I have always enjoyed Fall stitching. Those pretty colors speak to me.

Lots of Floss Tubers and Instagrammers were doing a Quarantine O Ween on March 31st. I thought I would share some of the charts I have in my September October Stitching Folder in my Stash Box. 

I think I have enough to chose from for fall stitching.

But my new start will be....

Happy Stitching Friends.