Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Five

Once again, Friday Five is a bit hard to come up with these days so today is Nana Heavy!! Pictures of my grands as I miss them so!

1. Home Schooling in Hoover

Katy said the children were happy to get back to schoolwork.

2. Grandsons

I am glad to see the boys outside. Landon is getting in some exercise while Elliott is building a Sparkle Fort. He spend a lot of time hammering, which kept him occupied for a day!

3. Grimmwood....

Leta posted this on Facebook. She and Kristi are doing their walking on our driveway and sitting on the porch when they are done. The trees are budding.

4. Kendall

You can see Hudson and Kendall in this picture, enjoying some SMORES.  Amelia and Todd have a beautiful yard and they like to do family activities outside.

5. Face Masks

One of our neighbors made masks for the community. She made up 30 and placed them on a basket on her porch and put out a notice on our Glens Facebook Page. I walked up there pronto as my home made masks did not work I tried those pony tail holders and a handkerchief. Well if you have a big head or big ears, those things do not work well. Thanks to Miss Dot H for looking out for her neighbors. BTW, mine is pink and Marvin's is gray and black.


Mary said...

That's a big bucket of wood for Elliot to hammer down. I immediately thought the shape of the wood pieces would be nice to hold a cross stitch!! I enjoy seeing photos of all the grands and how kind of your neighbor to make the masks. Stay well.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the grands and how nice of the lady in the neighborhood to make the masks.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I can't believe you wrote that last part! I thought I was the only person that was having trouble making a mask! lol But I have one that I am kind of happy with now so I'm ready to make more. My first one ended up in the trash! lol Love your grands! They are a joy, I know! Stay safe!

Robin in Virginia said...

Always enjoy your Friday Five, Arlene, and today's was no different! Super shots of the grands and what a gorgeous view from Grimmwood. What a fabulous neighbor you have for making masks for the neighbors. Enjoy your Friday!

Sandy said...

Wonderful pictures of all of them. I love Elliot's wood and hammer. Paul Allen would have loved that as a kid. They will never forget this for sure.

Visits With Mary said...

Beautiful children, I'm missing my grands too. Prayers that this plague is over soon so we can be with our family.

Terri D said...

It is hard to have new photos during these crazy times but I loved seeing your kiddos and what they have been up to. Making memories, for sure!

Meg said...

Oh, how I wish my son were excited about home schooling. He is a junior and needs to bring his grades up in three classes. Some days it’s not easy.

Your neighbor is so sweet! I made myself a mask but my 60-year-old sewing machine refused to sew thru the layers of pleats so I ended up hand-cranking the fly wheel to sew it. It took me two hours. I made another one to send to my mom, this time hand-sewing the whole thing, and it took five hours! Haha! (Sewing has never been my best skill.)

Hats off to the skilled people out there who are sharing their talents to help others. Woot woot!

Mari said...

I always enjoy seeing the grands.
I am sure you enjoyed that photo of Grimwood.
Nice masks! There are a lot of nice people making them.

Carol said...

So wonderful to keep up with your grandkids through photos and videos, Arlene. Glad that they are all keeping busy and doing well. What a nice neighbor to make all those masks, too. I made a couple for us, but the fit on me is not great--my head is tiny I guess :) I found another tutorial that I may try soon. I really haven't been going anywhere, but in case I have to, I do want to be prepared.