Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Five

1. Murray Strong

My hometown of Chatsworth, Georgia was hit hard by a tornado on Sunday evening.  It was so sad to see the pictures of property that was destroyed. One man lost two chicken houses....some lost everything and 7 people were killed.  Everything is fine at Foothills Farm and Grimmwood. The damage was along Hwy 225.  My sisters reported that the rain and wind were strong and scary. This is the logo that is being used to encourage everyone. That is Fort Mountain in the background. We have two high schools in our county, Murray and North Murray.   These people are strong and they will come through this...everyone is helping in many different ways. Another reminder that life can change in two minutes.

2. My Hoover Grimmlins

Even though they did not attend church, everyone got dressed for a photo for Nana. This one is a framer for sure.

3 and 4

I made some home made rolls for Easter and before you think I am a hot shot baker, I will confess I used the Pillsbury Hot Roll mix. Let me tell you even those of us who find bread baking a trial can make delicious rolls. I usually divide my dough into two or three small balls and put them in muffin tins. On the bottom is a Pineapple cake that was my Daddy's favorite cake. It is a pineapple supreme layer cake iced with buttercream icing and drained crushed pineapple in the middle and on the top. My icing almost ran out. Next time I will make a bit more. My mother always put the pineapple on the sides as well. I think it is a bit easier to slice my way.

5. April 17th

We are at the end of the prescribed time we were supposed to be quarantined. I am not sure as I am writing this ( early in the week) what will happen her in Alabama.  No matter when we get to get back out....I want to encourage everyone to shop local. Things from China are not so appealing any more are they?  Love this Tee Shirt and if I can find one I will wear it proudly! PS...My hair stylist messaged me on FB asking if I could come May 4th? Well of course I can...if she had told me to come at midnight, I would have been there!:)


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Tragedy for sure and some will not be able to recover that which was lost. We need to pray for them daily. Loved the Easter picture of the little ones. Those rolls and that cake look yummy and you did a great job in making them. I am not a cook but thankful my son, who lives with me now, is an excellent cook. I dont know if Tennessee is open yet or not but I wont be going out any time soon.

Sandy said...

Yes, I will not be wanting anything from China anymore. I do hope that more local will pop up in place of those big box stores as well. I miss those smaller local stores. Mother was saying she wanted to be first in line for a hair appointment as well just yesterday. I don't think we will be let out of our quarantine as the numbers seem to be rising here. Those spring tornadoes are just so hard each year. I just told Jeff you can almost bank on them and the lost of lives each spring. Very sad!
The Hoover Grimmlins are very sweet and the cake looks wonderful. When I was in college my methods classes for home ec teaching said there was no shame in store was all in the presentation:) Put those Oreos on a silver platter.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I will definitely pay more attention to made in America and shop locally. I already do that but I'll be more diligent now. I hated hearing about the terrible storms that caused so much damage and loss of life. Take care of yourself! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

I'm with you on supporting Local, Arlene! I like that t-shirt. Let us know if you find one. Loved the picture of your Hoover Grimmlins! I am sorry about the tornado that touched down in your area; praying for everyone. Your rolls and cake look mighty delicious. Have a super Friday!

Terri D said...

I am glad you and yours did not suffer damage from the tornado. So many were not so lucky and all of that on top of C-19. So hard. I agree about supporting local businesses and cutting back on exports from China. I remember when Walmart only sold American. We need to get back to that. Pretty awesome that things are loosening up in May. My PT scheduled an April 27 appointment and it seems my knee surgery is still a go for May 12. Your Grimmlins are adorable! That pineapple cake looks yummy!

Barbara said...

So sorry to read about the tornado damage in your hometown!!!! I'm thankful your property is okay.

Your grandchildren photograph so well!

Mari said...

I'm sorry to hear about that tornado. Many lives changed in just a few moments.
Cute pic of the Grimlins!
My hairstylist called me yesterday to see how I was doing. I told her I was a mess and had trimmed my own hair, She has some clean up to do! But, I don't know when...

Mary said...

The news about the tornados is so frightening. I'm glad to hear Grimmwood didn't suffer any damage and all are safe. Love the photos of the Hoover clan!
I'm actually thinking about going grey!!! I have the skunk look that I hate!! Thankfully its been fairly cold here so I wear my knitted cap when out walking.

I always try to shop local, my town is small and thriving and certainly want to keep it that way. We have to drive 20-25 mins for any big box store and I like it that way.