Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Five

1. Our Big Boy

We sure would like to kiss those sweet cheeks. I am afraid he will not know Nana and Grandpa when he sees us again.

2. Elliott is at it Again

Another fort....built on their jungle gym with some limbs that Daddy or Mama Trimmed.  It is good to see the children outside and using their imaginations.

3.Niece Laura giving her boss, Senator Loeffler a tour of the tornado damage in Murray county. Senator Loeffler brought supplies to add to those that were being distributed at Bagley Middle School.

That is Laura in the background.

4. Birthdays are still being celebrated.

Todd celebrated his birthday last Saturday and Kendall turns 14 on the 25th so Amelia threw them a Unicorn party. Why Unicorns? She was trying to come up with a theme and remembered they both dislike unicorns.:)    This is about the best pic I can get of the older grands.

5. So true


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What nice family photos. I know you've missed spending time with them. The last quote is SO true! As much as a introvert as I am.....I'm even missing chatting with others! Take care!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, fabulous photos of the grands and your niece! I can't get over that Joshua is 11 months. Love the fort that Elliott created. Fresh air is a good thing; I did the fresh air thing at their age, but usually my nose was stuck in a book. Happy birthday to Todd and Kendall! That quote at the end of your post is spot on. Enjoy your Friday.

Sandy said...

The pictures are all great and like you I am going to go crazy giving hugs and kisses. I don't think Tucker understands why he is only seeming Grammie on a phone and not getting kisses. I hate that part of this. I do feel some good has come of it and I think we will value some things more. It is good to see forts and family gatherings, but I want to be there too!!!!

Visits With Mary said...

Precious baby!! Good to see birthdays being celebrated and know life is going on!! Hope you stay well.

Jan said...

Wonderful photos. I know we are all missing our families so much. Your youngest grandbaby is is so sweet!

Carol said...

Oh, I can only imagine how much you miss seeing your grandchildren, Arlene. I hope Joshua still knows you--I think he will... The words at the end ring so true!

Terri D said...

Joshua will remember you, and you are right that he is a BIG boy!! Wow! Fun pictures and won't it be so sweet when we can all finally be together and get those hugs and kisses again!

Mari said...

I hope you are able to be with Joshua when he turns a year. He's growing tooo fast!
I love the birthday decorations.

Mary said...

Joshua is a big boy for 11 months!! Love his sweet smile! I hope you get to hug all your grands soon!