Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Good Bye to Easter

Easter has come and gone. I did get some pictures of the younger grands coloring their Easter Eggs.

Marvin always enjoyed helping our kiddos dye their eggs. I am too OCD to assist in this endeavor. I do think the Whisk idea Charles used in the bottom photo was a good idea for little ones. Joshua seems interested in the process. Pardon his bangs but something happened to Charles to make him think he could trim Joshua's bangs. As the Facebook meme says...DONT CUT YOUR BANGS during the quarantine. :)

I got busy putting away my Easter things. You always see the final product so I thought I would show you what a mess I had in collecting things from all over the house.

I did make a few spring vignettes to leave in place until the patriotic theme appears in May.

This part of the breakfast bar looks lonely without DA Bunny! I did leave a small one.

I moved the candle rings to the China cabinet for some decor. I also added two spring pillows and a watering can to my cake plate.

Here is the full picture.

And I thought I would answer Angela S's question...Did you finish Easter Parade Stitch? No sadly, it is only half completed. I will get it done and frame it myself so it can come out next Easter.  It is a fun stitch for sure.

Gina came up with the name of the Korean dish that I like...Bulgogi. You do not pronounce the L. It is delicious. Also I checked with Charles about what Brothers are called in Korean. Apparently I had that wrong. Brothers only call sisters NUNA. Sisters call their brothers by their given name. It is a gesture of respect.  My sisters called me Nenie or Nene. They could not pronounce Arlene and to this day in my family I am Nene or Aunt Nenie as Laura calls me. It is fun to have a special name. All of Amelia's nieces and nephews call her Aunt Mimi. They could not pronounce Amelia. Charles made a fuss about this saying Audrey must call her Aunt Amelia. I set him straight on the dignity and love of nick names in the south. So now she is Aunt Mimi to everyone.

Well enough chit chat for today...with the quarantine I have to  mete out my stories.:)


Brenda said...

Love it. Spring at your home. The kids are cute.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your pretty Spring things and I left a few ducks out! lol Enjoy your stitching today. Hope the storms aren't bad for any of us! Hugs, Diane

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your home always looks so have such good taste. I have to admit I trimmed my bangs a little since I cant get to the one who normally cuts my hair! It seems impossible that Easter has come and gone and if we arent careful, before we know it, Christmas will be here again. Time is flying. Have a blessed Wednesday.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed seeing your Easter pictures, Arlene! Thank you for sharing the after in gathering your Easter items from around the house. How do you store your seasonal items especially the stitched pieces? I loved the nickname story of Aunt Mimi. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sandy said...

The candle rings make the perfect wreaths . Very pretty. I didn't color eggs this year. It maybe the first year ever that I haven't colored a few eggs. It was only me and Jeff so I didn't follow through. Makes me kind of sad now. I am still muddling through that.
We do have pet names in the south. I have three... Spoke and Worm, and Sandra Renee Dauupheen. Those. are lovely.

Georgia said...

I miss coloring eggs! Believe me if I had a little one around I would be right in the mix:) As for names, funny you brought that up. My daughter is named Kimberly, Kimmy at times, for for a short while was Mimi by one of her siblings. But the very best was my Mother...her name was Mildred, she was never fond of it, but was Aunt Millie, to all of my cousins. But, at the end of the day, my first grandson, her great-grand son changed her name to Grandma Mini. She loved it! She loved to tell the story about how he could not pronounce Mildred/Millie. As for me would you believe, they could all pronounce Georgia, sometimes a little slurred. You really brought great memories to my day...Thank you so much, Arlene. May you and yours be blessed today:)

Linda said...

I love the candle rings on the hutch doors! It looks so pretty! I pulled down all my spring ad summer tubs but haven’t gone through them all yet. Just as in the fall, I’m seeing things with fresh eyes and realizing how tattered and worn some of my decorations are. I’m tossing some and pulling the debris off some of the grapevine wreathes. I’ve decided to go ahead and clean and decorate the gazebo with patriotic decor and leave it until August.
Love seeing your family pics......and it’s comforting to see how these young families continued their Easter traditions even in the midst of this Clovid 19 crisis. I think that’s so important!

Mari said...

It's fun seeing the kids with the eggs.
Your décor always looks so nice! I love what you did with your china cabinet.

Terri D said...

I gather all the decorations on my dining room table too and put them away from there. I only had a few Easter things out this year. The candle rings used as wreaths is a pretty idea!!

Angela S. said...

I'm sorry you didnt finish in time but it truly is a fun stitch so now you have more time to enjoy it🙂. You must do the basket too, the eggs aren't that noticeable so I leave mine out all spring, it's a fun one too!