Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Stitching won the Red Bird. I will get it in the mail to you this week!! Congrats and Happy Stitching.  I just put my version of Red Bird in my Living Room Dough Bowl. It is one of my favorite stitches.

And Ta DA....

I finished Blue Bird. I was going to stitch it on my Aida but changed my mind when I found this scrap of Colour and Cotton in my stash.   I think it is lovely. I will have to wait until Hobby Lobby or Patches and Stitches open up to find a coordinating fabric. I looked through my stash but nothing really did it justice.  This is stitched on 32 count over two.  Thanks Sandy for passing the stash. I will be passing this one on to a friend who I think would love it.

I also completed a Christmas ornament.

The true color is not really coming through well in this photo. I did use some retro 1950s colors...a flamingo pink and a mint green. I love the way it turned out. I may do a few more of these for gifts. This is from Little House Needleworks, appropriately named Christmas Cookies.

A little patriotic stitching was done this week.

This is Blackbird Designs Lady Liberty Drum. I finished the letters and a portion of the bunting. Will move the Q snaps the next time I work on this one.

I had happy mail from 123 Stitch. I received my fabric and flosses for Alas and Did My Savior Bleed by Lindy Stitches.

I had to start it as I love that font. I did change the flosses. Where you see gold a the end of Cherry Wine flowers, I used Harvest basket instead of the called for black. I am using the Emerald Green for the lettering instead of using the brown that was charted.  I am stitching this one on linen. So  I have to be careful where I put that needle. The slubs always make me bothered as it can sometimes change the way the stitches appear to the viewer. I really prefer even weave. This is going to be a pretty stitch. Cant wait to finish it as Stephanie showed hers on her latest floss tube. Check it out at Lindy Stitches.

My last stitch for this week is September Word Play. Oh the joy of stitching on 28 count even weave
 after stitching on 32 and 36 count fabrics. It is a rest for the eyes and the brain.

I added the tree and the kiddos yesterday.  I may just work on this all weekend as it will not take too long to finish.  I did brighten the colors. As I have said before, I am not a prim stitcher. Oh I have stitched some prim pieces that I really like but the word plays just seemed a bit dull to me.

I had to put in an order at Fat Quarter Shop this week for some flosses. I ordered Priscilla's Christmas Floss Pack as I plan to do a good bit of Christmas stitching. And believe it or not, I was running out of white and black. I sure hope Hobby Lobby will be open in May. I need some Floss!!

Happy Stitching Dear Friends.


Georgia said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...for the Red Bird Pattern, I am looking forward to it. I completely understand what you said about stitching on 28 count. My eyes are happy! The Southwest Pottery I am stitching is on the called for 16 count aida, which isn't too bad. But, the joy of stitching on 28 count:) I had to order threads from 123 stitch this past week. Usually I receive my order pretty quick, but I ordered about a week ago, and have not received my order yet. I know it isn't just them. I heard that since Hobby Lobby, and Joanne's have been closed, a lot of us are ordering online, and there is a little bit of a backlog. I know our favorite stores will be opening soon. Many blessings to you and yours. Again, thank you:)

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed seeing your stitching this AM, Arlene! Well done on the Bluebird Sampler finish! I am hoping to start it next month. I love the brighter colors you picked for the September word play. I had to replenish my supply of black and 3865, so added several of each to one of the orders made at the beginning of the month.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sandy said...

Everything is so pretty. I think that blue is just beautiful but slightly different. I hope we can find something to go with it. Jeff seems to think we will have to choose something to coordinate with it rather than a blue. I love the colors you have chosen thus far for September's word play. They look so school. The other stitches are pretty too.
The cases still seem to be climbing here so I am not sure we will get let out of quarantine at the end of April. I hope so. It is so unreal seeming.

Barbara said...

Arlene, what is meant by the term, "prim stitcher"?

Like you, I prefer even-weave fabrics. Your September word play is beautiful. The colors, the contrast between the threads and the fabric is so crisp, as September days can be.

I guess people don't refer to it as "arithmetic" any more. When the "new math" came into vogue, the older word seems to have gone by the wayside. Whichever way they want to call it, that subject was rarely a strong one for me.

Sandra said...

Love to see your works in progress. I have a question about q-snaps. I like using them, but I really struggle with getting them off when I need to readjust the fabric to move to a new area. Do you slide them off the end, or are you able to just pull up on them to release?

Terri D said...

All of your stitching talk sounds like Greek to me but your work is always beautiful to see!!

Brenda said...

Old school here-still use hoops...seeing is difficult so I stick to Aida...oh well. Love these are a true your blog.

moosecraft said...

I need you to be my stitching coach! lol! You have so many wonderful stitches in progress...and your'e making so much progress! I love them all! :-)
As much as I enjoy being home....I do miss the occasional run through Hobby Lobby and Michaels...

Mary said...

Congrats to Georgia, it's such a pretty stitch that I'm sure she will enjoy stitching.
Love the bluebird stitch, if you want a calico blue fabric to go with it, I have 2 different ones if your interested.
I tried to stitch something on the plaid fabric and gave up, I thought it was difficult!! love your stitch on it.
LOVE the patriotic Drum....I'm sticthing on 28ct evenweave now and enjoying it for a change. I love the look of the slubs on linen though!!
Could use please keep a record of your color changes for Sept?? I love the brighter look to the word plays. I just finished April and I would have liked a brighter pal latte for it. Some months call for subdued and others like July brighter colors.

Carol said...

I know Georgia will love stitching the pretty red bird--congratulations to her! Your blue bird is so pretty, too, Arlene. And I like the color changes in your September Word Play. I really need to get back to those--I only did January, February and April and the really are darling. I love almost any With Thy Needle patterns these days :)

Have a great week ahead ♥

Angela S. said...

Arlene, if you will let me know what floss you need I will gladly send it. I believe you have my # to text me but if not my email is at yahoo dot com. I have a ton of floss and if you'll let me know what color you did the blue bird in I might have fabric for that too. Stitchers gotta stitch!😊