Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Thanks for all of your kind comments on this post! I wish I could send a gift to everyone who enters but I may be doing more quarantine giveaways. The Winner of the Farmyard Parade is Moosecraft.  The winner of the set of two hoops is Judy. If you all would email me your snail mail address at I will get these in the mail to you. Thanks to all who participated!
Marvin headed to Georgia last weekend as the grass at Grimmwood was out of control. He spent two days there just getting everything in order. My sister, Leta, has been taking some time to clean out closets. She found six pieces of 14 count Aida in her closet. It was in bags so I was afraid the fold lines might be set in but I washed them in the washing machine then gave them a coffee bath. I did not have any tea to add to it and I must say I was pleased with the coffee only dye. They ironed up beautifully and I have some stash for quarantine project stitching. Thanks Sis for the pass the stash.
Here is my pile of fabric. I will not bore you showing you each piece but they all came out remarkably similar so this is a good representation. I use the Priscilla method which you can find on her You Tube Channel. She recently added a Rit dye tutorial and I would like to try that as well.

Leta also sent me two more  pieces that I will FFO for Grimmwood.

If anyone would like either of these two charts, I have them as well. Just send me an email at First come First served!

When I went to the mailbox on Wednesday I had some happy mail from Sandy.  

The Blue Bird Sampler and a beautiful leopard print face mask. I will be stylish in public should I have to go out!!  Sandy and I like to pass the stash so here is another giveaway!

 Answer the question....what is your favorite bird? I have now stitched Ye Olde Crow, Tom Turkey and Red Bird . Blue Bird will be added to my list of Heart in Hand Bird Stitches. 

Now to my stitching this week.

I spent a lot of time on Two White Houses by Little House. I did change the alphabet as I wanted to do my initials in orange. I also left off the nosegay in the second line to add the year. Another corona stitch that I will always remember!!

Susan's candle mat is coming along as well.

This is a much quicker stitch than I thought it would be. 

I spent an afternoon working on Penny Pumpkin by Scarlett House while watching a movie with Marvin.  I have always enjoyed Fall stitching. Those pretty colors speak to me.

Lots of Floss Tubers and Instagrammers were doing a Quarantine O Ween on March 31st. I thought I would share some of the charts I have in my September October Stitching Folder in my Stash Box. 

I think I have enough to chose from for fall stitching.

But my new start will be....

Happy Stitching Friends.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Happy stitching and happy Saturday.

Brenda said...

Love these-the red Cardinal of course-sign of loved ones long gone. You amaze me with your stitching.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That Fall designs make me want to TRY to stitch! heehee! I do need to find a fun project this week that I can look forward to working on every day. How nice to get a cute mask from Sandy! She's a sweet friend! And talented both are! Take care and stay safe!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations to the ladies who won the chart and hoops! Your coffee-dyed fabrics turned out fabulous, Arlene. Looking forward to seeing your Bluebird start! Are you going to use one of your freshly dyed pieces of fabric? You have made some good progress on your WIPs. Love the changes to the White Houses piece. Wishing you and Marvin a very peaceful Easter weekend!

Sandy said...

My favorite bird that I have stitched is Ye Old Crow. That one came out so cute. All of the stitching is looking good. I settled down a wee bit was able to stitch a little every day this week, not as much as one would think.

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I always enjoy your Saturday stitching. I think I will put my name in the hat for the Red Bird Sampler, I have several favorite birds, but I guess I enjoy the Humming Birds the most. I put my feeders up a little early this year, due to the warmer than usual weather we have been having. I would also like to say I loved your idea of putting your initials into the alphabet, what a great idea! Have a very blessed Easter, and my heart and prayers to you and yours.

Mari said...

Your coffee stain turned out really good!
I love how you included your initials in that alphabet.
I always enjoy seeing your stitching.

sharon said...

Favorite bird would have to be the woodpecker! Love seeing all you stitching projects! Stay safe and healthy! I saw on the news that our area of north Alabama would be at its worst in two weeks!

Carol said...

Your dyed Aida turned out great, Arlene! Something I've never tried before, but I really should get brave and just do it. Love your gifts from Sandy and the progress on your Two White Houses. The white shows up so well on that fabric. Yes! I it looks like you have plenty to stitch for the fall and Halloween--that Madame Chantilly series of trays is the cutest. I have Christmas be must add the 4th of July one, too :)

Wishing you and your family every blessing on this Easter weekend ♥

Barbara said...

Yes, you do have plenty of patterns to keep you busy stitching while we are socially-isolated! I had not yet heard of Quarantine O Ween -- what a clever name!

I like your idea to use a different color of floss for your initials in the alphabet on Two White Houses. And figuring out how to incorporate the year, too, is a great idea.

Happy Easter to you!

Terri D said...

This is a fun post full of great projects and fine work! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

The little sparrow is my favorite. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL

Meg said...

Happy Saturday, Arlene!

Congratulations to the winners. How fun!

Oh, don’t you just love coffee-dyeing fabric? A word of caution with the Rit dyeing. Keep the water HOT to avoid red splotches. And practice with cheap fabric first. I dyed some Monaco with tan Rit dye and while it’s OK, it has a pink hue to it. Not sure if my water got too cool or if that’s just the nature of Rit tan dye, but I don’t love it. I am going to overdye it in coffee. What have I got to lose?

What a nice, thoughtful care package from Sandy. I just love her! ❤️ (You, too!)

Lots of fun stitches in the works for your autumn. I’m still plugging away at Halloween Quaker for my husband. I might have to take a break soon to stitch some of the “Be Well” freebies out there.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what fun! I love dying fabrics in coffee. When I dyed my shower curtain with strong coffee, I was thrilled with the final color! How cute to have Quarantine 0' Ween! Boo!

moosecraft said...

So many wonderful stitches!!! Love each pattern you have in your Autumn stitch folder! And the colors in the Penny Pumpkin are gorgeous! There's just something about Autumn that brings out the cozy creativity in folks. Great going on the Aida's going to be perfect for so many designs.
Thank you so much for the Farmyard Parade win! These will be a fun Summer stitch! :-)