Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning...we are back and refreshed after a week at Grimmwood.

My Grimmwood Dough bowl is filling up.  Love all the farm stitches.

I had one finish this week.

My friend, Mary, at Stitching Friends Forever, asked me to keep track of my floss changes on this one. Well that is hard to do as I just used colors I liked for this stitch. I went through my stash of fancy flosses as well as DMC.  I love that chalkboard. It is just done in black and white! My advice to all stitchers is to use whatever color makes you happy. I wanted a clear red, blue and Khaki on this piece. I used a dusty blue fancy floss for the children who are standing under the apple tree.  I also added my initials and the year next to the school house.  If I were doing this stitch again, I would switch out the white for an ecru or darker color. The white just fades away on this fabric.

This piece is stitched in prim colors on the model.

Someone asked what Prim means in the cross stitch world. I think of Stacy Nash when I think of Prim. Prim stitches tend to be more rustic and they use more muted colors such as you find in some of the old samplers from the days when bright colored flosses were not so available.  I have stitched several of Stacy's pieces and I love them but I do tend to the more colorful on these Word Plays.

Here is what I worked on in Georgia.

Two White Houses by Little House Needleworks. I love this one!

Someone had a question about  Q Snaps.  How do I take them off when finished stitching? I slide mine off but I will say when the snaps are new, that can be a difficult task. Another reader said she was having trouble keeping the fabric tight in the Q Snap. I have never had that problem but I have noticed that some stitchers add an extra piece of material under the snap to protect the fabric that is being stitched upon in the snap.  That would help tighten it up. Pam from Just Keep Stitching adds a small piece of the foam drawer liner to the top of her stitching fabric before putting the Q Snap in place. So I guess it is all about personal preference.  Old Q Snaps can become loose with wear. I have read that you can put those old snaps in the top rack of the dishwasher, run them through a cycle and they will tighten back up. I have never tried this so if anyone has, please share your experience.  My friend, Brenda, of Brenda's Minders and More says she uses only the Q Snap brand, not the knock offs that you can find in some stores. She says she feels the original Q Snaps are the best.

I so enjoy getting questions from all you ladies. Thanks for taking the time to inquire!

Now I have to brag on some of my sweet readers. Several nice ladies offered to send any floss I need or fabric for my blue bird. Where else do you find such generous hearts but in the stitching community. As for my floss. I found a small stash of Christmas colors after I put in my order from Fat Quarter shop so I should be good in that department. I will just wait a bit to finish my blue bird. I have a fabric in mind for it so I just need Hobby Lobby to open back up!! Many thanks for your help ladies. I do appreciate it.

Happy Mail did arrive this week. It was like Christmas when I got home and  sorted my mail!

Sharon sent me a nice note as well as these lovely charts. She knows I am a Prairie Schooler fan. I will have some more Grimmwood pieces to stitch. I also love the Merry Christmas. Thanks for passing the stash Sharon!

My last 123 Stitch order arrived....

Needles, Snag Nabbit and two charts. I loved stitching the Christmas mice in the kitchen last year so I ordered this one from Brenda Gervais.  Not a fan of mice except in Cross Stitch!  Threadwork Primitives is a good example of a Prim Designer.

I would not be a good Nana if  I did not wish a happy 14th birthday to my oldest grandchild, Kendall. Love that girl bunches!!  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Kendall when she was two. Time flies!

I hope all of you have a good stitchy week and the Frog stays far away from your door.


Brenda said...

It is like going to an art gallery when you show your work. Thanks.

Sandy said...

Kendall is precious and she was the first so I know that I am going to hold onto those same Tucker pics.
The September wordplay and the fall houses are very pretty. The dough bowl is filling up too.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a sweet Nana you are and this is a precious photo! Happy Birthday to this young lady! We have lots of teens in our family too. Love your stitching especially Two White houses! And how nice to get some new patterns! Have a good weekend. Hugs!

Georgia said...

Happy Saturday! Arlene, what a great blog today. So many great ideas. I am not comfortable using the q-snap. I have one, but I think my hands are too small to wrap around it to work. I prefer a hoop. However, I like using the snaps that go on the q-snap on my Rolaframe. They fit perfectly, and keep the fabric taunt. I also like your suggestion for Word Play, the colors you used are fun and beautiful. Happy Birthday to Kindle...Many blessings to you and yours.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your dough bowl at Grimmwood is filling up, Arlene. It looks super. Is that a Moon Pie tin? What wonderful goodies you received through the mail! Well done on your September Word Play finish! I love the darker blue and red you used. Awesome progress on Two White Houses! And Happy Birthday wishes to Kendall! Have a relaxing weekend, Arlene!

Sandra said...

I asked the question about removing q-snaps. Mine are still fairly new, so I was glad to read that sliding them off when new is a challenge. It does make me wonder whether going back to hoops would be less frustrating. Thanks for answering my question.

Unknown said...

Love your dough bowl. Working on filling mine. I love looking at your blog. The word Autumn on the word play was that supposed to be spelled that way? It looks cute but for a teacher's piece.

Terri D said...

Kendall was adorable and is still adorable!! I always enjoy seeing your projects, both finished and in progress! Welcome back!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Kendall!
I always like your prim stitches. I also like the two white houses,

Mary said...

Arlene, Your dough bowl is looking great!! The PS book 147 that you received has lots of patterns that would look great in your dough bowl!! Love the Sept word play colors and I marked down the date of this post to come back to as reference for when I stitch mine.
Such a sweet photo of Kendall!!

Barbara said...

Thank you for explaining Prim Stitches. I would not have figured that one out on my own.

I plan to make many more small finishes to fill my dough bowls and baskets and switch them our seasonally. Your little pillows inspire me.

And the picture of your granddaughter as a wee one is precious. Happy Birthday to her, now in her teen years!

Angela S. said...

The dishwasher trick does not work, unfortunately. You can just purchase the parts that slide on do that's one option. I save my stretched out ones for Tula or other thick fabric. When I have trouble keeping the fabric taut I will fold the fabric accordion style to make it thicker to fit. And seriously, Arlene I can put fabric/threads on my doorstep for you if you want!😁 I promise to wear gloves and a mask😷😂