Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning....Let's get this April quarantine Saturday started with a giveaway. I have two things to pass on. Here are the not use the word giveaway in your comment. Put the number 1 if you want the chart and 2 if you would like the hoops and 3 if you would like to be entered for both items. Answer this question...Other than church, where is the first place you plan to go when the quarantine is over??? Good Luck. Now here are the pictures of the items.

Remember that the farmer and the wife on on one piece of paper....dont go crazy like I did and decide you have lost one of them!!

Now this item is donated by my friend, Susan. She found an old bag of stitching things in her closet as she was tidying.  She graciously gave it to me to go through and keep anything I could use. It contained lots of goodies,  some crewel work, a pattern that I kept for myself and these two lovelies.

They appear to be Duchess hoops as they have cork on the inside ring. I offered them back to Susan, as I know you can sell these on Ebay for a good price but she wanted a stitcher to have them. I cannot use a hoop as I need a magnifier so I am passing them on to a lucky reader. Thank you Susan for your donation to Saturday Stitching. I also had to get onto Susan...her stitching was lovely. She said she just got bored with it.  Don't get mad at  So follow the rules stated above and I will announce the winners next Saturday.

Well one thing I can say for Quarantine get some things done!

Here is the Farmers Wife. I left off some of the flowers as I was most interested in the chickens. I used some Lady Dot trim that I had on hand and I also used a pretty piece of fabric I purchased in the fat quarter basket at Patches and Stitches. I should have shown the back! That little bow at the top is from the same fabric.  This is going to the dough bowl at Grimmwood. Sis Leta, also found some more of her stitching that she is sending to me. I may have that bowl filled up in no time.

I also worked on Christmas ornaments for the Grands. I finished Hampton's and got Kendall's almost completed.

Seth Hampton and Kendall Elizabeth.....I am trying to do them in birth order to keep things straight. Next up will be Landon Nicholas and Brock Hudson.

I got some work done on Riley's Harbor as well.

Pardon the lighting as I took this one at night!! I have most of the houses done on this side of the chart. I need to fill in the olive house. Marvin has been bored and I offered to teach him how to do my fill ins! He was not interested. Now I will get to do some boats and waves. I love houses but I have to admit, I am ready to stitch some boats for a change.

I remembered to get out April Flowers. I just put it by the bunny for a photo op. It is now by the Big Bunny on the Breakfast Bar.

I had one purchase this week. Stephanie Webb, owner of Lindy Stitches on ETSY had a quarantine sale and I downloaded this chart that was one of her market releases.

It is one of my favorite hymns. I love the font she used here...she has some unique things.

My stitchy friend , Meg, sent this to me....

White Lily is certainly a Holiday Perennial in the south. Meg said she would not have totally understood this chart without my sharing my love of White Lily!!

Ann at Shepherd's Needle in Little Rock shared this on her shop's Facebook page.

I also saw this sweet Winnie the Pooh quote on FB this week.

What a lovely thought for this unsettling time.  Winnie the Pooh is my favorite philosopher.;)

Happy Stitching.....please comment to enter the pass the stash.


Brenda said...

Love these. You are an amazing stitcher. Also-thank you.

Judy said...

Arlene, I love reading your blog. I would love #2, the hoops. We moved from Florida back to Indiana in January to be closer to family. First the flu hit us both and by the time we were well, the Coronavirus had us staying at home 😡. I would love to visit our oldest granddaughter and her three lovely littles. We also have a Spectrum grandchild, so I appreciate your posts about Baylor. Stay in and stitch. May God bless your family in these times

SusieK said...

#2!!! Those are amazing hoops. I think Mary Engelbriet was a designer before her time. Her stuff would definitely be popular today with the retro stitchers. Stay in and stay healthy!

Mary said...

Arlene, I enjoy your Saturday posts so much, always amazed at how much stitching you accomplish. I admire you for stitching all those houses!!! I am not a fan of stitching houses, although I love them in patterns. I love your April Showers stitch and it looks so pretty with your rose and bunny display. Your bedspread is so beautiful and the fabric a nice backdrop for your farmer lady. The lady dot trim is such a nice finish for the stitch too. So nice of Meg to send the holiday patterns. Stay well. Mary

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I don't need any more stash so I will pass on the drawing. But, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Saturday Stitching. And, I love the Winnie the Poo quote too. It is comforting to know that we can all sit together and face this storm together...Thank you so much, may God Bless you and yours today, many prayers going your way:)

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness....that While Lily chart. I love it. I am guessing someone outside of the south would not understand that. What year is the copyright on the pattern? I can't wait to see that little Grimmwood dough bowl again. Riley's Harbor is coming along and is going to be so pretty when you finish. I also love the idea of your ornaments this year. I think they are going to be a favorite.
And the rabbit and bear is just about perfect.
Take care. I like those hoops. I am guessing they are spring loaded. I had a metal spring loaded hoop when I first learned to stitch back at Auburn. I actually like hoops and I put my magnifier on the part where you tighten it.
Take care sweet friend.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed seeing all your stitch projects, Arlene! Your Farmer's Wife looks darling all finished up. Once this quarantine is over, I want to go see my Mom and hit the frame shop. Okay, that was 2 things, but 2 it is.

Enjoy your weekend, Arlene!

Barbara said...

I'm not entering the Pass the Stash effort this week -- just got so much already that I want to do. But I do want to say this is such a cheery post. Love anything Mary Engelbreit, the Winnie the Pooh may show up in one of my upcoming blog posts, and I LOVE POINSETTIAS. Holiday Perennials is a pattern I should put on my shopping list!

Thank you for all the inspiration!

Rian said...

I don't cross-stitch or do embroidery, so I hope your items go to someone who loves to do that. As for where I would go (after this all ends) it would probably be Starbucks (I know... there are probably better coffee places, but not around us) and DH would say Krispy Kreme!
And I really like that Winnie the Pooh poster...

Terri D said...

Beautiful projects and finishes, Arlene. I am not a stitcher but sure do enjoy seeing your talent on display here!! Happy stitching!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I don't stitch, so I won't enter the contest, but I do love the project! Very cute. I was thinking the other day that yes . . . church will be great to attend, and I'll cry like a baby to see everyone, but I also think I'll fall to pieces when I get to go to Piggly Wiggly again. Due to medication, I have a weak immune system so for three weeks now, my husband has run all the errands. Our town is small enough that every time we go to The Pig, we see someone we know, so it's very sociable and I'm missing it like crazy.

But other than feeling blue about the Piggly Wiggly, I'll just like to get out and see my mother. She's been on lock-down for two weeks at her Geezer Estates. Sad.

Take care of yourself!

Mari said...

I love the Winnie the Pooh quote!
You are getting lots done. I love that you tried to get Marvin working on your stitching too. :)
PS - I got the sweetest card in the mail today. Thanks!

miriam said...

Beautiful stitching. I love the old hymn also. #1 for me. Thank you. Miriam

GrammaGrits said...

#3 - plan to go and buy birthday cards so I have a good stash on hand! Also, plan to celebrate all the April birthdays in our family - there are three and we're looking forward to time together again.
Love all the lovely pictures of your stitching!!!

Brenda said...

P S. Please don't enter me in the drawing as I won last time. Time for someone else to win. Thanks for being so generous. Judy-I moved here to Indiana to be near family two years ago. Had left WV and was with son in my inlaw suite in Florida. They want me still to move here and might one day.

moosecraft said...

Love the Riley's Harbor! I seem to be attracted to designs with houses....and flowers and!
Where's the first place I'm going after quarantine?!?!?!? The hair cut store! Ha! :-)
I'd be interested in #1... I'm hooped out and was looking to try the q-snaps next anyways.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the little Winnie the Pooh saying...perfect for now when we are all worried. I love the little houses you are stitching. You don't need to enter me....I'm not doing cross stitch right now. But thank you! You are a sweetheart! Take care!

Cynthia said...

I just came to your blog from Catie's post. You are so talented as a blogger and a stitcher. Thank you for allowing us into your world.

Meg said...

Hi, Arlene! The farmer’s wife turned out so cute! Glad you’re getting some finishing in during this down time. The houses in Riley’s Harbor look great! I would gladly do your fill-in stitching if it meant sitting and chatting with you. I am really missing socializing with friends.

I don’t want to enter the giveaway (good luck to all who are entered!) but I do want to answer the question. The first place I want to go is to see my mom. She is 81 and lives alone 250 miles from me. She is very active and social, but she has been going stir crazy with the stay-home order and I haven’t seen her since early January.

Carol said...

What a great Winnie the Pooh thought--If only everyone had someone to sit with them as we go through this mess. My heart goes out to those alone like my 92 year old mom. She has to now eat all of her meals in her room and I can hear in her voice that it is causing her to be depressed :(

Always a pleasure to see what you and your needle have created each week, Arlene! ♥

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what a sweet giveaway. As I don't do needlework, please don't add me to your drawing. I do admire its beauty though! ♥

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi!I live too far from you...I will go to see my parents when it is all over.Your embroideries are so cute!Learning cross stitch is in my bucket list!Happy Easter!