Monday, April 13, 2020

The Stream

Well I have not been in the Stream in a while. This virus has kept us from venturing out. But today is the day!

1. I mentioned last week that I did not like Chinese food. Well I do enjoy some Korean dishes. Since Nancy joined our family, I have had opportunity to try some new things. My favorite is a beef dish that I can say the name of but probably cannot spell  It is strips of thin roast beef that is seasoned in an amazing way. Served with rice of course. Nancy's Grandma makes a cod tempura that I enjoy as well. In Korea, there is a name for your Maternal Grandparents and a different name for the paternal grandparents. Nancy's grandmother is Halmuni but to an American ear it sounds like Harmony. I think that is a good name for a grandmother.   Joshua will call Audrey Nuna for sister and she will call him the Korean name for brother.  I tried that with our kids as we said, Brother and Sister but when they got to school that was the end of that...too babyish for them by then.  You may remember we called Landon, Bubba, when he was small. That is southern for brother.  I am glad my grandchildren are learning about their Korean culture but I want them to know about their Southern and their German roots as well.

2. We have watched more movies this week. I taped Charlotte's Web because believe it or not, I never read that book.  The version we saw featured Dakota Fanning as Fern and lots of famous actors voiced the animals.  It was a sweet film, but as a farm girl myself, I found it hard to believe that Wilbur was never turned into bacon!  Marvin and I just realized that Wilbur the pig on Green Acres was probably named after the pig in this book! As a child we watched Green Acres on TV and we laughed out loud at Oliver and Lisa Douglas. I saw a rerun of this show on tv recently and thought, oh my, what was I thinking of??? Not my cup of tea now.

3, I have been working on my genealogy a bit this week. I am looking at my thru lines and adding some ancestors to my tree.  One of my family lines is the Kincaid family of North Carolina.  I found some aunts and uncles in this line and enjoyed reading about them. One of my ancestral uncles is buried in a town not far from Brevard NC where my brother in law's family lives. I may have to go and visit his grave the next time I am there. It is amazing all the things you can learn on Ancestry. This man died in the early 1900s and his obituary was in the local paper. He was one of the pioneer citizens. An interesting fact was that the week he died, two other pioneer citizens died as well. All were well into their 80s which was unusual for that time.  When I am doing genealogy I feel a real connection with those people who are a part of my history.

4. I got so many sweet cards last week from friends near and far.  It really does brighten these long days to open the mail box and find a piece of REAL mail there.

5.We had a little cold snap....some call it Dogwood Winter. It seems when the dogwoods bloom we have a blast of cold sweeping down here.  We are all praying for warmer temps as we want the heat to stamp out the corona illnesses so we can get back to normal days.  Marvin and I did take a ride out to the country on Friday. I wanted to drop off a birthday gift for my friend, Deborah.   I wanted her to be able to enjoy her gift and it looks like we will not be meeting to celebrate any time soon.  It was nice to enjoy some different scenery for a change.  Gas prices are so low and  we have no where to go.

6. Yall know I am a You Tube fan. I watch two young ladies who are flight attendants for American. Both are taking a leave of absence for May, hoping that by June they will be flying again. There are flights now but only senior flight attendants are serving on those flights.  Jetting Julia was on a flight from Dallas to LA last week and the plane was almost empty.  The air port was almost empty as well. It is a very strange sight as we all know how busy air ports are on any given day.

7, Marvin and I are planning a trip this summer but it is a car trip. Marvin being  a Christian and a scientist has always wanted to visit the Ark and the Creation Museum up near Cincinnati. So we hope to do that this summer. I chose our last trip to Oklahoma so it was his turn.  We will be staying in Cincinnati and driving to the ark and museum. If anyone has any suggestions for good restaurants or other attractions in that area, let me know.  Last year I put out a query for Little Rock and Mary came through with a great restaurant for us to try there. I have already told Marvin we will be stopping at Keepsakes Cross Stitch Shop. It is the shop for Pam and Steph on Floss Tube.   It is nice to even think of a trip right now!!


For a chuckle!


Mary said...

Well, Arlene, your chuckle is only too true!! I've been baking up a storm and got on the scale this morning after reading your post....I have put myself on a diet!!! No more baking here for quite a while. I would like the beef recipe though!!!

I surely hope your able to go on vacation this summer. I'm so worried that we are in this for the long haul.

My husband and I watched Dashing Dan on you tube for some time before he became a commercial. He would review flying first class on all different airlines.

My library offers for free and they are now offering it online so I can use it at home. I just found some papers from my Maternal grandmothers side that I can use as a starting point. I hope to get started on that. I would find it fascinating too.

Hope you stayed safe and had no damage from the storms that hit the South yesterday.

I liked Green Acres as a kid too but I doubt it would appeal to me now. I can still watch all the early Andy Griffith shows. They are timeless to me.
Stay well. We will get through this!

Brenda said...

We ate at the museum and at the ark as we didn't want to leave. Both are worthwhile-fantastic in fact. The food at museum was so so -quick snack... The ark had a veggie sandwich I loved. As to restaurants, if you stay in Lexington after the Ark-Cracker Barrel of course-and it is close. When I saw the closed doors of the ark-a display inside-I was overwhelmed...think about those outside... You won't soon forget this experience.

Sandy said...

Jeff keeps buying a container of cookies from the Publix bakery each time he goes. I have told him he simply must stop doing that!!!
Do you use that genealogy website for which the name has escaped me to get all of your information.
I noticed that cool snap. I have always called it the Easter snap which makes you scurry for the last minute sweater for Easter. Charlotte's Web is really a good book. It is truly good and a classic but so overdone that it lost some of its appeal with kids. I changed up and found what may be one of my favorite books youth or old to do something else each spring with my students, but CW is a classic of a slower life. If there is one thing that darn virus is doing for me is making me sure I am going to find a way to hold on to that more. Mother and I talked about how we always sat on the porch with my grandparents in the late evenings after the time change and in the summer. It was a daily event to just spend a bit of time porch sitting and cousins playing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Any cookies left? heehee! That is funny. And I agree....I can't wait to plan a trip even if it's just to the beach! Take care this week and stay safe!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I enjoyed strolling the stream with you this AM. I am still chuckling over Frog and Toad that you featured at the end! I do hope you are able to take your car trip this summer. Be well and safe, have a good week!

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I would love to see the Ark, it is on my bucket list. However, if you are in the area, visit the Kentucky Horse Park. It is just off the Interstate, and you won't be disappointed. You will enjoy Keepsakes, I have only been there once, and it was a very busy day for them and the area. I would like to go on a day, when I can look around a bit, relax and visit. As for restaurants, I am sure Pam and Stephanie, can tell you some great ones. It is so good to think about traveling, thank you, you brought a smile to my day:)

Visits With Mary said...

My younger brother still calls me Sister, and I love that he does. In 1997 I started our genealogy on both Dean's and my families. It has been quite a journey and I have loved it. I haven't touched it in a while and I sure need to get busy with some updates, hopefully I get it done soon. Also hope to visit Noah's Ark and Museum some day, will look forward to seeing your pictures! Have a great week!

Terri D said...

It seems like food is all we have these days to brighten our day! LOL We are trying to be good and no go overboard but I just bought another box of Little Debbie oatmeal cookies. Sigh.

I enjoyed your stream today, Arlene, and thank you for the Easter card!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I think we will all resemble Frog and Toad if we stay home much longer!!!

I know what Korean dish you mean - Bulgogi! When I was tutoring my Korean students at the library, we sometimes went to lunch and I do LOVE Bulgogi! (I looked up the spelling. You can't hear the "L" when it is said). xo

Mari said...

I love the frog and toad cartoon!
I used to like to watch Green Acres too - wonder how I would feel about it now.
And Charlottes Web is a classic.
I've heard that the Ark is amazing! We visited the Creation Museum and enjoyed it, but it's been a while since we were there.

moosecraft said...

We had what I guess would be referred to as a Magnolia Winter! lol! Happens nearly every year and those beautiful blossoms turn brown.... I was "Toad" last night with my bowl of cheese tortellini! lol! I'm stilll stuffed this morning! Stay safe!