Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

A few pictures and a few thoughts this third Wednesday of social distancing. I am doing a Lenten study and it always states which week of Lent it is on that day's devotion. It is the fifth week in Lent, in case you are wondering.

And by the way...Happy April Fools Day!! Dont let your family pull any tricks on you while we are all stuck inside together.

Marvin and I made our week's outing to Publix.  It was not crowded and we sanitized when we got home.  I did purchase my Easter Ham.  Even though it looks like it will be a social distancing Easter this year, we are having an Easter Dinner. I was thinking of cooking on Saturday and asking Amelia and Todd to come by and pick up a plate for themselves.  Here in Alabama, they are concluding that many of the Covid patients picked up the bug at church.  So we will watch on line, and affirm He is Risen Indeed when our pastor starts the service with He IS RISEN!! The story does not change even if our circumstances do!!

And hurray, I got some White Lily Self Rising Flour. Marvin nabbed the next to the last bag on the shelf.  White Lily is the ONLY flour for most southern ladies who bake.

While we were shopping I kept hearing a child making noises like our Baylor Man makes and I even turned to Marvin and said, Is Baylor here? with a smile. Well the next aisle over we ran into a mom with a precious little boy of about three who was obviously autistic.  We smiled and said hello. We really need a secret handshake in the Autism community to say, I understand. God Bless you today. The Autism club is not one I would chose to be a member of but God chose it for me as a Nana. I love my Baylor Man....

Speaking of our spectrum boy....when he saw Elliott riding his bike, Baylor was interested in riding as well.

Ben took the chain off so he could just push Baylor on the bike. Katy said to pardon his man bun but she was not in the mood to tackle a hair cut and this got it out of his eyes. lol As you can see Ben is sporting his quarantine beard.  Katy sent me a video of this process and Baylor was really holding on and keeping his balance pretty well. Ben and Katy are so good about giving Baylor as many experiences as his sensory issues allow.

Meanwhile in Georgia...Charles and Audrey took a walk to the beautiful lake in their neighbor of Harmony.

This girlie loves her daddy. And look how light her hair is getting. There are some English and German genes coming through!!:) We take what we can get folks.

Someone left a comment that it is good to see families really spending time together without the business of outside activities. This is a blessing of this time for sure.

Be sure and check those comment boxes if you have a blog of your own. I found several unpublished comments once again.  I keep reminding myself to check that at least once a week!

Hope all are doing well....Stay home and stay safe.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Good to see Baylor on the bike and know he had fun. Audrey is a pretty little girl for sure. I agree that families have time now to get back together, away from the worldly things we are subjected to every day. It is a good thing for now.

Sandy said...

I love that Baylor wanted to try. God Bless Ben and Katy. Little Audrey is cute as always and yes a positive in all this is all the family time. We are mostly a street of old folks, but there is one little family. The entire family spends most of their day in the yard playing. Hooray for White Lily. Our grocery store is struggling to keep up.

Georgia said...

Again, Arlene, I can't thank you so much for sharing. Your blog today was so uplifting. I just thought this morning, I am going to celebrate Easter, by reading the story of Passover, and finish with the Easter story in the New Testament. I should say celebrate Easter week with this because it will probably take up my whole week:) I too and thinking about Easter dinner, not sure just yet what we will do, but I am sure an idea will come to mind. And, I just love the pictures of your grands, Audrey, has her daddy's smile and I loved seeing the streaks of color in her hair. Have a blessed day may friend:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I am glad you were able to get your flour. Thank you for sharing the photos of Ben and Baylor and Charles and Audrey. It is good seeing families doing things together including taking over some of the schooling of their kids. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Mary said...

I enjoy seeing your family photos. That's great that Baylor wanted to try bicycling too! Audrey is such a pretty little girl and a lovely photo of her and her Dad.
I never heard of White Lily flour before you mentioned it. I'm going to look for it next time I'm in Florida. I have my tickets bought for May but it certainly doesn't look like I'll be going. Stay well.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I'm glad you were able to find a ham. I'm not sure what I will make for Easter this year. And happy day - your favorite flour! I've yet to find baking yeast. Love all the pictures of the grands. xo

Mari said...

We don't have White Lily Flour here - guess we should!
Cute pic of Baylor and Audrey too!

Terri D said...

Hooray for Baylor! Glad you got your flour! I got my spring water, finally! I enjoyed your post today!! Great photos!