Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

While most of the USA is under some sort of shelter in place, my hometown had to abandon that in order to help those who needed assistance after the tornado that struck recently.

Marvin and I drove into town to pick up some lunch and then we made our way to the park to enjoy it. While we were there we saw these men working.

They were putting up wreaths in memory of the seven Chatsworth citizens who lost their lives in the tornado.

I borrowed this picture from Cousin Scott( Scott Kuhn Photography.

Love Leaves a Memory No One Can Steal. So true.

 The people here in my little home town are out and about. Most wear masks but they are doing everything they can to help those who need it. Many of the churches are stepping up to prepare meals for the displaced families as well as those working to clean up the damage. It makes me proud to be from Murray County.

Here in Alabama, Grandma Ivey, our nickname for our governor, has opened all retail stores with limits. However, our salons are still closed.  Restaurants are still curbside.Churches remain closed.  The beaches are open.  Seems a bit arbitrary but she makes the rules. The good news is Hobby Lobby will be opening and the bad news is I cannot get a haircut until May 15th or there bouts.  Glad I am a low maintenance gal as I can certainly wait two more weeks. I will admit to cutting my bangs about a week ago. Susanna, my hairdresser, has taught me how to cut them in a pinch as they often get too long between hair appts. I only go about every five to six weeks per my routine. I saw that someone had posted on FB, we can go back to work but we will be looking pretty raggedy.:)

I had to go to Target to pick up a RX. I wore my mask and went directly to the pharmacy and then left. There were a good many people shopping in Target. Most had on masks. I have noticed the younger people are not wearing the face protection. One of the frustrating things for me as a that I cannot see if people are smiling back at me. I hope my eyes look smily. We can alll use a smile and a nod as we are socially distancing.

The besties and I plan to have lunch this week here at my house. They are bringing a sack lunch and we will sit six feet apart. I am providing dessert.  It will be so good to have some conversation. I love my husband but I am tired of talking to him. One of my cross stitch buddies dropped by to leave some project bags I had ordered and we visited for a bit. Marvin was upstairs. When he came down he said he thought I had lost it and was talking to myself. Hope that made you smile!! It made me laugh out loud.

Marvin and I did make a trip to the Mennonite grocery store out in the country. It was a nice ride and we picked up some lovely comfort foods. I like to purchase my vanilla there and I needed some. Several people in the store. A few with masks. The Mennonites have changed a few things but overall it was my usual shopping experience there. We picked up some chocolate chip cookies and dehydrated mini marshmallows for Landon and Kendall. We dropped them off and we got to see Landon...Kendall is INDOORSY so she did not come out. Amelia and Todd are working from home so we visited a moment outside before leaving.  What are mini dehydrated Marshmallows you may ask?. Well they are like the Charms in Lucky Charms. When the grands were young, they always wanted me to buy Lucky Charms. But they only ate the Charms. So this is a snack for them to remember the good old days. And hey, those Charms are mighty tasty.:)

Keep smiling friends, Be Hopeful. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Robin in Virginia said...

I am sorry about the loss of life from the tornado, but happy to see people coming together to help one another with the aftermath. Cousin Scott's photo is excellent! We love our Mennonite grocery. They have the best things and I love to wander around (although since this pandemic, I have limited my wandering). Enjoy your lunch with your friends! Too funny about Marvin thinking you were talking to yourself. Be well!

Brenda said...

Day 40 something in-almost fifty-family still delivering groceries to me outside. Deaths still occurring...perhaps the warmth of the south is helping this virus go away there...not sure when I will venture out but won't be really soon. Places in Indiana may start opening in May-right now-surgeries are going to begin...step by step...I don't keep track as I don't plan to go out and about anytime soon. I don't understand the young people not masking, but then, we will see what happens. Who really knows? Love your stitching...your trips to your family home...your blog...keep safe

Georgia said...

Arlene, you really made me laugh today:) And, yes I really hate the face masks, because you can't see the smiles. I miss that more than anything. I got a face mask from Zappy Dots. I can wear it like a scarf around my neck and so I have a face mask when I need it. It's pretty and functional too. But, in all reality, I am really struggling the the face masks. I should add I never liked wearing them in the hospital either. That is one big reason I never went into surgical nursing:) I have no problems with hand washing though, and that is one I can't stress enough. Thank you so much for the chuckles, Many blessings to you and yours:)

Sandy said...

I think it will be a good while before we learn what the new normal will be. Wearing masks a long time or not. I sincerely hope not because I miss smiles. I don't know how I feel about getting back out there. I am ready for things to open to give people a chance to make money but yet I am not sure I will be hopping back to old normal just yet.

Visits With Mary said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of lives from the tornado. Very sad, there was also a very bad one close to us last week, lives were lost and homes destroyed. Texas is slowly opening up, hope it goes well. I've done some chopping on my hair too, thankfully I knew when to stop and it looks so much better. I don't when the beauty shops will open, I'm going to try and be the first in line!

Mary said...

Arlene, Seeing the devastation and hearing about the deaths from the tornado is so sad. I'm glad the townspeople are so supportive even in the time of covid 19.
Scott is certainly a good photographer.
I am not venturing out anywhere soon. I hate wearing a mask because it fogs up my eyeglasses but I have a feeling I'll be wearing one for quite a while longer. I'm very worried about states opening up too fast.

Terri D said...

Stores aren't open here yet, or the beauty shops, but parks and golf courses are opening on Friday, and chiropractors are open now (as was his massage therapist) so hopefully retail will open again soon. Stay well!! I know you and your 'girls' will enjoy your luncheon!

Linda said...

I'm so sorry seven lives were lost in the tornado. It's good to see community coming together in spite of this virus crisis.
I love that y'all got a bit of normal in. New normal maybe.
Retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters open up here on Friday at 25% occupancy. It's a step. In the end - we are all responsible for taking care of ourselves. We will continue to keep a low profile but I am happy for the younger people with families that need to get back to work.
We are home for a couple of days and going back to the ranch on Friday. It is the safest place for us.