Monday, June 1, 2020

On Grimmwood Time

When we are at Grimmwood we live on Grimmwood time. We stay up late, sleep late, eat when we please and just have a good time.

Marvin and I went to Tractor Supply to get some Fish Food and I found some cute home decor.

I love this Rooster. I should have placed him over the coffee bar.

My Rooster Pillow.:)

And I was able to use the dish towel that Deborah gave me for my birthday.

Our honey bees seem to be doing well. So far so good.

Friday I was out and about doing some errands and I noticed how pretty the mountiains looked that day. The sun was making such beautiful shadows.

I tried to capture the moment but a picture never does it justice.

On Saturday our Canton Grimmlins came up.

As Marvin put it, their parents were there as

Me and my boys.  Nancy was there, we just did not grab a photo of her. Because as you grandparents know, it is all about the Grands.

Joshua is SO Big.

Audrey was so happy to get her own bucket of fish food to toss to the fish with Grandpa.

Moher loved seeing the great grands. It did her good. As my sister said, it was good to see her smiling. She has been inside except for trips to the beauty parlor.

It was good medicine for all of us to be together. Charles said that the social distancing  is especially hard on himself and Audrey as they are extroverts.  I think prolonged social distancing is hard on all of us. We need each other.


Sandy said...

The photos of your mom and Audrey are just precious. I need some On Auburn Time I think! I am with you photos never seem to do nature photos justice and I think that is because nature really is prettier than anything we can create.

Mary said...

Arlene,Lovely family photos. Especially of your Mom holding her great-grandchildren,how wonderful for her to have little ones in her life. Marvin's remark about the "parents being there as well" made me laugh!! I am quite sure seeing your grands was the highlight of your Grimmwood time!

Laurel Wood said...

Beautiful pictures, Arlene. It's nice to see your Mother smiling. The children are growing so fast! I love the sign, pillow and the bee towel. Your photo of the mountains is gorgeous!

sharon said...

I agree that being separated from loved ones is the hardest part of this! Your grands are getting so big.and are precious What a blessing to have such a beautiful place to escape to.

Robin in Virginia said...

Living on Grimmwood time sounds like a great idea, Arlene! I am going to try to hit TSC tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. Enjoyed seeing all the photos of the grands and your family. While I tend to be a homebody, this staying at home is even getting to me! Enjoy your day!

Georgia said...

Arlene, thank you so much for sharing today. I love the pictures of your family, the mountains, and Grimwood:) Isn't it amazing what you can find at Tractor Supply, (And, they are one of the few places that stayed open:) That Rooster, just about says it all, love it. Have a great day, and many blessings, to you and yours:)

Carol said...

How wonderful that you were able to relax with your mother and grandkids, Arlene. They are just too cute for words--such happy smiles :) It's funny, but my youngest son just suggested to me that we buy/build a little getaway place halfway between his home and ours in Maryland somewhere. Definitely something to think about with the world being the way it is!

Visits With Mary said...

I love your Grimmwood, seems to be a wonderful retreat. Hope your day is happy and blessed!

Terri D said...

Those kiddos are so adorable and Joshua is really getting big!! He was born big but look at him now!! So glad you got away and were able to enjoy family time! Praise God!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Those little ones sure know how to spread the joy! I'm so glad you have this beautiful place to spend time and enjoy! Hugs!

Mari said...

Sweet, sweet photos! I know seeing those grands was good for you guys and your mom too. I love Marvin's comment! :)
Cute Rooster sign!

Linda said...

You have such a beautiful family! We do need family time and I’ve been blessed to have some lately. We get the quads this weekend so I should be resting up but instead I’m burning my candle at both ends to get things done around here! So much to do in the yard and so many things to address in the house! Plus so many errands and WORK,! I guess that’s why I love the ranch so much. I don’t work hard down there!

The French Hutch said...

Such a wonderful post Arlene. Seeing families get back together after this long separation makes me happy. What a wonderful place to spend time, fishing and the beautiful mountains in the distance. Love your basket and rise and shine sign. Great for the kitchen. Your grands are adorable and I know how you feel, it's all about the grands........Happy June.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

What fun you had and I am happy for you. And yes, we do need each other - face to face!

Anonymous said...

Grimmwood time sounds like just what the doctor ordered! A quiet beautiful place of rest filled with family and nature!