Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Well no photos today as we are off to Grimmwood for a few days. So I thought I would do a Stitching Stream.

1. I lost my mind and ordered G Legere. Not familiar with it? Google it. I have seen several ladies working on this one and it just spoke to me.  A reddish pink house and pears...two of my favorite things. I will be stitching it using DMC. I was looking at the list of silk flosses and if I purchased them all I would have spent $200. Yikes!!   I am working on finding the perfect fabric for it.

2. It looks like most LNS 's are open once more. I am glad to see them back up and at em. However many shop owners report they were quite busy with mail order and curbside business.

3. I am trying to decide if I will take Kringles to Grimmwood as my road stitch.  I have not touched it since I put in a bit of the roof.  A stitcher on Instagram recently posted a photograph of her completed project. I would like to say it inspired me but it did not.:)

4. How many of you are planning to do Jolly July this year with Chelsea and Priscilla? I plan to work on several Christmas ornaments along with the grands ornaments. I would like to complete all the grands ornaments so that I can move on to Fully Finishing them. Hobby Lobby is rapidly stocking its Christmas craft area.

5. All of my giveaway winners have received their goodies and while going through my stash I found a cute autumnal chart that I plan to pass on. Be on the look out for that giveaway. It was an impulse buy and while I still like it, I have to tell myself that I have a LOT of Fall Stitches that are fully finished and come out each year. What season is best represented in your stitching?  I really need to work on some late winter and spring pieces.

6. My cousin, Dewilla, introduced me to a new floss tube channel, Stitch Roadie. Anna is about my age and still stitching up a storm.   Another older Floss Tuber I enjoy is Stitching by the Lake, Marlene Bush.  Maybe I should say Seasoned Stitcher instead of older stitcher.  Speaking of Dewilla, she is my husband's first cousin but we have been friends since we met in 1975. She has recently taken up cross stitch again and she is kitting up Shakespeare's Fairies. ( I hope I got that name right) It is beautiful, I admire the ladies who stitch the Mirabelias and Nora Corbett designs. She just retired after many years as an educator so she has time to enjoy her old hobby.  I hope we can all stitch until our fingers or our eyes wear out!! On that note I will close this weeks Stitching Saturday. Hopefully I will have some eye candy for you next Saturday.


Nancy said...

God bless you for doing that sampler. It would take me years to do and I don’t have patience for that.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoy your trip to Grimmwood.....isnt it great to have a place to go to unwind and relax?

Barbara said...

You asked us which season/holiday is most represented by our stitching. I guess for me it's Christmas with patriotic right behind that. But I'm working to remedy that and give the rest of the year more coverage.

I hope your time at Grimmwood goes well!

Georgia said...

Please remember, my heart and prayers are with you. I looked up G Legere, and I can see why the pattern spoke to you. I look forward to watching your progress. Please add me to your prayer list, I am having back surgery (spinal fusion) next week. So for about 8 weeks I won't be allowed to lift, twist, bend, or reach anything. But, after giving it a lot of thought I think cross stitch will work...Jolly July it is:) Be safe my sweet friend, and many blessings to you and yours:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I enjoyed wandering in your stitch stream today. I found a picture of G Legere; she is a stunner. I look forward to seeing your progress on her. I have a lot of patriotic, winter, and fall/harvest stitching. I should add spring and late summer type pieces, but they don't ring my bell like the others. Since I don't follow the Housewives, I will look up Jolly July. I hope you have a wonderful stay at Grimmwood. Thinking of you!

Linda said...

I love visiting with you and hearing about what all you are up to. In reading this post, I realize you speak a stitching language I know nothing about!
You and your stitching! Amazing. Nita's neighbor speaks a gardening/composting/recycling language. Louis Dean speaks music. And y'all are all so fluent in these languages. I don't know what 'language' I could say I'm fluent in. Now I am thinking.....
Enjoy your Grimmwood!!

Terri D said...

Enjoy Grimmwood this weekend!!

Dewilla Hooper said...

Hi! I looked at the G Legere that you ordered. Wow! That will be pretty! You mentioned my Shakespeare's Fairies. The embellishments came in. They are tiny! I hope my eyes will allow me to do this huge project. Your work is always so great. I enjoy seeing all of your finishes. I hope your mamma is doing better today.

Sandy said...

No pictures needed when you do a stream. I wonder if we didn't go crazy when it became easy to put pictures on the blog.
I love that sampler. I am drawn to those samplers, but just don't have much space here to put them. I will probably down the road do some more for the Auburn house wall downstairs.
I have plenty of fall and spring stitching. I worked on summer this past year. I have one more I want to do and then I need to cut back on the smalls maybe.
I think that Kringles is pretty, but maybe just working on it a little at a time would make it more manageable. You might get inspired as time goes on rather than it feeling like a chore.
I love Marlene. she is by far my favorite floss tuber. I think it is just her rather than the stitching. Comforting and real.
I hope your mom is doing better. I am so dang tired I can't see straight. I may take Mama back to the doctor in the morning. Jeff figured it up and she may eat 500 calories a day. Got to do something or she is going to dwindle away.

Mary said...

LOL!!! You have lost your mind Arlene!!! Kringles is enough to keep you busy for a long time!! G Legere is a stunner though, I love anything French too, I love the pears on that!! I love stitching with silk but 200$ is too much for my pocketbook.
I'm going to try to do some Jolly July stitching, I was a failure at stitch mania, haven't finished on start so far.