Monday, June 15, 2020

Virtual Vacation

We were at Grimmwood over the weekend and we had used up our data on the phones so no comments got added to the blog ....hope I got everyone's comment added to the posts.  We have not run out of data in a while so that was NOT fun. I am just settling down in the cozy chair to read everyone blog's for the last few days.   We had some guests this weekend.  Marvin's younger brother, William and his wife Barbara spent the weekend with us.

This photo was taken at our favorite Ellijay restaurant, Cantaberrys.  We spent the day visiting local shops.  

Meanwhile the Roberts Clan was enjoying their family vacation in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.
Barbara and William will be flying to Montana on Wednesday so their airplanes will probably pass in the air.:) Barbara was asking Amelia how the weather was out there so she could decide what she needed to pack.

Amelia was trying to get a photo of Kendall but Kendall caught her.

A plane full of bandits.:)

A family picture in the beautiful big sky country.

Amelia and Todd with the bison in the background.

Bison....they almost look small compared to the mountains.

Brothers and Buddies.

So glad these children are seeing America.

They were going down an embankment to go rafting. Kendall was a little timid but Todd helped her down. He is a good step daddy. Her helpful brother told her if she fell she would  reach her destination. Boys!

I always think of Yogi Bear and Jellystone National Park.

The grands...

I will leave you with a laugh.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

America is such a beautiful country and glad all could see a part of it. Beautiful pictures.

Mary said...

What wonderful photos!!! I lived in Montana for 3 years and been to Yellowstone numerous times, and still want to visit again. The scenery is so gorgeous. Looks like they had a great time!! Glad you enjoyed your Grimwood weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thank you for sharing the pictures of the Roberts clan out west vacation. It looks like they had beautiful weather and fun adventures. I was thinking about Yogi and Boo-Boo and then I read your comment about them. Other than not having data, it sounded like you had a good weekend at Grimmwood. Super picture of you, Marvin, and Marvin's brother and wife! Have a marvelous Monday!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

May the Forest be with you....I love that! What a fabulous trip! I would love to travel out West...again someday! Love the photos and I can't wait to get out and visit local shops and EAT OUT! lol Hugs!

Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

Really enjoyed seeing your Montana pictures. We live in So. CA. and, when we retired, we vacationed in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Loved it so much 3 years later we did it again and included the Dakotas and MN.. We spent 6 weeks enjoying this gorgeous country and met the loveliest people. I so want to live in the north but not sure my old bones can take those winters. God has blessed this country beyond belief and we need to be thankful. Patty McDonald

Terri D said...

I really loved seeing all these photos! Y'all look great! It is so wonderful that the kids got to go west for a nice vacation in such a beautiful place. Amazing photos! Wow! Thanks for sharing!!

Meg said...

You know, as close as we live to Yellowstone, we have never been there! My husband grew up on a ranch so if they left usually something died. Lol... so no vacations. I grew up in a weekly newspaper family, so no vacations for us, either. Now that my husband and I have the time to travel, we’ve talked about going to Yellowstone but haven’t made it yet.

Oh, by the way, out here in the Rockies, if a mountain doesn’t have a tree line (the line where trees cannot grow due to lack of oxygen) they are just hills, not mountains. ;-)

Laurel Wood said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your guests at Grimmwood this weekend. Your daughter/family took some wonderful pictures. Wishing you a nice evening.

Mari said...

That looks like a wonderful trip! The pictures are so beautiful.
I love the Yellow sign at the end. :)

Linda said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post full of Love and Family!!! It doesn't get any better!
Loved seeing the country as your family saw it!