Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday

I have mentioned before about the itch to change things up a bit in Nanaland. Well last week I got busy.

We love Ray Ellis prints. The one on the left is Suppertime at Cape May. Marvin got that for me when I turned 40.  The one on the right is a scene from Savannah, Georgia, Marvin's home town. The Rocking Chairs in the Cape May print have always appealed to me. I had this print in the dining room but I did not really get to enjoy it as we often keep that room dark. I decided to place these prints side by side over the sofa.

You have already seen my dining room but I will show it again.

If you are in the North Alabama area, check out Anderson' s Furniture and Consignments. It is a great local business with lots of great finds.

I was paging through  home decor magazines when I saw some pictures of secretaries and bookcases, lined with wall paper. I debated for a while over the style that appealed to me. I considered toile, but I was afraid it would fade into the background. I chose this vintage bird wall paper that was sold on Amazon.

It was easy to install, just measure, cut and use some double sided tape to hold it in place.

Marvin still has not noticed the new art or this new look. But hey, that means I can pretty much do whatever I want to do in my home and he is okay with it. Hurray for Engineers/Physicists.

I am not sure if I will keep it in the china cabinet. I just experimented with it there as I had a lot left over.

I can easily remove it and use it to line the buffet drawers.  I am going to live with it for a while.

While shopping my house I found this cushion in  a closet.

Loving the new look and the new coffee table.

I did not stop in the living room, I moved a dresser in the guest room.

Previously it was just inside the doorway. It made it rather hard for guests to get in and get their luggage placed in the corner.

I love making vignettes. I may look for a larger lamp. If a guest wants to read, this lamp is not the best light.

I moved one of my villages to another room. These two look best together as they look like a set....Fall and Winter.

Hope you enjoyed playing house with me today. Sometimes it is fun to shake things up a bit.


Laurel Wood said...

I adore your art over the sofa. The wallpaper really brightens up your furniture! It's always fun to "shop" among the things we already have and redecorate. Thanks for sharing your pretty home with us.

Mary said...

This was fun Arlene! I love your secretary!! Neat idea on changing out paper for the background. I think I will copy that, I bought a secretary a few years ago at a second hand furniture store, it's not nearly as nice as yours.

Love the bird pillow on the couch and I'm so glad you keep your PS stitches out year round. They are beautiful. Your shuttered guest window caught my eye, love the shutters and the round top window!
The Cape May print made me think of cracker barrel and the rocking chairs!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I did enjoy 'playing house' with you today. I love the way you have placed looks so nice. I am one to move things around too. If I cant buy something new, I move it around and it feels new! Hope you have a good Wednesday. We are to have rain most of the day, so inside fun today!

Sandy said...

I did enjoy the looking at the changes. Sometimes we just need to update and move things around. I really like the chest and those fall and winter prints against that wall color. I also like the wallpaper in the secretary and opening drawers to that print would be fun too. All of the changes look really nice and it always does us good. I enjoy looking through those old stores. Often you have to look at a lot of junk, but tucked in you find some goodies like the trays. They look nice. We just found Mom some antique framed bird prints to put in her foyer after we painted. They are so pretty and unique. She is still a big mess. Shingles are just wearing her out at her age.

moosecraft said...

It's always fun to change things up a bit....nice job! :-) Love that guest room!

Miss Dishywoo said...

I agree with you - it is fun to move things around and get a fresh look. I really like your idea to line the cabinets with wallpaper. Definitely no harm in trying that since it isn't permanent. Your choice of paper is something I would like, too.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thank you for taking me on a tour of some of your 'shaking things up', Arlene. I really like the two pictures above the sofa. Cool idea with the use of the wall paper. Love the dresser turned night stand and those shutters covering the window. Your PS pieces look fabulous on that wall!

Sally said...

I had to laugh about Marvin not noticing the change in artwork. I have the same dynamic with my husband. But, really, I am glad he leaves all of the decorating up to me. I do have to watch him though. He can come up with some things that he thinks are functional, but look terrible. I just quietly dismantle them when he's not looking!

Terri D said...

It is always fun to shop through the house and change things out! I love how things look! I have some of my grandma's milk glass that is hidden away in a cabinet. I've been thinking of pulling it out to swap out some other pieces on our nic-nac shelf in the living room. Hmmmm... you might just be the motivation I needed!

Mari said...

It's amazing what you can find when you shop in the house! Everything looks very nice.
I thought of you at work today. We got a new admit for rehab. When I went in to meet her she asked me to put a few bags near her so she could sort them. One was a cross stitch bag with a few projects inside. She is hoping to get a few done while she is forced to rest!

Melinda said...

Neat idea with the wallpaper. Looks good!