Monday, July 27, 2020

Canton Grimmlins Visit

The Canton Gremlins are back home and Nancy reported they were happy to see their toys and their rooms after a week away. I remember when my own children went to visit the Grandparents that they would come home and enjoy playing in their room for the rest of the day! Allowed me to get them unpacked and laundry done.

 Snack time at the little table Nana bought just for the grands. I was not sure how Joshua would do without a high chair but he was a champ.  He sat in his seat and ate like a big boy. But then this boy loves to
 Audrey was showing me how a monkey acts. She is a good monkey.
 Aunt Mimi came over to get some baby time in....this was the first time she had seen Joshua. They hit it off as you can see.
 Audrey wanted to pose with Aunt Mimi.  She is a patriotic Ninja turtle if you can't tell.
 Oldest granddaughter and youngest granddaughter.
 Kendall was glad to color and draw with Audrey. The chair is a barricade to keep Joshua away.:)
 Joshua enjoyed this little rocking horse that belonged to Marvin's father.  Joshua is the fourth generation of Grimms to ride the horsey. It is an antique but when Marvin and I inherited it, we painted it to make it look better. We should have left it alone. But we had not watched Antiques Roadshow back then.
 Who can resist a sleeping baby?
 Oldest and youngest of my biological grandsons.  Joshua took right up with Landon.
 Sweet boys.
 Oh No...Audrey made Aunt Mimi dress up.
 Then Landon had to dress up too.
 These two siblings are very sweet together.
 Joshua playing with a dinosaur that belonged to his daddy.

Landon got out his old trains for the cousins. Every night before bed we would watch Thomas the Tank Engine so Audrey knew all the trains of Sodor.

A final photo of Grandpa and Joshua. We are pretty sure Joshua will be our last grand baby so he is a bit spoiled.  He is 100 percent lap baby as we say here in the South. Joshua loves being held. This is a rare trait among our Grimmlins.

It was a good week but Nana and Grandpa found out that they are OLD. We both slept very well on Saturday night. I promised Audrey she could come back next summer by herself. She is such a big girl and takes care of herself for the most part. We are hoping that we can get out and about and take in some sights then.


Laurel Wood said...

I enjoyed all your pictures. Looks like so much fun but I can imagine you are a bit tired!

Miss Dishywoo said...

We just kept our grandkids - ages 2 and 4 - for four days. A lot of fun was had and a lot of memories made and hubby and I needed several days to recover. LOL!

Georgia said...

Welcome Back Arlene! I don't know if I could have handled all of this activity in a day let alone a week. I have a daughter, that all of the grands love. I think that is truly a gift. Enjoy your rest and relaxation. Many blessings to you and yours.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I totally enjoyed the pictures of your week/time with Audrey and Joshua. It looks like they had a wonderful time with you and Marvin along with visits from Aunt Mimi, Kendall, and Landon. What cherished memories you created this past week with them!

Sandy said...

These pictures are all so good...seriously good. I know you were tired but I know you enjoyed them. The table was the perfect idea. Tucker has deemed himself too big for the high chair and moved to the table. I put a table cloth on it and embraced it. Kendall is so pretty ...maybe the virus will keep the dating scene away a little longer:) It was fun to see all the pictures.

Linda said...

Love every photo! Such good memories you gave them! Now rest for a spell. Prayers for you as you go help with your mom. I know how that feels.....

Terri D said...

Those kids are SO cute! I can't get over how mature Kendall is now. Time goes much too fast!! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!!

Mari said...

It looks like you all had a great time! It's nice to see the oldest and youngest grands together. And they are all so cute!

sharon said...

Your grands are so precious! I understand needing to rest when they left. A week is a long time, but memories were made.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

What a joyful time with adorable children. As I was looking through the photos, I thought, "I'd be tired!" - And I don't even have grandchildren yet!!! That "lap baby" reminds me of my son who loved to be held, and I loved to hold him. My mother would call and say, "Put that baby down!" He's now 21 and spoiled rotten. Hmmmm. Warning or good memory? Glad you had a good time. - Leslie Anne

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I don't think my comments are going through - testing! - Leslie Anne

Barbara said...

What a beautiful visit! And yes, as much as we love our grands, they do tire us out!

Mary said...

I bet you slept well! What a wonderful week you spent with your adorable grandchildren. They are both so photogenic!! Love the photo of Audrey acting like a monkey and Marvin holding sleeping Joshua. You need them to take more photos of you with the kids!!