Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Decorating at Grimmwood

 We spent some time in Ellijay on our last visit to Grimmwood. We had seen a bookcase that we thought would work well at Grimmwood. At the time we found it, Barbara and William were with us and we had no room to bring it home. We knew if we were supposed to get this piece, it would be there when we returned. Before going to the Antique store we stopped for a cool treat at another local store. We sat and enjoyed our goodies while looking at this scene.:)

 I noticed the sign on the wall and I really liked it so I thought I would share it with y'all.

It is a bit hard to see so I will type it here...

If you look back, do so forgivingly. If you must move forward, do so prayerfully . However the wisest thing you can do is be in the present, gratefully.

I have been guilty of complaining about the current situation in the world but this reminded me to be grateful for every day that God gives me. We are not promised tomorrow.

When we walked into the antique store and saw that the book case was still there. I did say a little prayer thanking God for granting me a small desire.

 It fit in the car!! Yippee.
 I had a fun time decorating it.
 It fit perfectly in the spot I had imagined it in....I love it when a plan comes together.
Now the credenza is much neater looking. I had thought the shelves on the credenza would be perfect for books but they are deep and you could not really find a book without taking all the books out to search for one. Now the credenza holds some toy boxes for the grands, baskets and the binoculars we enjoy using on the farm.

The view as you come inside the door.

I love decorating. I got tickled at Audrey because she asked me why I had plates on the wall at Nanaland. To her little mind, plates were for one thing only.  I also had a tassle on a lamp that she was confused about...what is this? Why is it here?  I asked her if she had any decorations at her house. She told me NO. Charles confirmed it when he said that with two little ones, decorations are often broken.

I have to say that when my own children were young, we did have decorations and they were taught not to touch them. But then I was a stern mama.  I think it is important to enjoy the beauty of small delights.


Laurel Wood said...

I'm happy the bookshelf was still available. It looks great at Grimmwood and is great for your books. Cute about Audrey questioning you!

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad the bookcase was still available for you, Arlene! It looks like an awesome piece of furniture. I really like your credenza as well. It was interesting to hear Audrey's questions about plates on the wall and the tassel. Thank you for sharing the verse on the sign! It is a good reminder to be grateful daily.

Mary said...

I'm happy for you that the bookcase was still there, it was meant to be! Looks so nice there too and I like that it adds some height to the entry. As always, you have the knack for decorating! So funny that Audrey got a kick out of plates on the wall!

Georgia said...

Oh Arlene, as always, you brought a smile to my day:) I love the quote, and will write it down for my journal today. And, your little book case is perfect. I really do enjoy your decorating ideas. I have so much clutter, that is a work in progress. Please keep sharing. Many blessings to you and yours:)

Sandy said...

Yes, the bookcase was meant to be and since it came from an antique shop was probably better made than one you could buy today. It looks great. I always had out decor items. I might have cleaned off the coffee table at times (in fact, I just recently put things back out) and tried to teach kids about making things look nice. Of course, along the way an item or two went down but that is also part of the learning process. I love that sign. I need to read that everyday especially in these days.

Terri D said...

The bookshelf looks great there and is serving you well! I so love the saying on that sign. Beautiful and perfect for our times today.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

So glad you were able to get the bookcase in the car and it looks great now that you have it up. I loved to decorate when my children were small and like you, I was stern and they knew what to touch and what not to! lol

Mari said...

I really like that bookshelf and am glad you got it. It fits perfectly!
I really like that sign too.