Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Five

1. Fun stencils from Dollar Tree. Audrey and I will be using these next week.

2. Homemade biscuits with strawberry freezer jam and apple butter. What makes these two jars of goodness special is that they were both made by Men!!  My friend, Deborah, gave me the strawberry jam made by her husband while the apple butter was made by my brother in law, William.

3. I finally found some Conecuh bacon. We love their sausage but I had looked for the bacon without success. Then I went to our small neighborhood grocery and there it sat in the freezer case. It was pricy but I wanted to try it. Delicious....worth the extra cost? Still debating that!!

I found these craft magnets on Amazon for a great price...$14. They are sitting in my cart waiting for my next Amazon order.

5. My sweet baby boy. I think this one is going into Nana's gallery.  Victoria Nielson did it again!!


Laurel Wood said...

I know you and Audrey will have fun with the stencils. Apple Butter has always been one of my favorites on biscuits or toast. I love the new portrait. Wishing you a lovely Friday.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Happy Friday. the picture of the sweet baby is precious. the strawberry jam and apple butter are two of my favorites and they look yummy.

sharon said...

That picture of your grandson is beyond precious! Definitely one for your gallery wall!

Robin in Virginia said...

Super find on the stencils, Arlene! Never heard of that brand of bacon, so will do some research. The biscuits look mighty tasty; I'll take one slathered with butter, please. Love the picture of Joshua!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Baby pictures...biscuits...bacon! You've got all of our favs this morning! Enjoy your day! Save me a biscuit!

Sandy said...

Oh that one is definitely got to be in the gallery wall. He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
I like those craft magnets. I have seen some on some of the sewing ladies' blogs that they use to keep from pinning patterns. Now, those look like something to try.
I love the bacon. To me it is worth the extra price, but I am not the biggest meat eater, so I am kinda picky.
Those biscuits look like they were made with White Lily flour...of course, I know they are. Southern cooks know it is the ONLY flour:)

Terri D said...

That bacon sounds delicious! I've not heard of that brand and maybe we don't have it here in Florida but I will pay attention when I am shopping next time. That #5 picture is so adorable! Definitely a keeper! You and Audrey will have so much fun with the stencils! Share some photos, please!

Mrs.T said...

Such a fun Friday five, Arlene!! The biscuits, apple butter and strawberry jam look absolutely scrumptious!

I haven't seen or tried that bacon but I'm sure it is wonderful. We eat very little bacon these days. Mostly when we have company!

And Joshua ... just adorable. Gallery wall-worthy for sure.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I need those stencils! What aisle did you find them in? School supplies aisle?? Yum those biscuits look so tempting! Bacon is more expensive here too.

Mari said...

Oh Joshua! So very cute!
Those biscuits look yummy!