Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Five

1. Olivia deHaviland

This lovely lady lived to be 104 and passed away recently. Who did not love her as Melanie in Gone with the Wind?

2. Mary Engelbreit sale

I love to send post cards and ME cards are on sale right now at the website.

3. A New House for Ben and Katy

We are so happy for Ben and his family to have this bigger house for their family.  The schools in this district have good special needs programs so that is a bonus.

4. A New Photo    Is this too much cuteness?

5. Coldwater Creek Sale

I purchased these two sweaters on sale and they can be used now and in the fall. Coldwater Creek may become a thing of the past as they said this may be their good bye. I know they have struggled to stay in business. I will miss them if they do close.



Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love all your pictures today. The house is beautiful and the two little ones are precious. I hate to hear that Coldwater Creek may close - two very nice sweaters you got!

Sandy said...

I always like Coldwater Creek too. They have had one in Pensacola and Sandestin, but carried few petites and I must have petite sizes, but I love them. I know they have struggled and I am afraid a few other faves will too as this thing goes forward.
Those little darlings are too cute. Today is my last full time day with Tucker. I get teary eyed just typing it.
Congrats to Ben and fam.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the picture of Joshua and Audrey! I hope Ben, Katy and the kids will make many happy memories in their new home. Lovely sweaters you purchased, Arlene. Miss Olivia lived a very long life. Will check out the ME sale. Enjoy your Friday!

Mary said...

Ben and Katy have a beautiful new home, I love the classic look of brick!!
Oh, that photo of Joshua and Audrey is precious!! Such cute coordinating outfits! Both sweaters are so nice, do they have a store or is CC just an online shop? I have never been able to buy clothes on line, I wish I could as I hate clothes shopping.

Terri D said...

Ben and Katy's new home is just beautiful! May God bless them richly with love and contentment in their new home!! I loved Coldwater Creek and shopped in their store and in their outlet store all the time. I was so sad when all the stores closed. Glad you found some good deals while they are still here! Olivia was wonderful as Melanie and she was so pretty. I agree with you! And those two kiddos... precious, precious!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I didn't really hear much at all about Olivia but I really did love her. I went to look at what other movies we had seen her in but there weren't as many as I thought. I'll go look for the sale on those cards! Sweet family pics! They are our favs too!

Mari said...

What a beautiful house!
And never too much cuteness - and that is a load of it!
Those are really pretty sweaters, sorry they are going out of business.

Laurel Wood said...

Congrats to Ben and Katy. So very happy for them.
I love the portrait of the Canton little ones.
Wishing you a very nice weekend.