Saturday, July 4, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 This week I decided to work on three projects that had been lingering in the WIP basket.  In fact  I purchased a bigger basket at TJ Maxx to hold all my lovely WIPs. They are arranged in an orderly fashion and not jumbled haphazardly in the old container.

First up is Riley Harbor by Kathy Barrick.  I finished up the Olive House on the second row and moved down to stitch some water. I love that blue color, it is called Caribbean Waters and it is a lovely blue.  I do need to put in the road under the houses but that can wait. I needed a change from Houses.  My Jane Austen needle minder is watching over the proceedings.

 The fabric arrived for G Legere. I found some nice 16 count aida at KittenStitcher. This is a piece that her son, Graham dyed. He calls his fabrics Graham Cracker Designs.

If any of you are thinking of stitching this...forget that DMC conversion. Well some of the colors work but others do not.  My advice would be to take the photo of the chart and pick out your own colors for the letters etc.  The letters that appear reddish pink on the chart were charted for a Tennessee Orange. I had even stitched it thinking...oh maybe it will look ok, but NO, Just NO.  I have enjoyed stitching these pretty letters. G Legere is a BIG sampler so it will take a while. You may notice I left off the border. I am not a Border Lover...they always give me fits and when framed often make the piece look crooked. So I am just going to have a mat added when I have it framed. That will be my border. I know all you devoted sampler stitchers are shuddering in dismay but I am saving my sanity by leaving it off. I did not think it was such a great border anyway. :)

 I had to show you the difference in my Kringles piece.  The top is stitched in the called for EGGSHELL. The bottom is stitched in 3685DMC.  It looks much better in my opinion. Several ladies pointed out that the snow in Eggshell looked rather as if a dog had done his business there.:) And that is NOT the look I was going for!! Thanks for all your input. It gave me the courage to do what had to be done.
I made progress on my Blackbird piece as well. It will not be fully finished until next July 4th but it sure is pretty if I do say so myself.  BTW, Happy 4th!!

On to Jolly July....

I ordered several pieces of fabric from Jen's Stitching Niche to use on my Jolly July Stitching.  Be sure and check out Jen and Kitten Stitcher. Their fabrics are lovely. Since they live in Mississippi and I live in Alabama, I get very quick service from both ladies.

These two charts came from 123 Stitch.

Rack Stack came from can see some of the fabric in the background.

 These two came from Notforgotten Farm. Why is there a bunny included? Well my friend, Deborah, saw this bunny on Carol's blog....Stitching Dreams. She really liked it so I told her I would be glad to stitch it for her. I may just stitch one for me as well.

Have a good week friends...maybe I will have some Christmas ornaments to share next Saturday.


Mary said...

I hope Deborah knows what a good friend you are, that is alot of stitching!!! The bunny is adorable though. Deb from the floss tube Country Stitchers is doing that same sampler. Have you seen her's by chance? She is aging it with coffee as she goes along. There is no way I could do that, I think that is brave of her!! It's a beautiful sampler. I agree with you 100%, do your own thing and what makes you happy!!! I agree, your roof looks more like snow and I love your Patriotic stitch!!! Gorgeous! Have a Happy and safe 4th!!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Most of the time I dont have a clue what you are talking about but that doesnt keep me from enjoying seeing your work! Happy 4th!

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad your fabric (it is gorgeous by the way) arrived for G Legere! I think I would leave off the border as well. You made good progress on the 3 pieces you focused on for the week, Arlene. I really like the change on the roof of Kringles that DMC 3865 made. You picked up some lovely items from the shops. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

Sandy said...

I saw what Mary was talking about on Country Stitchers...the coffee dyeing as you go. I would be scared to death. I think the colors are often not what you think when you see them on the pictures. I think some of it is after multiple printings they lose their resolution. I think you have chosen good colors.
I love Riley's Harbor. It is going to be so pretty when finished and the color change on Kringles was a good choice. Definitely.
Do you stitch with one or two strands of floss on the 16 count Aida?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's interesting about the colors. That's one thing that has held me back from stitching. I bought a BIG bag of thread that was would around the little cards but no numbers are any of them. So I've wondered if I could stitch patterns using what I have. It seems a waste not to use them but there's no way to know the color numbers. You are working on some big projects! Happy stitching! Oh and the prim rabbit is precious!

Terri D said...

I agree that the white snow looks much better than the eggshell. It is always fun to see your projects! The stitching lingo is over my head but I sure do appreciate your talent!!

Mari said...

I agree that the snow looks better!
I love that G Legere piece. I never thought about the difficulties of framing something with a border, that makes sense. It's going to be a beautiful piece!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, oh my! Giving you fits! I wonder what that looks like.. :-)