Sunday, August 30, 2020

Avoiding the Interstate

 We traveled home on Saturday from Grimmwood.  Chattanooga is a mess right now as they are working on one of the major exchanges that we must drive through to go to or from Grimmwood.One thing I am not patient about is delays on the Interstate. I tend to start feeling claustrophobic when I am stuck in traffic.  

So we looked for a new route and we have enjoyed it so much.  We left Grimmwood and took 225 to Calhoun. On this route we pass the Chief Vann House and the New Echota Historic site. This road follows the route of the Trail of Tears as the local Cherokee were rounded up and moved to Oklahoma. If you are ever in North Georgia, you should stop and learn more about this sad chapter in our nation's history.

From Calhoun we head to Summerville, Georgia. It is such a cute town. We have found two restaurants there that we enjoy. The Willow Tree Grill has yummy sandwiches and plates. I highly recommend their onion rings. On Saturday we stopped at The Crushed Tomato Pizzeria. Oh my goodness is all I can say about this establishment. Great Bruschetta and pizza. Located in an old Cotton Mill is is a very nice place to eat and read all the signs on the wall. They carry some delicious ice cream as well but we had to say no to dessert. Next time we will try to leave room.

The road out of Summerville leads to the Highway of Camps. Many boys and girls summer camps are located in this part of Georgia and Alabama.  Mentone Alabama is such a cute little mountain town. I told Marvin that the next time we went to Grimmwood we were stopping there to look at some of the shops. I saw a sign for a bakery that I need to check out. Saturdays are Farmers Market Day and that would be another stop to look forward to as the famers crops are winding down.

Henagar, Alabama is next on the road and I have heard there is a florist there that has a spectacular Christmas shop filled with ornaments of all kinds. My sis, Leta, and some of her friends made a field trip there just to look for ornaments. That is also on my list. Marvin is getting tired of hearing of all my future plans. However, he is a good sport and is willing to indulge me.  You just never know what jewel you might find in these small towns.

From Henagar we start down another steep incline that leads to the Tennessee River. We turn right and head for Scottsboro, Alabama then we are about an hour from home.  

Marvin and I were  talking about how nice it is to take a different route. I think we can say the same thing about life. We get in our little ruts and we need a nudge to try something new. I think traveling this new route has lifted both our spirits. 

Oh and I do have something positive to say about the new blogger platform. Now I can reply individually to comments on my blog. I never had that option before and being technically challenged I could not figure out how to add that feature. So now I will try to respond to questions etc there in the comments.

Overall things here in Alabama are looking up. We now have a state mask law for the foreseeable future and it seems to have brought down the numbers in most counties. School is doing well. My grands are so happy to be going to school and I know that is the best things for them even if they have to wear masks. Praying there will be a new treatment or a vaccine soon. Do I think things will go back to what we considered normal? I doubt it but I am happy to be able to get out of my home, visit with friends, go to church and shop in my favorite stores.   Life is good. Thank you God for your many blessings in a hard time.

Well I goofed and my Monday post went up today. I guess I put in the wrong date. I cannot believe it is the end of August. See you on Wednesday.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Several finishes in my Fall Frenzy today! I decided to work on some fall pieces in order to get them done in time to display them. I have so many Fall stitches. You can easily see it is my favorite season to stitch. I may have to take some of them to Grimmwood.  

First off is I Love Fall. I had plans to make this into a fridge magnet but then I found the little $1 easel I had come across at Dollar Tree. HMMM....I am flexible. I can go with the creative flow.

Here it is on the Easel. I decided to place it with my August display for now.

Remember those little Hobby Lobby signs I found back in the spring? It is good to pick up things like this even if you have no use for them at the moment. 

I brought out one of those to finish my version of Hello Autumn by Hands on Design.

And finally....a pillow finish of my Threadworks Primitive stitch. 

I found these  two things while out shopping this week.

The corded Harvest boards were purchased at Tuesday Morning. The bigger easel came from Dollar General. I am thinking my Trick or Treat by the Stitching Housewives will go very well on the easel. I have no plans right now for the corded boards. I could take them apart and add a pretty ribbon as a hanger...glue on a piece of stitching and have something totally different. 

Plans for next week? I am thinking of monogamous stitching on Riley Harbor by Kathy Barrick. I would like to finish that one and have it framed sometime this year.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Five

1. My tea drinking buddy.   Margaret loves hot tea so I sent her some of my favorite Ahmad teas in Strawberry, Apple and Citrus. Mom, Katy, sent me this photo.


2. My new chairs for the dining room.

3. One Candle. I visited Dollar General because I heard they had some new fall merchandise on the shelves. I found a great buy on candles. This Candy Corn Candle is perfect for early fall.

4. Another Candle. This one is also a Dollar General Find and it is going to Grimmwood.

5. Kitchen towels. Now these towels are just one dollar and I would probably not use them for heavy duty Kitchen chores but they are cute as decor.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Stream

 Even in troubling times, the calendar seems to turn at a fast pace. Soon September will be here! 

1. Okay, this is a rant and if you don't want to read it, I understand. There is a lot of ranting everywhere these days. This is a cross stitch rant.  A lovely cross stitch chart is being released called Coming to America. It is in honor of the ladies who sailed on the Mayflower 400 years ago. There is a picture of the ship and a list of names. It is lovely but not really my style so I passed on ordering it. Last week while watching one of my favorite floss tubers, she mentioned she was due to get her chart soon. Then she added that there was controversy regarding if you should stitch this or not. Girls, I almost lost it right there in my living room. I am so tired of people trying to re write history, ignore the things that bother them and generally lose their minds over every little thing. I was willing to overlook this mania until it hit my happy place, the cross stitch world.  This is America. The Pilgrims were courageous explorers in my opinion and I would not be sitting here in my cozy chair if it were not for them. God Bless America!

2. I am reading Alex Trebek's autobiography, The Answer Is.  I have always liked Alex and I am a Jeoprardy fanatic so I was eager to read the book. I am about a third of the way through it and I am really enjoying it. You may not know that Alex's father was a Ukranian immigrant whose name was George Therebeychuk. It was shortened to Trebek which I always assumed was French Canadian.  Alex was known as Sonny in his family. That made me smile because Alex does not strike me as a Sonny. Alex credits his parents with raising him with a great work ethic and a moral compass. He is still in college but will graduate soon....what did he do in the years before he was on Jeopardy? I am eager to find out.

3. We are fortunate to have a nice furniture consignment store here in Decatur. I have purchased several things there. I saw a set of chairs that I thought would work well for my dining room table.  Marvin and I went to look at them and they came home with us. I took the old kitchen chairs up to my craft room so now we have room for the grands to sit and craft with me. You will see the chairs in my Friday Five.

4. Speaking of my craft/storage room. I took most of Friday to clean out and organize the space. All my seasonal decorations are there. I am really paring down on my things. Some will go to Ben and Katy while others are gifted to friends and one pile will go to the thrift store. ( Linda of Linda's Life Journal, I think you would find some things you like in the boxes I am dontating.)  I got rid of some of the craft things as well. Kendall and Landon are not so interested in that anymore and the other grands are seldom here to use the things so it was an easy decision to get rid of most of the supplies. We have a thrift store near us, run totally by volunteers and the proceeds go to missions. That really makes it easy for me to purge some of my things knowing I will be blessing others.

5. Marvin and I take a walk around our neighborhood each evening after supper. We are seeing signs of fall. The big sunflowers a neighbor has planted are bowed low, heavy with seeds. Several bushes are sporting yellow leaves and my hostas are beginning to look rather shabby. The other evening there was even a nice breeze as we sauntered around the block. 

6. Like many of you, my eyes have been on the weather channel watching the storms headed for the Gulf. I am writing this on the weekend so by the time this has posted, we may know more about the situation. I have several friends who live in the path of the storm.  Praying for those storms to fizzle out!!

Have a good week dear friends. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Decorating at Grimmwood and Nanaland

 I think staying at home and at Grimmwood a bit more, I have noticed some things that needed a little change. 

I will start at Grimmwood. 

After I purchased my bookcase, I felt that the wall looked a little unbalanced. I did not want another big piece in that area as it is near the front door. I remembered I had seen some blanket ladders at Clearys in Chatsworth. This young man has brought Chatsworth into the 21st century with his modern day farmhouse style of furniture.  I have seen several things there that I would definitely purchase if my home there were bigger.  I found just what I was looking for and brought it home.  Then I remembered a Cathedral windows throw that Mama G had given to me years ago. It would look perfect there.

Here is a close up.

I also purchased some command hooks to use for my gallery wall.  I was so tired of having to straighten  pictures each time the side door was opened. 

On to Nanaland.  Since I have been married almost 44 years, I have some furniture that has seen better days. Case in point was the set of lamps I had in my bedroom. These lamps are probably 30 years old. I remember buying them for my living room on Rigel Drive.....two houses ago. It was a big deal to me because I spent a good bit of money for them.  They were in my living room on Brandywine Lane and when we moved here, they went to my bedside tables.  An idea struck me to paint them an apple green to freshen them up. The lamp shades were rather dingy so a trip to Lowes for new ones and I was in business.

Close up.

Sometimes you just need a new view! It worked for me. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Happy Belated World Cross Stitch Day. We stitchers are moving on up in the world, having our own special day! I spent the day stitching....but then it is unusual if I do not sit down to stitch a bit every day. It has really helped me to get through the trying times we are living in. I remember my Mama G telling me that she crocheted her troubles away. I totally get that!

I got so into this piece that I had to finish it. This is Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's I Love Fall Most of All. I changed the colors a bit, using more green for the leaves as the trees here still have green leaves when it is apple picking time. I will make this into a fridge magnet.  It will replace Berry Picking and Ice Cream Licking.  Come October, Batty Bakery will take that spot on the fridge. I do not have many September pieces so now I have this one as well as September Word Play.  I am trying to wait until October 1st to decorate for fall. By the way, I stitched this on the gingham fabric from Hobby Lobby. I enjoyed stitching on it. You can tell it has a bit of synthetic fiber in it versus the more expensive cotton gingham but that did not bother me at all. I purchased another piece the last time I made an HL run.

I got two goodies in the mail.

And I started one of them.  I always put a piece of fabric between my q snaps and the black fabric. I learned the hard way that the q snaps can sometimes leave a white mark on the black fabric. 

I spent Sunday afternoon working on Audrey's Christmas ornament. Only three to go and I will have completed all nine ornaments. Then to FFO. I give these ornaments to the children at Thanksgiving.I am using Prairie Schooler's Christmas Alphabet if you are interested in the chart. I have to remind myself to add the chart's name. I forget that not everyone has a Prairie Schooler obsession like me!


I was watching Dena of Half Stitch Cross Stitch on You Tube.

I wanted to show you these snowflakes they have on display at Hobby Lobby( there were several sizes to choose from). They were located near the fabric section in my store.  I think they would make a good backdrop for a  small Winter Stitch to use after Christmas is over. I am thinking one of the motifs from Prairie Schooler's Button Up chart would look cute on a snowflake. As it sits on its own, it would work anywhere in your home.  Lately when I go to Hobby Lobby, I am thinking....ok, what cross stitch would work with this piece??? It is all in how you look at things.  

I have to end with a surprise....while listening to two of my favorite you tubers, Cathy and Nancy of Inspired Needle, I heard my name called as the winner of the Scarlett House Sampler, A Perfect World.

Cathy owns the store, Inspired Needle in Lamont, Illinois. Cathy and Nancy are sisters and such fun to watch on their you tube channel of the same name.  I may stitch this one for Grimmwood! Thanks Cathy and Nancy!! Have a good stitchy week dear friends.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday Five

 1. Pretty Blue Box

 I found this pretty box while browsing The Glass House in Chatsworth. This antique store has a little bit of everything. When I was growing up the store front was the show room for the local Chevrolet Dealer.

2. My Boys( and a little Kendall) 

I found this photo while browsing for one to put on Facebook for Charles' birthday. Look at that little sugar lump between her two uncles.

3. New Camp Chair 

Ben and Katy got me this cute chair for Mothers Day and my birthday. I love it! Used it for the first time this week at Landon's soccer game.

4. Pretty View

  I was going out for our evening stroll around the neighborhood and it struck me how pretty this view is out our back driveway.

5. Our first Soccer Game this year. 

  That's my Landon, kicking the ball onto the field.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Back to School

 All the grands are in school now. 

Audrey went first.  And today is her Daddy's 37th birthday. He was born on one of the hottest days of the year in 1983 in Louisville, Kentucky. Happy Birthday Charles Clifford.

Then Kendall and Landon

You can tell they are not thrilled at having to hold the school bus sign. :) Might be time to retire that one.  I do not have pictures of Hudson and Hampton but I hope their first days were good ones too.

Finally the Bham Grimmlins.

The Bham kiddos had new schools to navigate  Margaret had to eat lunch by herself as she did not really get to know any new friends. Nana may have to go down there and take care of that.:) Katy had a talk with her and they worked out a new strategy for friend making. Baylor had some places are hard for him. However, Elliott had a blast.  

Nana is praying for a great year for all my sweet grands. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Birthday Girl

 Mother was so tickled to receive over 125 cards from 12 states!! She had no clue we had this up our sleeves.  Thanks to Kristi and Leta for making Mother's 90th birthday special by planning a dinner for Mother. Mother's youngest sister and one of her dearest friends came for supper. In addition to the cards, Mother received lots of yummy snacks and several lovely floral arrangements. Thanks to EVERYONE who took time to send a card. I appreciate it so much. 

Here is the box Leta found to hold all the cards.

It was full to the top!!

Mother opening her cards. Leta reported that it took over an hour to open them all! 

I asked Mother if she ever thought she would live to be 90 and she laughed and said, No. One of her first cousins lived to be 100 but so far she is the oldest of her generation in the family.  As she told me, she has been blessed. We have been blessed to have her as our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Welcome Stitchers....this post will be a bit shorter than last weeks Haulapalooza.  I did get my September and November Word Plays all laced and ready for display.  While getting out my October Word Play, I found another finish I had almost forgotten.  Forest Snowfall by Little House Needleworks. I am thinking of using this one on a wreath.

While in the finishing mode, I finished my first Christmas Ornament. This is from Annie Beez Christmas Folk Art Christmas. By the way, Annie made a new Floss Tube that you might enjoy watching. I think the designer videos are some of my favorites.  Well I realize now I posted this last week!!! I guess I liked it that much! Nancy in Buffalo if you will email me at I will be glad to help you find this snowflake.

I got a start on my December Word Play.

And a head on the Bunny from Ah This Spring by Notforgotten Farm.

I also spent some quality time stitching on Sunday afternoon. I watched Deb and Liz of Counrty Stitchers while I stitched.

My Penny Pumpkin is nearing completion.

I wanted to recommend a new floss tuber, Jean Farish. Jean is known to many stitchers for her designs and classes. I have learned a lot just watching her two videos on Floss Tube. Be sure and check her out. 

Happy Stitching.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday Five

 1. A Dollar Tree Find .  Our local Dollar Tree has lots of cute fall signs. This one just says September with the cute apples and sunflowers.

2. A New Color Street Delivery. I really do like this easy nail polish. 

3.Sewing Tin  I saw this at an antique store in Georgia. I keep some sewing notions inside.

4.Pantry Find   I found some BOGO nutrigrain bars in my pantry when I was tidying. They were at the back of the shelf. 

5. A New Book   I saw this at Publix while grocery shopping. I am a sucker for a pretty cover and Barbara Delinsky is a good writer so I decided to give it a chance.