Monday, August 10, 2020

Armchair Travels

 Last summer we traveled every month. In June we went to Savannah for Marvin's high school reunion. July found us on the road to Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Steel Magnolia house in Louisiana was our August destination. And finally in September we were at one of our favorite places, Gulf Shores, Alabama. 

Since we cannot travel this year, (well I guess we could but a lot of the fun has been taken out of traveling) I thought I would take imaginary trips. 

My first destination would be Yorkshire, England. I would love to visit the small village of Tankersley where my ancestors hailed from long ago. When I see the mountains of Yorkshire, I think of how much it reminds me of North Georgia where many Tankersley's came to rest.

My second trip would be to Avoca, Ireland. One of my favorite British tv shows is Ballykissangel. The village of Avoca was the setting for this series and it would be fun to see it in person.

While I am over the pond, I would travel to Oxford, England. Again, because of my love the British detective shows, Endeavor, Morse and Lewis. 

Now we will come back to America. I admit that I would love to return to Natchitoches, Louisiana. But I will plan my trip for December when it is not so hot and the Christmas Festival of Lights is in full swing. 

I will end my trips with a day trip to New Albany, Mississippi where I will eat lunch at the Talahatchie Grill then walk over to Sugarees for some caramel cake. And lets be honest I went to New Albany for Sugarees.  Of all the bakeries I have ever been to, Sugarees is number one in my book. 

Oh , if I lived too close to Sugarees it would be my undoing. I would be signed up for Free Cake Friday for sure.  Thanks to Sugarees Facebook page for this image. And yes this cake tastes as good as it looks.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the pictures from England and Ireland. 

The best thing about arm chair travel is that it saves you money and calories.:)


Sandy said...

The fun has definitely been taken out of traveling for now. I think it has opened people's eyes to some local fun with their kids or helpfully it has. Maybe it will get the younger set off the Disney obsession...maybe?
We have a few places on that list. Jeff would like to go to Normandy and then travel the road hid dad did into Germany. He has a book all about it. Mine are actually more in the US...the northeast is one of those areas I have never traveled too.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoyed your arm chair travels and now days it is the safest way to go anywhere. I love to travel too and miss being able to go! Have a good Monday and new week ahead.

Mrs.T said...

Arm chair travels are so much fun!

Although I must admit that we did take a real trip out West (by both plane and car), tent camping and visiting national parks. We felt very safe the whole time and the whole trip was just a blessing even though some things were different due to the virus.

thismammablogs.x said...

I would like to travel the world at some point in my life , notnone for airplane though so I dont think I would get er far aha x

Mary said...

Fun post Arlene! I would love to go to the 2 towns that Killinaskully were filmed in County Tipperary, Ireland. Have you seen that show?

A also want to go to Maramures, Romania. The people dress in their traditional clothing, use horse drawn wagons and pretty much live like they did 100 years ago.

I want to go to the southwest and take a train ride across Canada. Germany is on top of my list. Too many places and we can't go anywhere!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think we are all dreaming of places we would like to go. I would travel out the mountains of NM and CO! And then go to the beach for a month. But I could always go with you on your travels before I head West! Just say the word! heehee!

Terri D said...

Maybe you can do some of this travel in 2021! I think we all hope this mess will be over before then. I enjoyed 'traveling' with you, Arlene. My sister got your card and was very touched by it. Thank you!

Mari said...

I like armchair traveling with you! I would travel to any of those places. We love British TV too, especially detective shows.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed armchair traveling with you, Arlene. There are many places around the US that I would like to see and I think I would design my travel route (well, if someone else would do the driving) to include stops to meet/visit with stitching/crafting friend I have "met" through blogs and Instagram.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Thank you for sharing all the lovely places to visit. I miss going to England, I have been watching Yorkshire Vet on Amazon prime. The vet has taken over the James Herriot - the vet doctor from All creatures great and small. The views in York are fabulous and so are the sheep.