Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Five

1. A new Cross for the Cross Wall. A friend of my sister, Leta, did one of these for her and of course I wanted one as well. Made from clothespins....It reminded me of the art we did at Bible School when I was a child. I added a bit of blue paint to it but just a dab. 
2. I found these drawer organizers on sale at Target.  A tidy drawer does my heart good. Of course keeping it tidy is the true challenge.


Georgia said...

Good Morning Arlene...Audrey's smile is contageous, what a day brightener! I love how you finished the little Lizzy Kate sunflower.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Robin in Virginia said...

Awesome Friday Five today, Arlene! I love the little wood block with the Bible verse on it. Your August display is precious. I should work on something for August. Glad that Audrey had a great first day at school. Play Doh for the win! Happy Friday!

Mary said...

Arlene, One of my sisters just started to watch crafting videos on Youtube and she recently brought me a clothes pin piece. She thought I could paint it and use it to display a cross stitch. I even found a pattern that would work and started it. I will have to tell her about your cross.
I love your August display, it beckons the end of summer with the sunflowers and that makes me happy!! The farmer down the road sells huge sunflowers for 1$ each and I enjoy having them in the house.
Audrey is so precious, you can tell she is smiling even with the mask on!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Really like the blue cross and all your pretties!
love the picture of Audrey - she is a doll. Hope you have a good Friday and weekend. (I am still not 100% on the new format on blog either)

Sandy said...

Little Miss Audrey is adorable. This is such a weird time and I do NOT envy teachers at all. So glad I am retired. Tucker has done quite well this week. So grateful. Lots of praying. I went up to see him yesterday afternoon as I was dying. I think he was happy to see me too. I love your little August sunflower corner. I am so glad I stitched those sunflowers last year. That is about all I have out and my two beach things. We are headed to Auburn for the weekend; a very quiet at home weekend I am hoping.

Terri D said...

You can certainly see Audrey's smile in her eyes!! I just can't wait until masks are put away forever. I love your August decor and saving the 'pretties' from the potpourri is a great idea! Your drawer organizers are great! Mine would be disorganized within a week, guaranteed (sigh). Have a good weekend!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She sure looks sweet with her little mask keeping her safe. I have sunflowers out for this month but I'm SO ready for Fall decor! That soap sounds wonderful! Hugs!

Tina said...

Love it that you can see Audrey's huge smile even with a mask on! So cute! That cross is amazing and so clever! Have a great weekend!

thismammablogs.x said...

Hey hope your well , draw organizers are so useful i dont appreciate them enough. Have a lovely weekend x

Mari said...

Audrey is just so cute! Her smile shines, even with a mask on.
I like Mrs Meyer products too, haven't seen this scent but it sounds wonderful.
I like the cross!

Linda said...

Your Audrey is precious! ALL your grands are!
I remember how much I loved that Aromatique Fall Scent!
And there was a Christmas one i loved - Applejack! By Claire Burke!!
We go home on Monday and I will be packing away all my patriotic - we came down here to the ranch on July 17 so it's still in place. Then I am pulling out all the stops and decorating for FALL so I can celebrate in style on September First! My very own personal holiday!