Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Stream

It is hard to believe that August is here.  My stream has about dried up but I  will try to post something worth reading.:)

1. First mother is turning 90 on August 11th. Since we cannot do a party we are doing a card shower. If you would like to send her a card wishing her a happy birthday, email me at and I will give you her address. We hope a flood of cards will make this day special for her. One of our childhood friends suggested we get a bigger mail box.

2. School is starting back here next week. Little Audrey went off to school in Georgia on Monday. Wearing her little mask and carrying her lunch box. Amelia reports that back to school shopping for her two includes masks that are cool. Cool as in hip....I would love to have a mask that is cool. My glasses fog up and my nose starts to run when I put on a mask. Here in Alabama we have been under a mask law since mid July and it is extended to the end of August. So far it does not seem to have done a lot of good which is puzzling to an old nurse. 

3. I have to give a shout out to Farmhouse Vernacular. Paige and husband, Brandon, are  restoring a farm house in Kentucky. You can see her blog on Blogs I read bar. You can also find her at You Tube. She shared a tour of her new old kitchen by making a Peaches and Cream pie. She will email you the recipe if you click on the link at You Tube. Paige proves that having a huge kitchen with lots of storage is not necessary to turn our some good cooking. It took me back to my childhood days when my grandmothers had small kitchens but oh the memories of the things they made back in the day. 

4. I have been reading some old Agatha Christie mysteries as I have not made it to the library recently. Right now I am reading The Body in the Library featuring my favorite female sleuth, Miss Jane Marple. Agatha Christie has stood the test of time. I just finished The ABC murders which was one suggested by mystery writer, Peter Swanson.  When I turned the last page in that mystery, I read, And Then There Were None. I think it was a better mystery than the ABC mystery. But it is a stand alone mystery by Ms Christie. Foolishly, I kept waiting for Jane, Hercule or Tommy and Tuppence to show up!

5. I enjoyed some stitching time with my friend, Brenda. She came by to drop off some project bags she had made for me and we enjoyed visiting, social distancing of course. It is so good to see a face and here a voice in person.

6. Marvin has spent this week preparing his doctoral thesis to be sent off to get a bindery. He has had a soft bound  copy for years but he has always wanted to get a REAL book.  We  found a book binding company in Wisconsin and it is Grimm's Book Bindery! Located in Madison, Wisconsin, it has been a family business since the mid 1800s. Well of course we had to give them our business. I look forward to seeing it when it returns to us. Of course, I am not a physics whiz so I will not understand it at all. However it is dedicated to me so I will see my name in print.

Hope everyone is staying well and staying busy. 


Mary said...

Arlene, How wonderful that your mother will be turning 90. I would love to send her one of my homemade cards.
I feel for all the workers that are wearing masks all day long. My glasses fog up and I'm claustrophobic, I don't know how they do it. We have been wearing them here for quite some time and our numbers are good so they work. Give it time.
How exciting that Marvin's thesis will be book bound by a Grimm company, what a coincidence!!!

Sandy said...

Good for Marvin. I am not too sure I would understand a word of it, but it is nice to have it as a keepsake.Woohoo for your mom. That is awesome. I do hope she has a good day. School is a dirty word around here. Jeff comes home most days grumpy! He gets over it soon, but I don't dare ask a question. IT has been postponed currently until August 31st, but the cases are hopping in the 5 northwest counties from Pensacola to Panama City and they are not old and at nursing homes. So, we will see. The logistical piece to it is a nightmare.

Robin in Virginia said...

I hope you will share a picture of the bound book of Marvin's thesis. Best wishes to your Mom on her upcoming birthday! We have been wearing masks by mandate since the end of May, but there are still many who refuse to wear them. Enjoy your day!

Phoebes World said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your dear mum... 90 years young.. what a blessing.
I love love love Agatha Christie.. I think I have read every one of her books..and watched every television programme and movie. Fabulous Fiction.
I will gladly take a look at Farmhouse Vernacular... Im always looking for inspiration
And oh my gosh... I so agree about the masks. Its hard to breathe in them.. fog up my glasses... and make me so hot.
Have a great day
Phoebe x

jackie said...

Hi, if you put a folded tissue in the top part of your mask, it should keep your glasses from fogging. Not sure if helps with a runny nose though! Give it a try and let me know if it works for you, works for my hubby!

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. My Uncle turned 96 and we all met and did a parade by his house. People made signs and left balloons and little gifts out. He waved at everyone from his kitchen window. He did make the comment he wished everyone had driven slower so he could tell who we all were. I think we had car, tractors, etc. take part! I love your blog and your stitching is so beautiful!

Terri D said...

The 90th birthday card party for your mom sounds great! Watch for my email! The mask thing is puzzling to many of us, I think! Please share a photo of your bound book when it arrives! How nice for Marvin to have it in hard-copy!! I will go look at Paige's blog!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! My Dad turns 90 next March. The mask thing has many nurses puzzled, including this one. Actually the whole covid situation doesn't always make much sense...
I follow Farmouse Vernacular (might have heard about them from you!) It's very interesting!
Hooray for Marvin - I am impressed!

thismammablogs.x said...

Massive Happy 90th Birthday to your mom hope she has a lovely day. Masks situation is very confusing, I also struggle with my glasses too x

RJ said...

Hi Arlene! I love the idea of the flooding card birthday for your Mom. 90 is a special day and I would definitely love to be a part of it. I'll get the address from you.

How exciting for Marvin. I want to see the book when it is completed too.

I'm glad you are taking precautions when seeing friends. I have not seen one person besides George for five months now because of our underlying conditons. And it is frustrating and heart breaking. Take care my friend. RJ