Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Stream

 Good Morning to another Hot day in NoAla. A wade in a cool stream would be very refreshing. But I live in the is supposed to be hot in August so I will remember this when I am freezing in January.

1. Mother turned 90 yesterday. What a milestone. Thanks to everyone who sent a card. We are headed to  Grimmwood so I will have some pictures next week.  In these last months Mother has told me many stories of her growing up years. It seems she remembers those stories while completely forgetting what has happened thirty minutes ago.  She was telling me about her grandparents. Her Grandfather Henderson had a pocket watch that he allowed her to play with while she stood beside him. Mother's Henderson Grandparents had 14 children. While not all  the children lived to adult hood, there were many grandchildren in the family. Mother says she cannot remember much about her grandmother. Bless that poor ladies heart, she was probably tired of children by the time the grands came along! 

2. I am slowly learning the new blogger platform. Thanks to Meg at Stitch to Live for sharing a tip that helped her. She puts in all the prose then adds the photos. I am finding that works for me too. Is it just me or can you load more than one photo at a time without losing them? I used to upload all my photos then I could just add them to the blog. Now I have to upload one photo at a time. This is very frustrating and like many others I think the old platform was much better in this area. Icons are a problem for me. I did not grow up using them and I spend a lot of time figuring out what each icon is supposed to stand for word wise.Any tips would be appreciated.

3. My other grands head off to school this week. I am praying all goes well.  There are many opinions about this issue. I have to remind myself that I am not the parent and I have to trust my children will make the best decisions for their children. The grandchild who has suffered most from virtual learning is Baylor. He is autistic and there is no such thing as virtual learning for him. He needs the structure and discipline of attending school. So this nana is doing a lot of praying for this little man, especially.

4. Marvin and I will be on car line patrol for Kendall and Landon every other week. I used to complain about this but now I am happy I can go to a carline. Landon started soccer practice last week and his games start later this month. Again, I complained about sitting in the heat etc. Remember I am INDOORSY.  But Ben and Katy got me a camp chair with a canvas top so I will have some shade...that should help. So I am looking forward to another little bit of normal.  Landon's season is short...only six games so lets go team!

5. Speaking of normal....I was watching some old SEC football games with Marvin and I wonder if there will be football this fall. I think it is still up in the air. But will the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade be cancelled too? That is something I look forward to each year and it really ushers in the holiday season for so many of us.  

6. Charles and Nancy are coming to Huntsville for a wedding on Labor Day weekend so we will get to baby-sit Audrey and Joshua. Charles was afraid we might not be up to it. I assured him that we can handle a day with no problem. I found a recipe for Fluffy Cloud Dough on The Southern Plate's facebook page. Christie Jordan is a local celebrity chef and she has so many wonderful recipes on her page. You dont eat fluffy cloud is for pure play. 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of conditioner...the kind you use after shampooing your hair.  Mix together ....then put it in a ziplock bag and continue kneading it until it is smooth.   Christie's mom happens to be a member of my North Alabama Stitchers group. Both ladies are good cooks. Check out Southern Plate if you are looking for some new recipes. 


Sandy said...

Enjoy your days away. It helps to have a change of scenery.
The odd days we are in--- and yes, I would think this would be the hardest on Baylor. Pray Pray and Pray. He will hear us.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I am still wrestling with the new Blog - one day I get it, the next I dont but will keep trying. Hope you enjoy keeping the little ones. Your Mother is typical of most 90 year olds I know...heck I am 78 and do the same thing!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother! So, is Fluffy Cloud Dough similar to homemade Play Doh? That camp chair with canvas top sounds like just the ticket! HS sports won't start here until December and they are playing abbreviated seasons with Winter sports first followed by fall sports and spring will bring up the rear. So strange!

Visits With Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your MoM. I always enjoyed when my parents would share stories of their childhood. It always fascinated me to hear of their 'escapades!' It's so hot here on the Texas coast too, I'm so ready for cooler weather but it's going to be a while before cool weather comes our way. Thank Goodness for A/C.

Terri D said...

YES to your #2. The photo thing is my biggest complaint with the new blogger. I even wrote and asked them to fix it. The kids will have fun with the homemade playdough! Let us know how it goes! I am glad your mom had a good birthday and got some extra cards! Our kids are off to school this Monday, though some of the charter schools went back last week. Like you, I am praying for all the children, teachers, and parents!

Meg said...

Happy 90th to your mom, Arlene! ❤️ I will be wishing you and yours health as your grands return to school. Scary, uncertain times. Boise is starting the year online but is offering in-person learning for students with special circumstances, such as your wonderful little guy. The school realizes these students cannot do online as effectively (or at all), so I’m glad their parents have that option.

In terms of holiday celebrations and sports, I think it’s important to remember that this situation is not forever... we will persevere, and our children and grandchildren will be telling stories to their children and grandchildren about the sacrifices we made to keep each other safe.

Be well!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! My Dad turns 90 in March. It's a milestone for sure!
I hate the photo loading in the new blogger. I used to do it like you and now have the same issue you do.
Have fun with the kids. I've made that cloud dough with my girlies and they loved it.

Mary said...

I hope your Mom had a Special 90th Birthday. I initially wondered what a car line was!! I guess your waiting to pick up the kids at school!! I feel for the kids and the disruption in their life, hopefully, this ends sooner than later.