Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Grandest

Ok...lots of pictures of the grands today because remember it is Nanaland. And Nana likes to show off every now and then. The picture above is Audrey at the Fernbank Science Center. Grandpa would be so happy if one of the grands chose to be a scientist like him! 
Joshua was all about the play area at the museum. Note his little head ban that holds his hearing device in place. Charles and Nancy say they think he is really hearing better these days.
Adventurous Audrey on the playground. 
This picture pretty much sums up Elliott. He wanted to do a silly photo. I told him he looks like Dracula except Dracula was not snaggle toothed. I think Elliott will be wishing for two front teeth this Christmas.
Katy took this picture of Margaret, talking via a friend via FaceTime and enjoying her cup of tea. 
Baylor loves to wrap up in his blanket. Cozy spots are right up his alley. Katy says he is really enjoying their basement family room as it is dark and quiet. 
Ben and Elliott having a nerf war in the backyard. 
Amelia and her family checked out the Scarecrow Trail at the Huntsville Botanical Garden recently. Landon and Hudson found chairs just their size.:)
Since Hampton and Kendall photo sitings are rare, I thought I would share this snapshot that Amelia shared of Kendall for Daughter Day.  We all rather miss this giggly little girl, but I guess we all have to grow up. As I remember it, those teen years are just something that must be endured but the adults you get at the end of that period are worth the aggravation.
Now don't tell Kendall but Amelia took this picture in car line and was playing with princess filters. I think all my granddaughters are princesses in disguise. After all they do have those Grimm Genes.
Audrey's school picture. 
Step into my office! Charles had to take Joshua with him to campus one day to address a technical issue with the distance classes he is teaching this semester. Daddy dressed himself and J in plaid shirts and khaki pants. Everyone says Joshua is an Asian Charles. I do see some of Charles in him for sure.

 And a last picture of me and Margaret... I hope you enjoyed catching up with the grands. It seems they are growing by leaps and bounds and I am so proud of every one of them.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Home Again

Even though we love our little Grimmwood, I was glad to get home to Decatur and back to a routine. My biggest problem is waking up in the middle of the night and trying to figure out where I am! Now that is a First World problem for sure.

Sorry for the lack of photos with this post but I just took the week off in many ways. 

We visited with Ben and Katy on Saturday before we headed to Grimmwood. It was so good to visit in their pretty new home. Margaret and I shared a cup of hot tea. I had taken her an electric tea pot and some more tea to sample. Baylor is settling in at his new school. His new teacher is determined to see him make progress. She says he is capable of much and she is working with Ben and Katy to help him meet some mile stones. I know many of you pray for Baylor Man so if you could say a few extra ones right now I would appreciate it. Elliott is his usual funny self. He is into animals and he was telling me facts about some of the animals he has been studying. Hyenas seem to be his current interest 

We had a good week at Grimmwood. You can tell that fall is coming.  The temps were in the 70s and low humidity reigned. After a hot summer, Fall is such a delight to weary southerners. The trees are changing colors and our grass is not growing as quickly as it does in the summer months. Bad news on one of our bee hives. Again, they just up and left. The other hive is doing well so we just do not understand what is up! Marvin thinks he needs to be there full time and that could be it. Even bees need a bee man. Mother is doing fairly well. Her short term memory is gone but she can tell you stories of things that happened many years ago. 

We did visit Ellijay on Wednesday.  You can tell it is Apple Season in Georgia. Ellijay was very busy both at the orchards and down town. We did have a nice lunch at Cantaberrys then shopped at a few of the stores on the square. I visited Green Willow Soaps and picked up a few for me and Marvin. One was named Trick or Treat. It has a candy smell that is very nice.  I am waiting for their Christmas soaps to come out. Christmas Flannel is my favorite. 

I did not get as much stitching done as I had hoped but that is okay. I think I just needed a rest from my stitching as well.  

I will be back visiting your blogs. I look forward to catching up with all my blog friends.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Blog Break

 Spending time in NoGA.....maybe next year Gulf Shores! Back September 28th.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 No big haul this week my friends as I am trying to be good. However I did meet with several ladies to stitch this week and there was some passing of the stash. Here is what I got for FREE...the best price of all.

My friend, Sue, gave each of us a lovely mug rug for our stitching places. It also included a bookmark. Sue is a former librarian however I think being a  librarian is like being a former nurse or teacher. It never leaves you!  I have a book waiting for this bookmark. 

I finally finished THE WHALE on Riley Harbor. I have eight houses to build and five are small so I can see a finish for this piece. I put 20 on the whale's tail so that will motivate me to get this done.

I am also seeing a finish for Trick or Treat. I have made some changes on mine but I am loving it so much. It is going to be a cute Halloween decoration for my home.

I am putting together some project bags to take to Chatsworth. I hope to finish the grands ornaments as well as a Prairie Schooler Christmas Sheep I am doing for my sister in law.  I will be working on an exchange project as well. Our secret swap in the North Alabama Stitchers group must be in the mail by November 2nd.


While we were at my friend's house stitching, K took us on a tour of her lovely stitching room. I was a bit jelly I admit!  She showed us quite a few project bags filled with kitted pieces. We asked if she passed away before we did could we come and take one. She assured us that would be given out as goodie bags at her services. We all had a good laugh  at that one. And I hope I NEVER get one of those goodie bags.

  I think all of us older stitchers do think about what will happen to our things when we die.. I usually say my family will have it all out in a big yard sale with bargain prices. I told my friend, Brenda, that when I die  I am leaving her in charge of dispersing my projects and supplies. I think the death of Leanne of Lost in Floss really hit our stitching community. Her best friend, Barb, who filmed with Leanne, is carrying on. She showed a few of Leanne's projects that she had fully finished for her family. Barb also shared a lovely Blackbird design that she started on Leanne's August birthday as a memorial to her friend. I think we all hope our stitching will have a cherished spot in someone's heart.

I was telling my friend, Sandy, of I Majored in Home Economics, that I think I am becoming a sampler stitcher. Who would have thought that would come to pass? I was always a Prairie Schooler gal but they do not hold my interest any more. I am being drawn to Blackbird projects. I guess we all grow and change as stitchers just as we do in life.

I hope I will have a lot  to show you when I share my next Saturday Stitching on October 3rd. I may have a special giveaway to celebrate.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday One

 Instead of Friday Five I am doing Friday One....

As many of you know we were supposed to go to Gulf Shores next week for our annual anniversary trip. Well Hurricane Sally put an end to those plans as she roared ashore in the little beach town we love so much. Pictures from Gulf Shores show much devastation and my heart aches for those who must now pick up the pieces. 

We spoke with our landlady there and she said she has not been able to get to the condominium to assess any damage. She was told by other home owners in the complex that there was damage to the pool and the entrance way.  She has no openings for later in the season so we will miss our trip this year.  So we may plan a trip in October to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark.  Or we may just stay home. 2020 is the year for going with he flow for sure.

So instead we will head to Grimmwood and stay there Monday through Thursday to allow my sisters to have some time to get away. 

It is not the week I had planned but it is the week God had planned for me. I have learned over the years to trust his providence.  My mother is getting older, who knows how much more time I will have with her. And with Covid we have all been reminded that life is a blessing and we need to cherish each moment we have with family and friends. 

So I will post a Stitching Saturday but I am going to take off next week as I had planned. See you the 28th.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Stream

 Good Morning....lets see what is rattling around in my stream of consciousness this morning. 

1. Several have asked about Marvin's bees. So far so good. We are going to leave their honey for them for this winter since that seems to be when they take off!! We might take a frame or two for ourselves but we still have honey left from last years harvest so we are good. Marvin has determined that if they leave again, he is done with bee keeping. It is an expensive endeavor when you have to keep buying bees. We will see. He had a good time exploring this new hobby. If it does not work out, hopefully he will find something else to catch his attention.

2. Today is a stitching day with a few like minded friends. It is a small group so we can social distance. I am so looking forward to spending the day stitching. I think I will take my bunny and fill in that big dress. Miss Bunny needs to go on a diet.:) We also found a new location for our North Alabama Stitchers. We usually meet at the library but they have closed down any public meetings for now. Our new meeting place requires that we each chip in about $10 for the day but that if fine with me. It is worth every penny. So many of us have found that we NEED people. Being isolated for months on end is not good for anyone's mental health.

3. Rosh Hoshannah is this week. How do I know? I have enjoyed watching several young Jewish moms on You Tube.  As a Christian I find it interesting to learn more about the Jewish roots of our faith. Jar of Flie Flies is a vlog that follows Chana, an Orthodox Jewish mother who homeschools and has the added challenge of a young son with type one diabetes.Another young mom is Marion at My Jewish Mommy Life. Marion is conservative and has two little boys. This week the mommies have been making all kinds of foods for the Jewish New Year. Many include apples. I got a few new recipes to try out. Chana Tova.( I think that means Happy New Year!)

4. Well Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sally is headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Where she will land we are not sure but I hope she leaves Gulf Shores alone since we have our annual Anniversary trip next week.  Typically the weather after a hurricane is very nice so fingers crossed!

5. This is homecoming week at Priceville so every day has a theme. Monday was Patriotic Day. Landon was dressed in Red White and Blue. Not sure if Kendall went along with this as she does not like to dress for themes.( Teenager) However I was glad to see this was a theme as there has been so much unrest in our country as of late. I saw a post someone put on Facebook that she wished we could be the people we were on September 12, 2001.  Something to think about for sure.

6. I am beginning to get more comfortable with the new blog format.  Do I love it? No. I do think the other platform was more user friendly and I cannot really see any improvements in this design but what do I know I am an old lady who blogs. I guess I should be ocmmended for being able to finally figure things out.

Happy Wednesday friends. Hope all is well where you are.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Marvin went to Grimmwood to  mow as we will not be back there until after our beach trip. My sister, Kristi got this beautiful picture of the rainbow above our driveway to Grimmwood.
I love this looks like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is our little house. That is certainly how we feel about it.
And one from Cousin Scott.  He catches the  most beautiful photos of our area. 

I stayed home to meet with an electrician as we are having the fluorescent light in the kitchen removed and LED cans will be used to replace it. While our workman is here he will change out all our canned lights for LEDS. Our unit is in the middle of three townhouses and we need more light.  This is my anniversary gift as I have wanted to have that ugly fluorescent light removed for quite a while.  I will be doing a post on the process. It will be the first of October when the remodel takes place.  

Hope you all are having a good Monday. 


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Not a lot of progress on Stitching this week but a good bit of purchasing happened. I have to justify it by saying my sisters told me to put a wish list on 123 Stitch for Christmas. I am no longer allowed to order anything until after Christmas. I always put a pretty long list on there so they can choose and I will be surprised. Also I do not even look at the site until January. So hopefully I have plenty to keep me busy. 

I worked on this sweet bunny for my friend Deborah. She is a lot of fun to stitch. 

My little witch is coming along. I chose to do a purple gingham skirt instead of black. Also I am leaving off the pumpkins on the skirt. I like Priscilla's designs but they are a bit busy for my taste. I hope to put this piece on a wreath.

G Legere got some love. I think I am turning into a sampler girl.

Landon's Christmas ornament is done.


Now for the Haul....123 Stitch order arrived. 

Also I ordered two Erica Michaels charts from Inspired Needle after seeing her trunk show on display at Inspired Needle. It is on the Inspired Needle Floss Tube channel. Watch at your own risk!!

Patches and Stitches.....

This is Sarah Platt by Pineberry Lane. I am stitching it in magenta and using a lighter pink for my initials, Amelia's initials and my granddaughter's initials.  
Feast of Friendship by Blackberry Lane. I could not resist that blue house and the fruit bowl. I had to order the over dyed flosses for this piece so it will be a while before I start it.

And finally Hobby Lobby. 

Perfect for finishing Christmas ornaments.
Saw these at 40% off and picked up two for Christmas ornament bases.
Rings for floss.
I saw these heavy duty place cards and thought they would make great thread drops for my Feast of Friendship. I think everything I purchased except for my flosses were 40% off. 

And since it  is Sampler September I kitted up this one as well.

I have had Strawberry Fields in my To Stitch pile for quite a while. I am using DMC and stitching it on 16 count Gingerbread. 

Now to get stitching on all these new starts!! 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Five

1. Patches and Stitches. I always treat myself to a visit to Patches and Stitches after I go for my six month dental cleaning at Dr Cook's office in Huntsville. Patches and Stitches is just seven minutes away and it is always a joy to visit a real needlework store.
2.A New Pot...Charles and Nancy gave us a Target Gift card for our anniversary. I had been admiring Targets answer to LeCrueset so I used my gift card to get something both Marvin and I will enjoy.
3. Tasha Tudor Christmas book.  I found this one on Thrift Books. I may use some of the pages for crafting as it is not in perfect condition but such a treasure none the less.
4. My new coffee cup.  I found this Rae Dunn coffee cup at TJ Maxx and picked it up to use for my morning coffee. 

 5. A Crafting Gift from Audrey. You know it makes Nana jump for joy when her littlest granddaughter makes a flower just for her. I was thinking of making it into a magnet for the fridge but I did not want to use hot glue on it. So it is on my bulletin board and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

I would be remiss if I did not remember 9-11.  Remembering all the patriots who gave their lives that horrible day.  Never Forget.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Nanaland 's Pride and Joy

 Some pictures of the grands today.  I did not even take any photos of Joshua and Audrey when they were here on Saturday. We were having such a good time we forgot to document. Sweet Kendall came over to help us. She has lots of experience with little ones.

Here is Audrey helping her daddy cook supper. 

Katy posted this picture of Elliott playing with cars at their new home. Perfect floors for a little boy to roll his cars on. This young man loves his matchbox cars. 

Our bonus grandson, Hampton, turned 16 and there was a big celebration.
Amelia took this picture of all four of hers at Ditto Landing in Huntsville. I may have shown this one already but it is a favorite of mine.
Kendall on the way to an orthodontist appointment. She has the prettiest eyes.
Katy shared this one of Baylor getting some sister snuggles.  He loves his Margaret.

As the kids get older it is hard to get pictures of them so I am glad when their moms share with me. 

Several people asked if I purchased anything at Cracker Barrel the other day. I showed amazing restraint and all I bought was my breakfast. However, I did make note of a few things I might want to pick up as gifts.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Cracker Barrel Monday

 My friends and I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Thursday and I took the time to get some pictures of all the pretties in the store for you all to see. It is mostly Christmas and if you do not buy something you like early, then it will be gone later. Ask me how I know???

This old fashioned Christmas Tree took me right back to my childhood. 

You know I love houses of any sort and these two were so cute

This platter caught my eye.  Red trucks are still popular.

This tree had lots of cardinal ornaments on it. I know many of you love cardinals. Click on the tree to enlarge the picture and you can browse the selection.
Pretty but too pricy for me.
Cutest snowmen ornaments. These would make a nice little Happy Gift for someone. 
They always have a pink and cream tree but I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas.
More snowmen. And more red trucks!
These snow ladies just made me smile. And they could stay out through January.
Little Boys would like this Santa in a  red truck. It looks like he is decorating the shelves at Cracker Barrel. Again, Red Truck.....I wonder what people will do with all the red trucks when this trend fizzles?
Thanksgiving and Christmas  on this display.
A very pretty cardinal light.
More ornaments.
And one last display that features NASA...this one is for Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics. With the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Cracker Barrel keeps out some NASA things for tourists.

One thing I noticed this year is that there was almost no Halloween displays. Of course I guess each Cracker Barrel decides what they will display to a point so you might find more Halloween things at a different store. I always enjoy browsing the aisles at Cracker Barrel and I usually do some of my Christmas shopping there as well. I am seeing posts on Instagram with a Christmas countdown! It will be here before we know it. Even in this Covid year, time is marching on!