Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Five

 1. My Rogues Gallery is complete. 

I love this grouping of my favorite littles by my cozy chair.

2. A Pretty New Mask 

 Some happy mail from one of my dear blog friends.  We all need a fall themed face mask.

3. Looking Back

 My best childhood friend, Linda, got married one year before I did. She shared this picture with me on her wedding anniversary, August 23rd.  Linda lost her husband, Kenneth, but she still celebrates their love on that day.  I told her I wanted to know what happened to those young skinny people. PS...I am the tall one on the left. I did have brown hair once upon a time.

4. Grimmwood Fall 

 This was a housewarming gift from my friend, Diane. When you turn it around it has Christmas words on the back. A dual purpose decoration that we found in Scottsboro, Alabama several years ago.

5. Waiting

  Nancy posted this photo of Joshua awaiting his appointment for his hearing aid. He was born with pediatric microtia.  His left ear was not as developed as the right, leading to some low frequency hearing loss. Now that he is at the talking stage of development, the audiologist said it was time for the hearing aid. When he gets older there is a surgical procedure they will do that will ensure better hearing for this sweet baby boy.

I have to add another Friday Favorite this week. Today is my 44th wedding anniversary. It just does not seem possible that we have been married so long. I am thankful for a great husband and a gracious Heavenly Father who has lead us all these years.


Nancy said...

Joshua is such a doll. Would love to see his expression when he gets the hearing aid!

Georgia said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 44 years was just yesterday, right? Congratulations. I enjoyed your blog today, and I would like to talk about hearing aids for just a minute. I love mine! I started loosing my hearing at 45. The Dr said it was a genetic hearing loss. I have worn them now for 25 years. I still have some hearing without them, but I miss a lot of conversations. I was working at the time, and I needed to hear and understand the doctors I worked with. The phone has always been a problem especially speaker phones. However this last pair I got has bluetooth. This enables me to hear conversations better on my phone, even with speaker phone. I can also listen to audible books. However, one drawback to hearing aids, is insurance pays very little, and the price of a pair of hearing is as much as the cost of a good used car. A lot of health care providers are not aware of this. Hearing aids are easy to lose. I am excited for Joshua this will open up a whole new world for him. Please keep us updated on his progress. Many blessings to you and yours. And, again Happy Anniversary, enjoy your day:)

Sandy said...

44 is something to celebrate. Especially in this day and age. Those bridesmaids dresses are classics for the time period. However, they can bring such a lovely style back as far as I am concerned. Little Joshua is adorable.

Susie said...

Such a cute baby boy. Thankful he can get some hearing help. Love the wall gallery. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Robin in Virginia said...

Wishing you and Marvin the happiest of anniversaries today, Arlene! Your gallery of photos is awesome. Look at Joshua, growing up before our eyes. I hope the hearing aid will help with his speech along with his hearing of the world around him. Have a wonderful weekend, Arlene.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your pictures and especially the one of Joshua - he is precious.

Terri said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Terri D said...

Happy Anniversary!! May God grant you many, many more years together! Joshua is adorable! I am glad he can get some help with the hearing problem and that they will be able to so surgery later. I so look forward to reading your posts!!

Carol in AZ said...

Happy 44th Anniversary! October 10th would have been our 44th....:(

Mari said...

I love the wall of pictures!
Your decor is looking good.
Happy Anniversary! How time flies!

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary Arlene!!! Your photo wall displays what a wonderful family life the two of you have created. Joshua is such a cutie and I hope he adapts well to the hearing aid.

Barbara said...

Congratulations on 44 years of marriage! This is a wonderful blessing!

I enjoyed the photo of your friend's wedding -- all of you girls look so pretty (and the dresses are modestly beautiful).

Your stitching -- superb, as always!

Carol said...

Happy 44th Anniversary, Arlene! You got ten months before we did! Amazing that it's been that long, isn't it? It sure doesn't seem like it. What a wonderful gallery of love you have there with all your blessings. I hope sweet Joshua gets wonderful results with his hearing aid--that is great that they have a surgical procedure that will help when he is older, too. He is such a darling!

Enjoy your new week, Arlene ♥

RJ said...

Happy 44th anniversary Arlene. I'm sorry I missed it but have been down with this autoimmune disease and not even on the computer all week. It's a huge accomplishment and a blessing when it is with someone we love and admire.

Joshua is adorable!

Loved the old wedding photo. Your best friend and I have the same anniversary August 23rd. RJ