Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Five

1. Patches and Stitches. I always treat myself to a visit to Patches and Stitches after I go for my six month dental cleaning at Dr Cook's office in Huntsville. Patches and Stitches is just seven minutes away and it is always a joy to visit a real needlework store.
2.A New Pot...Charles and Nancy gave us a Target Gift card for our anniversary. I had been admiring Targets answer to LeCrueset so I used my gift card to get something both Marvin and I will enjoy.
3. Tasha Tudor Christmas book.  I found this one on Thrift Books. I may use some of the pages for crafting as it is not in perfect condition but such a treasure none the less.
4. My new coffee cup.  I found this Rae Dunn coffee cup at TJ Maxx and picked it up to use for my morning coffee. 

 5. A Crafting Gift from Audrey. You know it makes Nana jump for joy when her littlest granddaughter makes a flower just for her. I was thinking of making it into a magnet for the fridge but I did not want to use hot glue on it. So it is on my bulletin board and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

I would be remiss if I did not remember 9-11.  Remembering all the patriots who gave their lives that horrible day.  Never Forget.


Nancy said...

Just looked up the store. Oh my, I’d go crazy.! You are lucky to have so many shops like that is your area. We have nothing near buffalo.

Georgia said...

I absolutely love Audrey's flower. It is so pretty. And your coffee cup is great! You always manage to find such great buys. Thank you so much for sharing:)

Robin in Virginia said...

I bet your heart did a little dance when you received Audrey's hand-crafted flower. What a super reward you give yourself with a stop at Patches and Stitches following a dental visit.

I was thinking about this year's anniversary of 9-11 and reflecting on all the lives lost that day and continue to be lost due to the after effects caused by the debris. We must Never Forget.

Terri D said...

Audrey's flower is perfection! Of course, it makes you smile!! I'm happy you got to visit your favorite store. A nice consolation for going to the dentist!!

Linda said...

Love your five and Audrey's flower has to be the best! But that Coffee Cup!! and Tasha Tudor ANYTHING is a treasure!!

RJ said...

Love your 5's Arlene. The mug is find the best things. But, of course the very best is the flower from Audrey. She is the sweetest!
We will never forget. RJ

Carol said...

Oh, that Tasha Tudor book does take me back... My mother used to send Tasha Tudor Christmas cards out back in the day and that's how my love of her drawings began. I have a couple of her books--the little children are so dear. Enjoy your new book and that sweet sunflower from little Audrey :)