Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 No big haul this week my friends as I am trying to be good. However I did meet with several ladies to stitch this week and there was some passing of the stash. Here is what I got for FREE...the best price of all.

My friend, Sue, gave each of us a lovely mug rug for our stitching places. It also included a bookmark. Sue is a former librarian however I think being a  librarian is like being a former nurse or teacher. It never leaves you!  I have a book waiting for this bookmark. 

I finally finished THE WHALE on Riley Harbor. I have eight houses to build and five are small so I can see a finish for this piece. I put 20 on the whale's tail so that will motivate me to get this done.

I am also seeing a finish for Trick or Treat. I have made some changes on mine but I am loving it so much. It is going to be a cute Halloween decoration for my home.

I am putting together some project bags to take to Chatsworth. I hope to finish the grands ornaments as well as a Prairie Schooler Christmas Sheep I am doing for my sister in law.  I will be working on an exchange project as well. Our secret swap in the North Alabama Stitchers group must be in the mail by November 2nd.


While we were at my friend's house stitching, K took us on a tour of her lovely stitching room. I was a bit jelly I admit!  She showed us quite a few project bags filled with kitted pieces. We asked if she passed away before we did could we come and take one. She assured us that would be given out as goodie bags at her services. We all had a good laugh  at that one. And I hope I NEVER get one of those goodie bags.

  I think all of us older stitchers do think about what will happen to our things when we die.. I usually say my family will have it all out in a big yard sale with bargain prices. I told my friend, Brenda, that when I die  I am leaving her in charge of dispersing my projects and supplies. I think the death of Leanne of Lost in Floss really hit our stitching community. Her best friend, Barb, who filmed with Leanne, is carrying on. She showed a few of Leanne's projects that she had fully finished for her family. Barb also shared a lovely Blackbird design that she started on Leanne's August birthday as a memorial to her friend. I think we all hope our stitching will have a cherished spot in someone's heart.

I was telling my friend, Sandy, of I Majored in Home Economics, that I think I am becoming a sampler stitcher. Who would have thought that would come to pass? I was always a Prairie Schooler gal but they do not hold my interest any more. I am being drawn to Blackbird projects. I guess we all grow and change as stitchers just as we do in life.

I hope I will have a lot  to show you when I share my next Saturday Stitching on October 3rd. I may have a special giveaway to celebrate.


Sandy said...

I love the whale. He turned out so pretty. I really love that whole pattern...very New England looking.
I also love that Blackbird Designs piece. Their patterns are really lovely stitched up. One of their samplers was one of the first pieces I did after retiring. I had no idea about all the new fancy floss and just used the DMC subs provided. Many were two colors tweeded. I had no idea about that term either. That piece is one of my absolute favorites. Have fun at Grimmwood...the weather should be nice for you and maybe you can sit on the porch swing and stitch.

Robin in Virginia said...

What lovely free stash you picked up, Arlene! I hope you get much accomplished while you are at Grimmwood. Isn't it interesting how are stitching tastes change over the years? Enjoy your time while off the grid! Thinking of you and look forward to seeing what you have worked on.

Georgia said...

Good Morning Arlene! It looks like you have a lot of stitching planned for your week away. I usually only take one project with me when I travel. But, I always come home with more than I left with. My husband usually indulges me with a visit or two to some LNS in other states:) I also love the Strawberry Fields Sampler it is on my to do list. I love samplers but I really have to think about how to finish them. That is due to wall space. I like the smaller projects to use up left over fabric from the bigger projects. It balances out in the end. Have a blessed and fun week. You and yours are on my heart and in my prayers.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's fun to mix it up and do different styles. I have my new glasses now so I need to get back to sewing. I love the holiday designs best..especially Halloween! Enjoy your weekend!

RJ said...

Wonderful items you were able to pick up at free stash day. That would be so much fun...I wish we had something like that here.

Love all your stitching. Enjoy your time away at, stitch and enjoy! RJ

Terri D said...

I always tell you that I don't understand the lingo or how you do your stitching but I sure appreciate the patience and creativity it takes to finish the beautiful projects you work on. The whale with the '20' on its tail is so cute! Have a good week and have fun while you are away!

moosecraft said...

Agreed! Preferences keep on changing..... I was always Blackbird Designs, then went to samplers... now I'm finding myself wandering off to Stoney Creek and also the Dimensions (brand) kits! lol! Heck, I even have a full coverage design in my stash now....just waiting for me to decide what fabric I prefer. One designer that is timeless and I have enjoyed from my beginning stitch days all the way up to now is Brenda Gervais! She has a knack for keeping her signature style, yet slightly changing to reflect the current trend... :-)
That Strawberry Fields is perfection with your fabric choice! And, LOVE those Prairie Schooler animals!
Every once in awhile I sell some of my stash that I lost interest in.... keeps "inventory" to a minimum and frees up some money to buy what I currently like. :-)
Stitch on!