Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Stream

 Good Morning....lets see what is rattling around in my stream of consciousness this morning. 

1. Several have asked about Marvin's bees. So far so good. We are going to leave their honey for them for this winter since that seems to be when they take off!! We might take a frame or two for ourselves but we still have honey left from last years harvest so we are good. Marvin has determined that if they leave again, he is done with bee keeping. It is an expensive endeavor when you have to keep buying bees. We will see. He had a good time exploring this new hobby. If it does not work out, hopefully he will find something else to catch his attention.

2. Today is a stitching day with a few like minded friends. It is a small group so we can social distance. I am so looking forward to spending the day stitching. I think I will take my bunny and fill in that big dress. Miss Bunny needs to go on a diet.:) We also found a new location for our North Alabama Stitchers. We usually meet at the library but they have closed down any public meetings for now. Our new meeting place requires that we each chip in about $10 for the day but that if fine with me. It is worth every penny. So many of us have found that we NEED people. Being isolated for months on end is not good for anyone's mental health.

3. Rosh Hoshannah is this week. How do I know? I have enjoyed watching several young Jewish moms on You Tube.  As a Christian I find it interesting to learn more about the Jewish roots of our faith. Jar of Flie Flies is a vlog that follows Chana, an Orthodox Jewish mother who homeschools and has the added challenge of a young son with type one diabetes.Another young mom is Marion at My Jewish Mommy Life. Marion is conservative and has two little boys. This week the mommies have been making all kinds of foods for the Jewish New Year. Many include apples. I got a few new recipes to try out. Chana Tova.( I think that means Happy New Year!)

4. Well Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sally is headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Where she will land we are not sure but I hope she leaves Gulf Shores alone since we have our annual Anniversary trip next week.  Typically the weather after a hurricane is very nice so fingers crossed!

5. This is homecoming week at Priceville so every day has a theme. Monday was Patriotic Day. Landon was dressed in Red White and Blue. Not sure if Kendall went along with this as she does not like to dress for themes.( Teenager) However I was glad to see this was a theme as there has been so much unrest in our country as of late. I saw a post someone put on Facebook that she wished we could be the people we were on September 12, 2001.  Something to think about for sure.

6. I am beginning to get more comfortable with the new blog format.  Do I love it? No. I do think the other platform was more user friendly and I cannot really see any improvements in this design but what do I know I am an old lady who blogs. I guess I should be ocmmended for being able to finally figure things out.

Happy Wednesday friends. Hope all is well where you are.


Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I enjoyed my wander in your stream this morning. I was happy to read about Patriotic Day at Landon's school. Thanks for the update on Marvin's bees. I hope they will hang around over the winter months. Praying for the people who will be affected by Sally and continuing to pray for the people and communities who are dealing with the fires out west.

Terri D said...

There have been NO improvements in this new blogger platform. Everything is the same except for how we get to it. Ridiculous. Grrrr. There, I said it for both of us!! I hope Marvin's bees hand around this winter!! We need bees! Have fun with your fellow stitchers! It really does feel good when we can socialize again. Little by little things are improving. Happy hump day!

Georgia said...

Arlene, I enjoyed wondering in your stream this morning. I too had been wondering about Marvin's Bees, I was thinking recently about the pretty little bees wax for thread you made a year or two ago. My father tried bee keeping when I was in junior high school. He tried to rescue a swarm, got stung and became severely allergic. Would you believe when I did my "Intercultural Nursing" in college I spent a whole semester following the Jewish Communities. I learned a lot. I am anxious to see how some of your recipes turn out. I thought the recent Peace agreement with Israel was amazing. The Old Testament is a history of the Jewish Nation. Thank you so much for sharing, your thoughts today. Enjoy your time with stitching friends, many blessings to you and yours.

Barbara said...

You are indeed to be commended for sticking with blogging in spite of the baffling changes. They say we need to embrace change as we age so our minds will stay sharp. That thought alone helps me to weather through this new blog format.

I hope you were able to do all the stitching your wanted today!

As for Hurricane Sally and your plans to the area -- well, you'll let us know later how that panned out. My kids in the Pensacola area are fine. There's a ceiling leak over the master bathroom toilet , a fence blew down, lots of branches on the ground and now they are without power. The newly-finished bridge on Hwy 98 lost a big chunk....

RJ said...

Great post today Arlene. I do hope Marvin's bees stick around because I know he enjoyed this hobby. I too am glad they used a patriotic theme at Landon's school.

And it must be so much fun to get out with like minded stitchers. I agree for your sanity and health. Enjoy your stitching. RJ

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoyed visiting this morning and see what is going on in your area. Hoping the bees hang around this year. The new layout for blogging stinks! Seems every time I get ready to post I have to learn the new way all over again. I always wonder why change something that is working. I agree being able to get out and be with others..we have been couped up too long as it is. Sure hoping things are calm when you go south. Be blessed.

Carol said...

So glad Marvin has a plan for keeping his bees going through the winter, Arlene--I really hope it works for him. I know it must be expensive to restock the hives!

Hope you had a great time with your stitching friends yesterday and that you can get back to meeting at the library very soon. And yes, Miss Bunny certainly does need to start counting her calories--ha ha!