Friday, October 16, 2020

Christmas at Eddie's( NO, not THAT Eddie!)

 When we think of Eddie and Christmas most of us think of Cousin Eddie of Christmas Vacation fame. But the Eddie I went to see owns Eddie's Florsit in Henegar, Alabama.  My sister, Leta, had visited Eddie's last year and she told me I needed to see it to believe it.  I was skeptical....Henegar, Alabama is not exactly a shopping mecca. It is basically a stop on the way from Scottsboro to Mentone.  But yesterday on our way home from Grimmwood we decided to stop and check it out. It was so good that I decided to override Friday Five today and feature Eddie instead. 

I did take off my mask for the picture....sorry that I had on no lipstick. ( Pandemic Problems)

This little shop looks very deceptive on the outside.

But when you step in the door it is a Winter Wonderland. There were people there from all over the lady was visiting from Branson MO.  It is a bit overwhelming. Marvin and I walked through several times and saw something new each time. Please click on the pictures to see the ornaments and decoration up close. 

All kinds of baking ornaments...even pieces of toast and peanut butter bread to use as props in a Christmas kitchen. 
The Disney Fan tree.
Sesame Street.
This tableau greets you as you enter the store.
A beautiful creche.
This would be Audrey's favorite tree....Frozen.
Another Nativity scene.
All kinds of garland and picks to decorate your tree.
A Purple Tree would be friend, Susan's favorite.
Cheerleader pompom tree.
Barbie and princess tree.
Harry Potter.
Alabama shelves....
I really liked the picks on this tree. 
An Autism Tree.
Another pretty vignette. 

Even Marvin who is usually playing the role of the Grinch, enjoyed seeing everything in this great store. We had a chance to chat with Eddie and he was so gracious and told us how he brings this to life each year. They start receiving their merchandise in June but this year it was delayed due to Covid. For the first time ever, he closed the store for one week and his elves( workers and volunteers) went to work to decorate  the trees. He changes the trees yearly as he wants his store to have new things each year to bring in the customers. And a bonus of Eddie's store is that there was no music least on our visit. I found that refreshing as it allowed us to really look at everything without being distracted.

So if you are in this area, this is worth the trip. Feeling like the Grinch yourself? Take a trip to Eddies!!


Sandy said...

I miss the Christmas stores of the past that were always in the mall. I can imagine I would probably need to go around multiple times to see everything. I couldn't help but chuckle about the lipstick. I saw a little video about a little girl who got in her mom's "yipstick." The lady who posted it said she missed yipstick". I miss it as well.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Everything is beautiful and I would love to visit Eddie's place.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful adventure you had at Eddie's, Arlene! Your pictures reminded me of a Christmas shop near my Grandmother's called the Silver Skate that was probably the Connecticut version of Eddie's. It also reminds me of the Christmas shop here in my neck of the woods called The Noelle Niche although I think Eddie's is probably a bit larger. Thank you for sharing! But curious minds want to know, what did you buy?

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Oh how fun this looks! I need some Christmas spirit around here. - Just now catching up on your "goings." I've been swamped and it's good to see what you've been up to. "Mr. Bones" was a surprise that made me laugh! Take care, and keep having fun!

Mrs.T said...

Thanks for sharing this, Arlene! If we ever get to take our trip south, this looks like a fun stop. Up here in NH we have a specialty shop called The Christmas Loft. Many lovely things in those also.

Georgia said...

Arlene, I really enjoyed this tour. What a beautiful little shop. The pictures really brought a smile to my day. Thank you so much.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Robin most were gifts but I have one ornament for me and Marvin so it may pop up in the next Friday Five.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

It is worth a stop if you are up in NoAla! Oh and Marvin said there was soft music playing in every room! I’m going deaf or was too distracted running from tree to tree!!!

Linda said...

Is that photo of you with Marvin or Eddie?? LOVED every photo! Thank you for featuring this!

Terri D said...

That was a fun tour, Arlene! Thanks for taking us to Eddie's with you! I need to go shopping for some picks to fill out the tree we got new last year, which is very thin and not as tall as we are used to. Picks are a good way to decorate. Glad you decided to stop by!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

That is Eddie... Marvin is six five! :)

Gina said...

Arlene, I've never heard of Eddie's. Wow there is a lot to see in that store! Did you buy anything? I'm surprised that there wasn't Christmas music playing in the background! Ho Ho Ho!

Mari said...

Wow, wow, wow! That store is amazing! I can imagine how fun it was to wander through it.