Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Five

 1. Marvin's Book

Marvin got his PhD in 1978 shortly before he got his DAD.  Being a poor post doc, we could not afford a hard bound copy of his dissertation. Well we finally remedied that and Marvin could not be happier.  I get a mention in the now I am in print too!:) BTW, it was bound by Grimm Bindery in Madison Wisconsin. No kin that we know of just a happy coincidence.

2. Dirt Cake made by experts  Charles let the kiddos make a dirt cake last week. 

That Joshua is looking more like his daddy to Nana. People say he is an Asian Joshua got the long Tankersley face for sure.

3. Stitchy Kindness 

I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of two special ladies, Nancy and Georgia.  The stitching community is one of the most generous that I know of!  

These gifts were certainly not expected but much appreciated.  

4. The Birthday Boy  

Landon turned 12 this week. Amelia ordered these cupcake toppers to tease him. She is a fun mama for sure. 

5. Minnesota Checking In

We put up our Minnesota car tag at Grimmwood while we were there...along with Marvin's old vanity tag.

It was a beautiful day when we arrived on Monday but by Wednesday there was just a lot of rain in store for the area so we came on back to Alabama.  I am afraid a lot of our pretty leaves will be on the ground when we return in November.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun celebration and cakes! The cake toppers are really cute, just like the birthday boy. And what fun to get gifts from friends that know just what we love! Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy 12th birthday to Landon; it looks like it was a fun celebration and those cupcake toppers are too cute! How fun to have a bound book for Marvin's dissertation! Stitching friends are the best; what fun goodies you received, Arlene. Happy Friday!

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, Would you believe I was off line for a few days. Our computer modum was working and the wifi was working, but for some reason they weren't working together. We called our IP provider who sent out a repair man. We had to re-register our computer and get a new IP address. Now I don't understand all of this, but I am glad to say I'm back! Your blog today was such a happy blog, Congratulations to Marvin, it is a good feeling to see such an accomplishment completed. The dirt cake looked yummie and I think your children inherited the fun gene. What a gift indeed. Happy Birthday Landon! What a great cake. Many blessings to you and yours my friend:)

Barbara said...

Those cake toppers with Landon's face are so fun! I haven't seen anything like that before!

And the Dirt Cake! How wonderful is that?!!! I would have liked to be a part of that!

You lived in Minnesota at one time? What took you up there? School? Or was that where one of you is originally from?

Congrats to Marvin on his hard-bound PhD book! It's very impressive!

Sandy said...

Those cake toppers are too funny. Amelia has a great sense of humor I can tell. I loved the pictures from Wednesday. Been a bit busy and trying to catch up on blogs today. I am keeping Tucker and he is napping. I know that was exciting to have the dissertation in a bound book. I wouldn't understand a word of it, but to those physicists I am they do.

Linda said...

Good for Marvin getting that bound up so nicely!!
I thought about y'all at Grimmwood and hope your mother enjoyed the visit.
You have such cute grandkids and the parents are goodlooking too!
We won't be going to the ranch until the 11th of November. I am going to miss it but I have some undecorating to do in anticipation of putting Christmas up. I'm never ready to take fall and now that I am getting older - it goes up a little sooner every year so I can enjoy it a little longer.

Mari said...

Charles is a great dad! I think Joshua is looking like him too.
Cute cake for Landon!
I love the blog community, there are good people out there. (like you!)

Terri D said...

How can Landon be 12?!! Those cupcake toppers are SO cute! What great gifts you got in the mail from your stitching friends! That dirt cake is such a fun project and those kiddos are adorable! I think it is wonderful that Marvin's dissertation is now hard-bound. How fun that the bindery was named Grimm! Happy Halloween!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Barbara, Marvin’s dad was born and raised in Cologne, MN

Carol said...

Love the idea of getting Marvin's PhD dissertation bound! I should do that for my daughter-in-law some day (although to sit down and read it would be beyond me--all that science stuff is WAY over my head :) Your grandkids are getting way too big--all have such darling smiles (and the long head gene runs in my husband's family, too--ha ha!)

Beautiful and generous gifts--enjoy!

Gina said...

Those cupcake toppers are just too much! Love them!! The dirt cake excavator is adorable!!!