Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Wow, I had a lot of stitching and finishing this week. First I want to answer a question from my regular reader, Terri in Lakeland, FL. She wanted to know what an ORT Bag was....

Terri, this handy dandy bag sits on the arm of your stitching chair and holds the tiny bits of floss, called ORTs, that you snip off of your stitching. I used to just pile mine up on the arm of the chair before I found one of these. I was just thinking that this would be handy for people who like to eat peanuts, put those hulls right in the bag...or candy wrappers or....OK, I am getting silly now!!

I did an FFO on the exchange piece I am doing for North Alabama Stitchers. They are to be mailed the week of the 19th of November so WHEW, I have time to find a few goodies to add to the box when I mail it off to the recipient.

This is an old Heart in Hand Design but it meets the criteria of a small piece about Thankfulness. My stitchy friend, Robin in Virginia, says she did this for an exchange some years back. 

This week I worked on finishing some Christmas ornaments. I will say I am not perfect at it. I look at other stitchers finishes and wish I was as detail oriented as they seem to be. And it is messy. Check this out.

I get out all my stitched pieces, fabric for backing, embellishments, interfacing and batting to name a few things.

I have found two things that are very helpful..

.These are silicon thimbles I purchased from Tonya's Sewing Room on ETSY. I do not use them for sewing but I use them to keep from burning the fingerprints off my fingers when using a glue gun. These are perfect for putting on a finger to hold the piece in place until the hot glue sets. The glue will peel right off these thimbles and you are ready to craft again. I wish they made a silicon glove that was easy to maneuver in when crafting.

I also purchased some sequin pins at Hobby Lobby.

These short pins are perfect for using to pin and lace a piece of needlework.

One more hint...

These small signs are perfect to use as bases for ornaments. I took the wire hangers off the be grateful sings so use them more easily. Just a snip with a wire cutter and they are gone. Hobby Lobby has all their ornaments on sale this week for 50% off so stock up!

On to the finishing.

This is a modified Brenda Gervais piece.  Who doesn't love a red house and a cardinal?

An Erica Michaels piece. This is a gift but I am working on Mistletoe Kisses and Candy Cane wishes for myself.  Did you know that you can peel the ribbons off these little candy canes from HL? I thought I would give it a try as the ribbon that is on the cane makes it impossible to put the candies back to back. I saved one ribbon and glued it on the bottom of the two candy canes. I added a snowflake for the base to give it some color....those can be found at Dollar Trees

Now the one that gave me fits. It is going on my tree so I am okay with it but it reinforced my hatred of borders. Never again....

Rack Stack by Plum Street. I fiddled with this for an hour trying to make it perfect. Part of it is the border and part of it is my inability to cut foam core straight. If I had left off the border it would have been perfect. Lesson Learned. Plus the stinking border was not really necessary anyway!! I mounted this on one of the little signs I purchased at HL.

Here is one that I think is my favorite.

I used some antique buttons from the button jar I purchased at Yesteryears in Tennga, GA. 

And finally one for my neighbors as we share desserts all the time.

This one is showing up more red than it is in person. The bowls and the cookies are pink.  Country Cottage Needleworks is the designer.

If you are looking for a good tutorial on finishing, check out Live to Stitch, September 5, 2019. ( Apparently I also stink at adding links....sorry Meg) Anyway, you can find Meg on my blog roll. I miter my corner's like Priscilla Blain, but where she advises using hot glue to perfect the corners, I use Meg's whip stitching method. It saves my fingers,it looks neater and it truly pulls those corners tight. I must admit that sometimes I get carried away and pull too just be careful.:)

I will be doing more finishing today so look for more ornaments next Saturday.
Happy Stitching.


Laurie said...


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You never cease to amaze me with all you do and today's post is no exception.

Robin in Virginia said...

What super finishes, Arlene! The Cookie ornament is by Country Cottage Needleworks; I stitched this one a few years ago. I love your Heart in Hand exchange piece. I like your Rack Stack. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Carol said...

Back from California and catching up on my favorite blogs, Arlene! You sure have been busy--love all your ornaments and you are so right about borders! I need to begin leaving off more of them, too--most are unnecessary as you mention. I'm trying to get some of my (very) old finishes framed today... I've procrastinated long enough :) Have a great weekend ♥

Terri D said...

Oh my gosh, these are all so cute!! And thank you for explaining what ORT means. Since I am not a stitcher, I think the peanut shells or candy wrappers make a lot of sense!! Your neighbors will love the Christmas Cookies piece! Lucky them!

Mari said...

So many cute things today!
I was wondering what an ORT was too, thanks for answering that.
I think I need some thimbles for hot glue!

Sandy said...

They are all adorable. I really like the cardinal one. I have several ornaments started and need to just get them done. Maybe this week ---we will see. The days have been busy lately.

Barbara said...

I love all of your stitching, imperfections and all.

What you said about borders: I did not realize that was my problem with a couple of my projects. I am wiser for reading your experience! I now understand how straight borders can be our biggest enemy when trying to square up a design!!!

Thanks for all the finishing tips. I always learn helpful stitchy things when reading your blog posts! Like you, I am more a fan of the stitching on the back as opposed to the glue gun. Have done both.

Gina said...

Arlene, those are GORGEOUS! My favorite is the last one. The bottom pretties look just like gumdrops!

Meg said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Arlene! Your finishes look great! I love the creative embellishments you used. I’m terrible at picking embellishments so I usually end up with the same edgings and trims. You got a LOT done!

I love the trim on your exchange ornament, too. It’s rustic and primitive and PERFECT!