Monday, October 19, 2020

The Grandest

 I have some new pictures of the grands. First off I want to give a big shout out to Granddaughter, Margaret, who won The Golden Rule Award at her school for this semester. It is given to students who make kindness a priority. As Katy put it, she won this award at a difficult time, moving to a new school and making new friends. So proud of our sweet gal.

 And here is Elliott, out helping Mom collect sticks for the fire pit.

Landon will be turning 12 this month so the Roberts fam went out for pizza so he could celebrate with Hampton and Hudson.

Todd took the kids on a hayride.
If you look carefully you can see Hampton over Landon's shoulder.:)

Mom caught Kendall in spite of the HAND!

Meanwhile in Canton, Charles did not hear the kids and thought he had better go check on them.

Every now and then it is nice to find the siblings enjoying each other. We all know what we may find when it gets too quiet in a toddler household.

And a Big Happy Birthday to Marvin....He still looks this dapper at 69! If only I could get him to wear a bow tie again!

Thanks for letting Nana brag this morning!!


Robin in Virginia said...

First, sending Marvin the happiest of birthday wishes. I hope he has a fabulous day. Loved seeing the new pictures of the grands. Well done, Margaret; what an honor you received!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Marvin!. Times does fly.
The pictures are all just wonderful and such a glimpse of life. Teens- enough said.

Georgia said...

Thank you Arlene, your pictures brought a smile to my day:) And, a very special Happy Birthday to Marvin!

Mrs.T said...

Great photos, Arlene! Big congratulations to Margaret and Happy Birthday to Marvin!

Terri D said...

Happy, happy birthday to Marvin! It is great seeing the grands and congratulations to Margaret for winning that very special award at her new school. So sweet!

Dewilla Hooper said...

I love that picture of Mina and Marvin!!

Gina said...

Wonderful grand news! They are growing up way too fast. You will be planning weddings before you know it! Happy Birthday Marvin! ♥

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Marvin! He's still cute! :)
And so are the grandkids!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Brag away! You have a wonderful family that needs to be recognized and not to forget to wish Marvin a happy birthday.