Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Stream

It is a delightful October here in No Ala. The skies are blue, the humidity is low and the fall breeze is so refreshing. Let's see what the stream holds this morning.

1. We gave our old Christmas tree to Ben and Katy as we decided to go with a slim tree this year. I guess getting older has made us realize we need to downsize some of our decorating as well. I found just the tree at Home Depot. It is 7'5" and has a slim profile. The lights are color changing and I have upgraded to the shiny micro lights. I decided to go ahead and get one as only two were left at the store and I did not want to pay shipping on this big boy.   Be looking for it the day after Thanksgiving!

2. I have not decorated as much for Autumn this year. Most of my decorating is cross stitch, easy to put away once the season passes. I worked in my front flower beds this week. I wanted to cut back the Hostas they were looking very sad. We may divide some of them and transplant them at Grimmwood.  I wanted to put some pumpkins on my front porch but I did not see any at Home Depot while we were there for our Christmas tree. I will be searching farther a field tomorrow. One of our local churches usually sells pumpkins but they do not have them this year. I am not sure if it is Covid related or some other reason. 

3. Marvin and I picked up the paint for our painter. I chose Sherwin Williams Lattice for Marvin's man cave. When we bought our townhouse, the upstairs was unfinished. We turned it into a den/playroom for the grands. Charles had just come home from China so he stayed up there until his wedding. Now it is Marvin's domain and Kendall and Landon like to watch tv up there after school.  It was time for a refresh. I am hoping to update the carpet next spring. Isn't it always something when you are a homeowner?

4. Our neighbors shared  a DVD with us the other day, the movie entitled The Good Liar. It stars Helen Mirren and Ian McKellan.  It was rated R for violence and there was some of that but we really did enjoy it. The crux of the story is that Ian McKellan is a con artist who tries to take money from older wealthy ladies. He finds out Helen Mirren's character is a wealthy widow so he works his con on her. Very interesting ending to this one. When we saw the R rating I told Marvin is there was any Old People sex scenes we were turning it right off.:) No one wants to see that on the big screen. Thankfully there was no hanky panky.

5. I was unable to attend my stitching day. It was disappointing. Due to the second wave of covid that seems to be hitting the country, the decision was made that we had to wear masks in addition to sitting six feet apart.  I just cannot wear a mask that long.  I hated wearing them when I was a nurse as well. In my experience the only time I had to wear them for a prolonged time was in the OR when I was in nursing school. The OR was like an ice box so the mask was not too bad in there. I have noticed the local stores and restaurants are a bit cooler these days and I wondered if it was because it does make mask wearing more tolerable. 

6.Like all of you I have been watching the news, checking on the health of President Trump. It seems his Oxygen took several dips and that won him a ride in the helicopter to Walter Reed. I have heard the most dangerous aspect of covid is the Happy Hypoxia. Your oxygen levels can fall and you are totally unaware of it. Some friends of mine have ordered the oxygen meters that are placed on your pointer finger just to keep aware of any symptoms. It is probably a good idea to have one of these in addition to a thermometer. I believe you can purchase them quite reasonably from Amazon. ( is there anything you cannot buy from Amazon???)

Well time to get on to the business of the day...which included washing the front windows. I like to do a little fall cleaning before the holidays arrive. 


Sandy said...

So sorry you didn't get to go. You should get a letter from me tomorrow or the next:) There is always something to do with a house. My list is getting longer of just little things.

Georgia said...

Arlene, I wish I had half of your energy! And, I absolutely agree with you about masks, I hate them! If I wanted to wear a mask 24/7 I would have gone into surgical nursing. I usually only had to wear them with wound care and isolation patients. If you have a slight cough, I am at the end of a sinus infection, people get a little frightened. I wear one as a courtesy to those that I am around. But believe me as soon as I can take it off I do. I have to admit I am amazed and maybe a little envious of our President's health and stamina. He is 3 years older than I am. Enough of masks for now. I am trying to cut back on Christmas decorations too, and most of my Christmas stitching is ornaments for gifts. Arlene, you brought a smile to my day, thank you so much.

Robin in Virginia said...

Looking forward to seeing your new Christmas tree, Arlene! I have been thinking for a few years about getting a slim/pencil tree. I am sorry that you were not able to attend your stitch group. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Terri D said...

Too bad about missing your stitching day but probably wise to avoid it. Our mask mandate ended on Monday and our numbers are still down here so I am hopeful that continues. Of course, those who feel they need to wear a mask won't be asked to take it off. Painting a room always makes it feel new. I am wondering what the color "lattice" looks like. Do please take a picture when it is done! We downsized our Christmas tree to one of those pencil trees several years ago (before we moved to this house). I didn't do much decorating at all last year, but our son might come down this year which always makes me want to decorate more... having holiday company makes it so much more fun!

Mari said...

We got a thin tree a few years ago and I like it. Easier to decorate and takes less space!
Sorry you couldn't go to your stitching. I have to wear a mask all the time and I really dislike it!
The movie sounds good!

Barbara said...

So I suppose it would be unreasonable for me to ask you to wash my windows?!!!! (smile) Yeah, I thought so. Forget that I even brought it up!