Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Five

 1. A new dish towel

Ok this is a picture of the one I gave my friend, Deborah. I knew her teenage grands would get a kick out of it. She put hers on her oven door. Mine is still in the drawer for a while. Isn't it adorable. I got it from Olde Town Market in Thorsby, AL. Check out their webpage for their cute things. Or watch Hollie at Simply Lake and Lace on You Tube  as she takes you on a tour of this darling shop.

2. A new Christmas ornament

Another Olde Town Market purchase. I hung it on my china cabinet door. It is pottery and so beautiful It may stay there all year.

3. The Most Wonderful Feast

I love this Sue Hillis design. I usually put it on the fridge...magnets on the back. But I was using this cute little Sunday School chair from Marvin's childhood church and I got the idea to display it here by the hutch.  I am going to let you in on a little secret. When I clean my lower cabinets I sit in this chair as it is easier on the old joints. I love its chippy look and I think it will stay in the kitchen to display some of my needlework.

4. Reminder of a sweet friend

I have several homemade cards made by a sweet blog friend. I keep them in my decorating boxes and bring them out at each season. This is one of  my favorites. 

5. Sneak Peak of my inspiration for my Christmas mantle.

Olde Town Market again..... If it is pinterest worthy, I will be posting the final result here in a few weeks. 


Sandy said...

The church ornament is so pretty. It looks just like Hartwood where I grew up. I love the idea of stitching on that chair and show your pretty mantle, Pinterest worthy or not. I am about over perfection.

Robin in Virginia said...

What lovely goodies you have picked up from the Old Towne Market, Arlene! Love the church ornament and it should definitely hang or be displayed all year. I look forward to seeing your mantle, so I hope you will share. What a treasure you have in the little chippy chair and I think finished needlework looks great with it. Happy Friday!

Georgia said...

All of the eye candy! Arlene, I literally browsed your blog today. I loved it all. The little chair brought back memories, and the idea to sit on it to dust the lower shelves brought a smile to my day. As, I do understand stiff joints. I think I will go back and browse some more:) Thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings to you and yours..

Terri D said...

I love that chair!! Great idea to use it when you are needing to get in those lower cabinets! Very cute towel and the ceramic ornament is one that could stay out all year! Can't wait to see your Christmas mantel!! Happy weekend!

Mari said...

You found some great things! I love the chippy old chair too, and even better when you can use it too.

Mrs.T said...

So much fun stuff on your blog today!! I am now following Olde Towne Market on Instagram and also will go back and browse their site. Free shipping for the weekend, I noticed! Love the dish towel.

Love your cross stitch design ... I have seen some Sue Hillis designs that I absolutely love. Being drawn back to cross stitch for sure!

And the mantel! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with that. It looks like a lovely start!