Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday Five

 1. An Early Christmas Gift .....My high school friend, Sharon, and I exchange gifts in late November or early December as we both are early birds in getting things done!! And it is magical to open the first gift of Christmas. Dont you love the Christmas ornament? The little pouch holds some tweezers. Heaven knows at this age we can use them to pluck those eyebrows and other troublesome hairs that seem to sprout in our older years. Oh well I am glad I have lived long enough to have that problem. Who doesn't love some new kitchen towels to start out the New Year. I love all things Pioneer Woman.

2. A New Candle  I enjoy buying a Christmas candle every year. This one came from Pineapples in Decatur.  It is from the Swan company and his one is Holiday Home. It smells so good. You will be seeing it again when I post a Christmas tour.

3. A New Wreath  I found this one at Tuesday Morning. It is perfect as is. I just hung it up on the door!

4. A New Sign at Grimmwood....Brother Bruce got this sign made to place at the end of our driveways. We are 3091.  He and Leta always add some seaonal decor to the signage.  In case you are wondering, all three of our driveways are side by side but you cannot see any  of our houses. This is helpful to people coming to visit,  household service calls and emergency responders if we need them. 

5. A New Little Library in our Neighborhood....the new secretary of our neighborhood association was responsible for this addition to the Glens.  She is a former principal and she is very enthusiastic about reading. It will be nice to have this available to the residents. I need to go through my books and see if I have any to leave there.


Sandy said...

I love those little libraries. There is one in the neighborhood at Auburn. I have pulled something out several times to read and placed many books there as well.
I always love little country roads. Many now have names of the people who live on them out where I grew up. Your wreath and candle are pretty too. I have been burning a Christmas candle almost every evening. We won't discuss hairs that pop up on the face in random places that literally seem to blossom within an hour. Good grief:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed your Friday Five, Arlene! I am seeing more of the free libraries appearing. Lovely goodies from your friend, Sharon! Pretty wreath for your door.

Mari said...

I love that wreath!
The gift from your friend is so sweet.
I like the new sign too.