Saturday, November 14, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Lots of Christmas Stitching this week....hoping to move on to working on my samplers soon.

I finished my SIL's Prairie Schooler Sheep.

I was trying to iron out the wrinkles but then realized it was the mottling of the fabric.:). This is one of my coffee tea dyed Aidas and I like the way it turned out. If you need to stitch a sheep I think Classic Colorworks Tea and Biscuits is the perfect color. In the original chart the sheep was black. I wanted a white sheep so I just reversed the colors.  

I also finished Holly Jolly by Shannon Christine Designs

This one does have a wrinkle I will have to attack with Best Press. I changed the bottom border to a buffalo check as I have some buffalo check fabric I hope to  use to finish this ornamen.

I also finished up Brenda Gervais's December Word Play. I left off the words joy and merry along with some small trees that are charted at the extreme right. I have so many Christmas stitches that I am going to turn this into a tree topper or a bigger Christmas ornament.


Yall pardon the breaks in this blog. I thought I had all the kinks worked out with the new platform but it is giving me fits this afternoon. 

Finally I have to share my solution to a less than stellar ornament. Remember this one?

I took off the original hanger and then I started playing with some things in my stash.
I found this metal form from the Spring Shop at Hobby Lobby.

I had already changed the ribbon to the red check. Could I hot glue the ornament to this piece? And could I pick out that black border that was driving me crazy?

Why yes I could! An hour and one million black fuzzies later I was done.  I like it so much better.   Here is the side view. Remember I had mounted this on a smaller HL ornrmanet earlier.

I found this spring metal piece because I was cleaning out the armoire in my bedroom. I had stashed several finishing things there that I had completely forgotten.  So ladies, sometimes cleaning over stitching is profitable. 

Happy Stitching...hope to have some finishes to share next week.


Sandy said...

Good solution to the problem. All of the stitches are adorable. I have done some small stitching this week for Lindsay and myself. I keep stopping and starting on different ones. I think that may mean I am not loving any of them.

moosecraft said...

All of these stitches are super! I especially like the sheep and holly jolly! Good going on repurposing stuff to suit your stitches!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the word play stitching and the way you finish things off. When you are writing a post, are you staying in normal? If you are in paragraph, it will add spaces. My hubby taught me that. I still am just barely getting by with the new blogger! lol Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your sheep finish, Arlene! The Tea and Biscuits thread does make a lovely sheep color. Holly Jolly looks good and of course, deer rack. Enjoy your weekend!

Georgia said...

Arlene, you have so many great finishing ideas. I love all of these, Anxious to see how you finish your sheep, and the Shannon Christine design. I think that Frog, and really been getting around, he has visited me this week too. Have a good and "frog free" week my friend, many blessings to you and yours.

Mari said...

I like the sheep! And I love how you finished that ornament.

Carol said...

Always enjoy popping in and seeing your Saturday stitching posts, Arlene! That metal form you found at HL works perfectly as a base for the deer stack... Love the December Word Play, too--not sure why I haven't stitched this one yet! And the PS Sheep is adorable. Hope you are finding lots of stitching time this week ♥