Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 Mostly Christmas again this week as I am ready to finish up all my Christmas stitches and work on some other things. However, I have to share that Riley Harbor is finished. I looked in my stitching notebook and I started this one  in 2019.  Stitched on Veldt, 32 over two.  

Lanier's sheep is on the way to Memphis....I have to say several of my friends saw this one and wanted  That tea and biscuits floss makes a fine sheep! In fact I want to do one for myself. Hats off to Prairie Schooler for their designs that never go out of style. Stitched on 14 count coffee tea dyed Aida. 

Candy Cane wishes is finished and I used a small easel I found at Hobby Lobby as finishing, It said I love Fall Most of All but I used some big print red and white gingham on foam core to cover that up, then added my stitch. I am looking for a nice bowl that can hold some small candy canes and Hersey kisses to sit by it. As with all finishing you live and learn. I loved how the red and white looked when I laid the stitch on top of it. But in this small area, you cannot really see the background fabric well and perhaps I should have chosen something else. I guess it is just one of those things that really does not matter but I was a tad disappointed with  the results. ( Erica Michaels is the designer.)

I put it on my dresser with a vignette I put together...just so you can see the dimensions better. 

A small finish for Holly Jolly by Shannon Christine.  I wanted the words to stand out when I placed it on my tree. Stitched on 14 count Aida from my leftover pile of fabrics.

December Word Play by Brenda Gervais( With Thy Needle and Thread). I left off Merry, Joy and some small trees that were charted on the extreme right side.  I was going to make a pillow for the dough bowl as I have so many Christmas stitches to display however I found this frame in my finishing cabinet and thought, I wonder if this would fit? It is a 5 by 7 frame I have had for years and the subtle green and red really looked nice with this busy stitch.  I left the glass out as it makes it look  more prim. I love the results and some of my other word plays might just be finished this way as well. If I can figure out a line of words that really are not necessary.

And all three together.

I am planning to keep working on my rotation for the month of December. I still have quite a few things that need attention. However, I have my eye on Cathy Habermann's Winter Words. I put this  one my Wish List...a fun stitch for the beginning of the New Year.

Happy Stitching.


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your Riley Harbor finish, Arlene! It is gorgeous. I know you are happy to have it finished. Your Christmas stitches are all so pretty. Tea and biscuits makes a perfect sheep color. I really like your Erica Michaels' piece and I keep coming back to it. Happy weekend!

Georgia said...

Good morning Arlene, You have really given me a lot to think about:) Riley's Harbor is beautiful, I know you have been working on it for a long time. I am anxious to see it framed. As for all of your Christmas finishes, they are just amazing. I love them all, The Erica Michaels and the Sheep are my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing, your generosity with your ideas, it means so much. Many blessings to you and yours on this Thansgiving week.

Sandy said...

First of all, I absolutely love Riley's Harbor. Just gorgeous. I love all three of the other finishes too. The candy kisses will be very cute in front of a bowl of kisses or as Mother always calls them, Silver Bells. Outstanding work.

Mari said...

I've enjoyed watching Riley Harbor as you worked on it and it turned out beautiful! I always enjoy your finishes. When I cross stitched, I just framed everything. You are so creative!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I truly enjoy seeing your 'pretties' every week and this was no exception.

Carol said...

Love how your Riley Harbor and the PS Sheep turned out, Arlene. Yes, Prairie Schooler designs remain so classic and beautiful. Hard to believe some of them are from the 80s. I love the fact that younger stitchers are discovering them and wanting to stitch every PS design like us not-so-young-anymore stitchers! Your little vignette is darling. Just pulled out the Christmas decorations from the attic yesterday so I hope to do a bit of decorating each day and be done by next weekend. With no one here for Thanksgiving--that should be doable :) Should!!

Meg said...

Riley Harbor is fantastic, Arlene! (And your sweet, wonderful, thoughtful gift arrived this weekend....thank you card to be mailed Monday!) All of your Christmas finishes are sweet and just lovely. And don’t worry if once in a while something doesn’t turn out like you hope—it happens to all of us. The important thing is that it’s done and not in a drawer.

We are going to approach Christmas decorating “ambush” style as a family the weekend after Thanksgiving. Before my surgery, I loved to do it all myself and surprise everyone when they got home from school/work, but nowadays I need help and am not afraid to ask for it!

Prairie Schooler is timeless. Agree 100%! I’ve discovered a new-to-me designer who I think will also stand the test of time. Check out Veronique Enginger and her book “The Magic of Christmas to Cross Stitch.”