Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Stitching

 I want to open my post today with great love and sympathy to one of my favorite stitchers, Barbara at Sweet Tea and Sandals. She lost her beloved husband on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He fought a hard fight but his lungs were too damaged by Covid.   Barbara is one of those people you feel as if you know even though you have not met her. I was sharing with Terri at Your Friend From Florida that I feel as though I know each lady who reads my blog. I pray for each one and when they are hurting, I am hurting. Those of you who believe in the power of prayer, please lift up Barbara and her children at this difficult time. 

Now on to stitching. I think we all need something to distract us in the times we are living in. I am thankful that God gives us talents that bring joy to our hearts. For some it is music or art but for me it is putting needle to thread that  calms me down and at the same time produces something of beauty 

I have finished my Christmas stitching so I got busy yesterday making plans for the rest of 2020 as well as the new year. I have been working on my samplers and I added a few things to my rotation that had been in time out. I am also kitting up a few things for the New Year. 

Feast of Friendship by Blackbird Designs is one of my new favorites. The colors are just luscious.

Pardon the wrinkles...I did not iron any of these I am showing today.

Sarah Platt by Pineberry Lane

I am changing the colors to pinks and dark fuchia as I am stitching this as a Mother Daughter and Granddaughter Samper.  With the first Alphabet I did my initials in Pink as well as the grand girls and Amelia. Three of us share an A so that was easy!! Margaret and Audrey are also Gs. Kendall got the K and L and the R is pink for Amelia's last name.  I guess I will have to write a description on the back of this when I get it framed. 

Strawberry Fields Forever by Blackbird Designs.

I put a G for me on this one and I plan to squeeze an A in there somewhere.

G Legere

I love this one too!!

The bunny's dress is coming along.

I laid this on top of another chart so pardon the wrinkles and the chart showing through the fabric. I promise I will iron it for you all to see when it is completed. 

Easter Parade is back in rotation. ( Seeing a Blackbird theme going on in this rotation.) I also found this mini Prairie Schooler chart that I will stitch for spring.

Alas by Lindy Stitches is also back from rime out.

Now for some plans for the New Year.

January and February Word Play.

Mychal's Prayer    I will be joining Georgia's SAL on this one.  It is in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

Winter Rose Manor by Brenda may be a while before I start this one as all the flosses are on backorder.

Valentine House by Waxing Moon. I am doing the white house with the heart on top.

Two Red Houses to go with my Two White Houses.

And finally I have a plan for next years ornaments for the grands 
I think Heart in Hand has done about three in this series so I will have a different one for each grand. And I am going to start looking for the small signs at Hobby Lobby on which these fit perfectly!  And none will have borders!! I have learned that lesson well. 

Happy Stitching dear Friends. 


Dewilla Hooper said...

Wow! All of these patterns are really nice. The bunny's dress reminds me of the angel dresses that I stitched. The dresses and hair were the easiest parts, as they were filling in the area. However, those parts took the longest to do. Your work is always beautiful!

Visits With Mary said...

Always enjoy Saturday Stitching. Hope your have a great day!

Robin in Virginia said...

I "met" Barbara through your blog roll, Arlene. The words in your first paragraph are so true.

Your WIPs are looking good. I enjoyed seeing your plan for 2021. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Sandy said...

A definite parade today. I love them all. I ended up stitching my last flower this whole week. I hope to finish it early next week and then all four will be done in 2020. I actually ordered two Christmas stitches brought on by looking too much. I hope to do one by Christmas but save the other one for next year and then it is back to my sampler and heron.

Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

Been praying for Barbara and Tom for weeks. It really did hurt my heart that Tom passed away. I don't 'know them' but 'blog land' has a way of connecting us.
You have me so impressed by your productive cross stitching! Most of these projects are big and you are stitching on small fabric. I use to love 28 count monico but this year I just couldn't do it. Tried switching to 16 count fabric and it was still frustrating. So now I'm sticking with 14 count and enjoying the process. Also, I want to stitch Mychal's Prayer and love, love, love G. Leger 1898 but not sure I will attempt that one. Patty McDonald

Carol said...

It's been such a sad few days since reading about Barbara's husband... He was still so young and it makes me sad to think of what could have been. Just such a sad, sad year for so many...

You are all done with your Christmas shopping?! Wow--I am so impressed, Arlene! And just look at all the beautiful projects you have on the go! I know Winter Rose Manor will be on my Christmas list, too--it is so striking! Take care now and have a stitch-filled week ahead ♥

Terri D said...

Busy, busy!! I look forward to seeing all of your amazing finishes!! Still praying for Barb and her family.

Mari said...

I have been praying for Barbara too. So sad.
You have so many WIP! I love what you are doing with Pineberry Lane!

Georgia said...

Arlene, your project plans are beautifully overwhelming. I love all of these patterns and it will be so much fun following your progress thru the year. I have two of these patterns in my stash, maybe I should pull them out and try to stitch along. I have been having trouble getting the fabric, and specialty threads needed for Mychal's Prayer. I thought I would use the called for fabric, and threads for this one. I just got the fabric I needed, it was out of stock for a long time. I am waiting for one Weekes Dye Works thread, and I still have to order all of the Gentle Arts. The only rule for the SAL is to have it completed by Sept 11, 2021. Thank you so much for mentioning it and participating. My heart has grieved for Barbara these past few days, I always looked forward to reading her blog. She offered so much hope to others. My heart and prayers are with her and her family, and I am sure stitchers from all over the country are grieving like I am. Thank you so much Arlene, for all you do...