Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 My sweet blog friend, Miriam, requested to see my Christmas China. So I thought I would share my three sets of dishes.

Here is the Christmas China. Actually it is ironstone and it was purchased by my parents in law at the commissary in Savannah, Ga.  I have eight place settings. Amelia was blessed to get 12 place settings along with several serving pieces when Aunt Mina gifted her this same set. 

I have some dessert plates as well as cereal bowls. I added my favorite snowman who is a gift from my friend, Deborah.  The tablecloth was a gift from my friend, Sharon. When she was downsizing her linens she asked if I wanted it....well yes! 

Here is my Haviland China.

I displayed it with the Fostoria Crystal that belonged to Mama G. The smaller glasses are Berwick, or more popularly known as Boopie Glassware. Those belonged to my mother. They were a wedding gift from her Aunt Lois who we called, Auntie.

Here is a better photo of the glass ware.

The etching on the Fostoria is so pretty but it is very fragile. It is mainly just eye candy in my china cabinet. 

Last, this is my husband's great grandmother's everyday china, which was gifted to us by Mama G. 

It is hard to tell by looking at this photo but the plates are much smaller than most we use today. I use these as dessert plates at the holidays. Because you need room for your Pecan Pie and a slice of your caramel cake. There are only four cups and saucers that remain with the set. I plan to gift a cup and sauce to each of my granddaughters and one will be left for me. Margaret loves her tea and this cup and saucer will be just right for her. 

I have a question....I was trying to update my blog roll and add a new blog to it and it is just not responding  to my editing. I have done this before with no problem but I have tried on Safari and on Google, even on my phone with no success. I hope this is not one of the "improvements" that came with the new blogger platform. I am still convinced the old platform was much better. So if anyone has any hints I would appreciate it. Diane shared with me a great hint after I complained about the spacing issues. I will admit, my current problem may be an ID10t problem.:)  An update....Thanks to Sharon at Moosecraft who let me know this feature is working again and woo hoo....I had success this time. Love my readers.


Sandy said...

I can't update my blog roll either. IT is a glitch that I hope they will clear up soon. I tried Firefox too in addition to Safari.
I always love dishes. It is always interesting to see dishes of old and the size.

miriam said...

Thank you for sharing your dishes and stories. Love china with sweet flowers. The “bubble” glasses as I call them are some of my favorites.
Enjoy. Miriam in Texas

moosecraft said...

Pretty China!
The adding to blogroll was a temporary gliche. It is functioning again as of Wednesday morning. I just added the two I've been trying to add for a couple of days now...

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, your China is lovely along with the glassware. I love the idea of giving a cup and saucer to each granddaughter. Your snowman in the first picture makes me smile and I can see why it is a favorite. What a beautiful tablecloth you were given! Thank you for sharing your stories/memories.

Georgia said...

Arlene, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful treasures. It's like getting a hug from heaven:)

Terri D said...

All of your dishes are beautiful and have a more important glow of memories made with them through the years! Your glassware - the same! That tablecloth with the snowflakes also the same. The girls will love and appreciate the cups and saucers you want to gift them. So special. Thank you for sharing!

Mari said...

I love all the china! It's very pretty. Mine is so difficult to get to that I rarely use it. :(

Gabi said...

Hi, very pretty china. Like it. You always have memories on the table.
Have a good time.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your china and glassware are all beautiful. I have some Christmas dishes somewhere but since the move, I dont have a clue where they are. A pretty table makes the food taste even better.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I can look at china all day long. You have beautiful things and I'm doubly happy that you actually use it and enjoy it! Thanks for the pictures.

Barbara said...

Love all of your China. I look forward to pulling out my Christmas plates with their red poinsettias.