Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Christmas Times a Comin!

 Y'all have seen my house every Christmas that I have written this blog. So this year I am just sharing a few things.  

Our changes color and even has a remote. This is amazing to a little girl who grew up having to get off the sofa, walk over to the television to change it to one of three channels we received from Chattanooga, Tenn. When we were first married and living in Athens, Ga we had one of these big antennas that you control with a dial on top of the tv set. I was amazed that in addition to Atlanta, we could get Greenville, SC stations!!  So a remote for a Christmas tree is truly a big thing.

The arrangement on the coffee table. I used the big container I ordered from Olde Town Market

My arrangement on the mantle. There are two flanking the big screen tv.

Reindeer are back in their original spot. These ceramic reindeer belonged to Mama G. She won them as a door prize at a Christmas luncheon she attended one year. This drum table was also Mama G's. You may remember how Marvin had it redone for me last year. Well Mama G put the reindeer on this table in her living room and the sleigh held her Christmas cards. Last year the reindeer were up in Marvin's man cave but I knew they belonged on this table this year.

Lantern Lane on the Tea Cart.

The dining room trees and table. 

The Santa Claus was made by Mama G and gifted to us. It is just so special to me.

The top of the China cabinet.   I left the blue and white and added these big picks since I was not using them on my tree this year.

The hutch.

Nana's treat can.  And a Holiday Cookie Tin from Byrds Cookies in Savannah.

Landon Santa. This comes out every Christmas....I love it. Thanks to the Kindergarten teacher who came up with this idea.

My gingerbread house.

My Nativity. As I have said before, I used some money that was a gift from my daddy to purchase this nativity the Christmas after he passed away. I think of him whenever I look at it. version of Smoky Mountain Christmas.  Those bears....I just love them.

Our tree, my dough bowl and the kiddy corner next to the tv.  My grands say that my old doll, Sherlynn is creepy. No she is not. She is about 62 years old this Christmas. Give her some respect.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Nanaland and Grimmwood.


moosecraft said...

All of your decorations are perfect! But, my favorites are the Nativity and the Smoky Mountain Christmas stitch! Of course, I wouldn't mind having that Gingerbread House in my home too! :-) Thanks for sharing your happy part of the world! Smiles!

Sandy said...

Everything is pretty as always. I still enjoy seeing old favorites, but I think you did quite a bit different this year. I would like lights all done for me but after that one year and them going out I just can't seem to buy one again. More time needed to undo the memory.
I love those little reindeer. I think it is interesting how we remember certain things fondly.
All very pretty.

16 blessings'mom said...

So pretty and homey! I don't think your doll is creepy btw. I wish I had saved more things...

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed your Christmas tour of Nanaland and Grimmwood, Arlene! Thank you for sharing and providing the stories to go with your photos.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! The tea cart is a perfect place to the little towels hung on the handle. LOVE your gingerbread house and of course the beautiful tree. SO much to love! I would be oooohing and ahhhhing all over your house! Holiday hugs!

Visits With Mary said...

Everything is just beautiful, your home looks so inviting. Merry Christmas.

Mari said...

I enjoyed touring your house. It looks wonderful and like you I treasure some of those things that have memories or family attachments.

Terri D said...

Your decorations are beautiful, Arlene! Thanks for sharing it all with us! A remote control tree... WOW! It looks great!

Meg said...

Beautiful displays, Arlene! Shawn and I agree—next year we need to get a second (smaller) tree to put in our TV room. I am always buying and making and receiving new ornaments, and we are running out of room. Each ornament holds a special memory, so I rarely if ever leave one in the box. They all go up!

I remember having to get up to turn the dial on the TV as well (and we had only three channels, too). For a couple years we didn’t have a TV. My dad wanted my brother and me to play outside so he put the TV in storage. Well, in 1980 he wanted to watch the presidential debates so he pulled the TV out of storage, only to find that the picture tube had gone bad. We had sound but no picture. I still remember sitting in front of that TV with my brother on Saturday mornings LISTENING to cartoons! LOL

Carol said...

Wonderful Christmas touches throughout your home, Arlene! I especially love your Nativity set... I have a beautifully carved wooden set that my mother gave me as a newlywed which I treasure. She had a larger version that went to her oldest grandson (my oldest son) when she passed away. I know it will always have special meaning to him.

Such pretty stitching you have on your tree and tucked here and there. I HAVE to remember to stitch those baking mice next year--they are the cutest!

Gina said...

So gorgeous, Arlene! Do your lights on the tree twinkle? I go back and forth with mine. I tend to not twinkle. ♥

I don't see the doll your grands don't care for. Dolls can be scary though!

Love all your decor. I spy a sugar plum gumdrop tree. My mother had one as a child. ♥